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Metal Detecting should always be 'fun.'

October 12, 2020 11:03AM avatar
I'm currently taking the time to learn the Equinox 800 and find out just how 'special' it really is.

That sounds like a good plan. It always takes a little more time than we sometimes think to 'get comfortable' with a new detector. Maybe this 2nd go-around you'll reach a different conclusion... or ?????

I'm reading and re-reading the manual and experimenting with all the targets I have. I've kept rusted ti, and all kinds of trash both modern and old site related. It's been very exciting to understand a little about what supposed to occure under certain/most conditions and then have it do it! I have been amazed at what it is capable of. More about that later. My time learning the Deus and coil control has been a big help.

Don't forget to keep a notepad and pen or pencil handy. Everyone needs to read, then re-read, their User Manual at least two times. Taking notes along the way of the particular topic and page number for anything you might question is also helpful. And yes, it is also good to read what a manufacturer suggests might happen and then experience what really occurs afield.

Oh, don't forget to do most of your 'evaluation' and 'learning' in-the-raw. No, not you, but the detector and hunt-site should be all natural so that the lost and annoying trash will behave the way it is likely to during a typical site search. That especially applies to rusty tin and other ferrous debris. You know how it can be where you get an 'iffy' signal and 'toe-scuff' the surface material of ½" to 1" of dirt and move or disturb a piece of rusty tin or nail or other ferrous trash, then re-sweep to check the spot and note that the rusty tin (especially) now reads differently? Discrimination, rejection, visual TID can all change?

One of the reasons for that is you might have disturbed or disrupted any 'halo effect' caused by the rusted, decayed ferrous material that is in-place and adjacent to the rusty iron trash. There is virtually no 'halo-effect' from a non-ferrous metal, but that blasted iron debris can pose a problem. I have my few pieces of 'rusted tin' on-hand for some evaluation, but a piece of tin used for that testing might not provide the response of a similar-size piece of tin that has long been in-position in the soil, and especially different if the soil and surrounding matrix is wet.

I've found myself missing the more familiar platform of the Deus. How comfortable and light it is. How easily I can navigate through the settings and how confident I am with how it will run and act under certain conditions.

That can always be the challenging part of adapting to a 'new' detector once very familiar and 'comfortable' with how a favorite model(s) feels and functions.

So, sometimes metal detecting is like being with a old friend with whom I'm relaxed and certain of. Part of this is hobby is just getting out! And as for me, I don't much like being alone and I certainly don't like to feel like I'm struggling - allowing frustration to set in. Sometimes I just want comfortable. That's why I spend so much of my time with my wife. Now, not everything we do together goes so smoothly and that involves mostly work related tasks. But we do enjoy working together most of the time. So a lot of the time, metal detecting is like being with my best friend. Its almost always good to be together with a fair amount of predictability thrown in but surprises can happen at any time!

A metal detector should be a good old friend to use. But, when referencing another good friend, such as your wife, remember to eliminate the use of the word 'old.'

Sometimes it feels like work or school and sometimes its just good to get out with an old an beloved friend!
It's time to ring the school bell and have some recess!!

No, it isn't 'work' and it isn't 'school' as such. Metal detecting is always recess and meant to be 'fun'!! The 'learning' part comes from learning how to swing better and higher. Learning the new play equipment. Learning how to better climb the new play structure. So, yes, it is still 'learning' but from a having-fun viewpoint.smiling bouncing smiley


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Metal detecting is like...

Dan'o 74 October 11, 2020 08:12AM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

NWCindy 29 October 12, 2020 07:35PM

Metal Detecting should always be 'fun.'

Monte 42 October 12, 2020 11:03AM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

OregonGregg 52 October 11, 2020 04:55PM

Just some of my own observations.eye rolling smiley

Monte 46 October 12, 2020 02:01PM

Re: Metal detecting is like... Wrong & right Gregg

Kickindirt 41 October 12, 2020 12:20PM

Wrong or Right

OregonGregg 36 October 12, 2020 12:39PM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

D&P-OR 55 October 11, 2020 07:06PM

Some comments / opinions back to Del's reply to Oregon Gregg.

Monte 36 October 12, 2020 02:24PM

Metal detecting is like...

UtahRich 41 October 12, 2020 02:12PM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

D&P-OR 30 October 12, 2020 06:14PM

Metal detecting is like...

UtahRich 30 October 12, 2020 06:51PM

A question or two for UtahRich.

Monte 35 October 12, 2020 02:32PM

Questions for UtahRich - thinking

UtahRich 39 October 12, 2020 04:00PM

UtahRich, I generally agree with you.

Monte 26 October 14, 2020 06:26AM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

D&P-OR 38 October 12, 2020 02:20PM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

OregonGregg 44 October 11, 2020 08:48PM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

D&P-OR 47 October 11, 2020 10:05PM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

OregonGregg 36 October 12, 2020 05:31AM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

Dan'o 44 October 11, 2020 05:14PM

Re: Metal detecting is like...

OregonGregg 39 October 12, 2020 05:33AM

I enjoyed your post. N/T

NWCindy 32 October 11, 2020 09:48AM

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