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Favorite Recovery Tools -

October 16, 2020 07:24PM avatar
For the vast majority of my many years of metal detecting, I hunted the grassed yards around old homes.

I started off using a knife and one of the green Garrett "coin probes" with the brass rod. Soon, it was apparent that it bent too easily and wasn't long enough and I rounded off an old craftsmen screwdriver. Unfortunately, it was resistant to bending, but snapped when it's limit was reached. I tried several other modified screw drivers with the same results.

After perusing the detecting magazines, I found an add for the Coin Popper and ordered one. Before long, I had a couple. The S shaped shaft made it a perfect recovery tool. They originally came with wooden handles. One was lost at the ski resort and the other lost the wooden handle so I asked our company machinist if he could conjure up a nylon replacement. After some testing, his solution was perfect. It has lasted more than 25 years.

The original knife I used for cutting plugs gave way to a Hole Hog in the 80's. That was soon followed by a back up Hole Hog as the leading edge was susceptible to bending if you hit rocks in the soil. And they needed occasional sharpening.

I used the Hole Hogs for a long time. However, when I changed from using detectors with concentric coils to DD coils, I found that my pinpointing was not as exact and I was scratching more targets and frequently needing to remove additional dirt from the hole.to retrieve targets. The diameter of the Hole Hog was just about 1/2" too narrow for my hand to enter easily and with my Explorer XS I found that i was digging a lot of targets deeper than previously.. So, I switched back to a wide bladed knife.

The knife worked great, but as we moved further into the 2000's, carrying a knife in the parks and up to the doorsteps when asking permission to hunt houses drew more attention than i wanted and I switched to the Lesche digger.

The Lesche digger has served me very well ever since and is a better overall recovery tool in the grass and open dirt areas than anything else I've tried.

Today, I use the Lesche, my coin popper and a drop cloth whenever I am headed to grassy places for some coin hunting. With these tools I can reach the deepest of coin sized targets and do a clean and tidy recovery in the grass.

Rich -

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