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Interesting responses, and No, Calabash Digger isn't who I referred to.

October 26, 2020 07:11AM avatar
No snow here, but just too cold and windy to even try to enjoy getting out. But my multi-detector evaluations have maybe provided a new site to hunt. I had all my test samples ready to start the comparisons, but decided that instead of a clean, target-free area I'd place them out where there were some random, out-of-sight iron nails or other ferrous and non-ferrous left-overs from where a couple of homes had been demolished. One two years ago and the first about eight years ago. I got most of the evaluation done but had to relocate because a truck was brought in to load a lot of concrete debris, the weather was going to get miserable, and the 'For Sale' sign was removed. I had permission to hunt here from the owner, or former owner, but either the wind blew the old sign, or, after looking around, the property sold and the sign was removed.

After OregonGregg left yesterday I loaded Rikki and we headed down to get something to eat. On the way I glanced to see if the truck of debris was gone and it was. But there were three big piles of dirt so I circled the blocks to take a look. They bladed all of the surface of the two lots to level it a bit and remove all the weeds and a lot of the shallow / surface trash. I have a gut feeling it was purchased by a fellow who bought another double lot in town and built one house and is working on a 2nd. Odds are he's going to do the same here. I talked with him at his other property and he was a good guy and gave me the OK to hunt away and wished my luck. He's on my list of 'Who to see' today with the hope of him being the buyer and getting permission to hunt this double lot.

Okay, back to my multi-detector evaluations -----

I had checked the test sample layout and tried to duplicate some of the offending out-of-sight stuff, mainly ferrous-based such as nails or screws, so I could double-check some of the different models or search coils to finish this part of the comparisons. To help me out, OregonGregg paid me a visit yesterday and I knew he'd bring his White's M6. Better yet, he brought his MXT Pro as well, and five different search coils he uses on those two models. That let me relax on my couch and make notes while he worked his two detectors over the different test samples, and did all of his search coil switching.

It was a good thing, too, because it provided more comparison results as I had done with several detectors I have that are discontinued but proven performers, and that makes it even better when readers take a look at some of the results I will be posting later this week on the multi-detector evaluations of the $550 and under new detectors that folks can purchase. I know quite a few people who are in the 'shopping mood' about now as newer models have been introduced, or just since we are near the end of the hunting season for many who would like to either upgrade or simply add an additional unit to their detector outfit.

Gregg had places to go and things to do, but while he was here I did coax him into handling a few of the other new models I bought to evaluate with the coils I prefer on them, and that let me note some of his comments about them. I wish he would have had more time, or that we had one or two others stop by to get their impressions of the different detectors and coils.

And now, about videos, podcasts, and Calabash Digger. -----

I was really making a general reference to all the many videos on You Tube and other places done by detector manufacturers, people representing a distributors, some as noted promoters of various detector brands, and so many of them done by individuals who just happen to enjoy making videos. Some are by younger people and some older, most are by guys but quite a few by gals. And in every video I watch it is partly for entertainment purposes but also to try and learn something new about a detector model, or get hunt sites ideas that might encourage me to research or find new places to go.

I like those that let me hear the detector in action, and I also like to learn about settings they use, coil choices they make, and I'm always attentive to search techniques. More often-than-not they confirm why it is we still have a lot left out there to be found since I note most of them fail to overlap sufficiently, and many of them don't use the best sweep speed or technique for a lot of the sites they are hunting. So the videos can be interesting, entertaining, and a bit educational as well.

I haven't listened to too many podcasts, but a few of them left me wondering just how often some of those people really get out detecting, or just how 'in-to' detecting they might really be. It's fine to have opinions, but quite a few push them across as fact and belittle some very useful techniques or testing methods we might use.

And then there are some video makers like 'Calabash Digger.' Once again he's gone and irritated manufacturers or forum owners due to his loudmouth attitude that came across a bit rude, and a bit over-done with regard to his opinions. I'll just add, his very biased opinions. Some of his attitude on a few posted comments and videos he made in the last week kind of bothered me a little. I know that I have a wee bit of experience in this hobby and with a lot of detectors. I am experienced in a variety of hunting and I am proficient with the models I choose to use, and have some functional knowledge about detectors in general. But I still don't refer to myself as being n 'EXPERT' ... but he said he was. Well, I know several readers and contributors on the AHRPS Forums who I consider to be more of an 'Expert' than Calabash Digger is.

And he set out to make a video to promote how well he likes his Minelab SMF Equinox 800 and how it out-performs a Garrett Apex. On the surface it isn't a bad concept as long as you are clear in what it is you are comparing. Heck, I am comparing a lot of detector models and coils on a variety of different challenges we might face in an assortment of detecting scenarios. There are going to be differences and I know that I prefer certain detectors or coils while others might have different opinions. All I can do is test and compare, and then simply state that model ABC responds on this particular test better than model DEF. The reverse would also be fair to state that DEF doesn't respond as well on a specific test as ABC.

It doesn't really mean that one model is superior to the other or that one can't perform well in other applications. It should simply be a test comparison, and it should clearly state what the comparison is or attempts to demonstrate. Well, Calabash Digger borrowed a new Garrett Apex from someone and didn't have much experience with it to really learn it and know any strengths or weaknesses, he just set out to compare the Apex in MF frequency to his Equinox in Multi-IQ, stating that the manufacturer had promoted it as a top performing MF (Simultaneous Multi-Frequency) model.

He took the two models out in his yard and compared them side-by-side on several buried coins, and that was fine. He pointed out, and you could hear the detector response, that it hit on the 4" coin and the 6" coin well .... and that was fine. Then he went to a coin he said was buried at 10" and the Apex didn't produce a hit on the coin but the Equinox 800 did .... and that was fine, in my opinion, because it simply pointed out that ... in a depth-of-detection test ... the Apex couldn't match the Equinox 800. Okay, no big deal. Some detectors are better at depth than others. I know in my assortment of detectors I have some that 'out-depth' others and that's what i grab if I feel I might need a little extra detection depth.

But I do have other detectors, and with a variety to grab from, and learning them, I know some will perform better in dense trash, some have an 'edge' if I am in an iron nail contaminated site, others might work better on higher-conductive coins, and there are those that seem to be handier for taking on very littered places around picnic grounds and similar sites. None are perfect and we just need to know any detector's strength or weakness.

So he could have just calmly stated he likes the Equinox, was curious if the Apex could match it's performance on a deep coin, compared the two and then ended with the comment that he likes his Equinox because it hits on the 10" dime and the Apex couldn't. Done. But he didn't.
Instead he kept making some negative comments about the detector in general, and it hadn't done anything wrong except not 'Beep' on a 10" dime. He then bought an Apex and a Simplex + and borrowed a Vanquish model and continued his comparisons, all on his deeper-located coins, and kept blasting away at the Apex.

In one of his videos comparing a few detectors, it lasted over 15 minutes, and he spent about the final 5 minutes being a bit rude and loud and negative and directed his griping comments toward manufacturers for not making an up-to-date detector with all the features his Equinox has, for false advertising, criticized individuals for using or talking positive about the Apex or other models that he didn't like, and directed his comments towards individuals, without mentioning names, stating that the Apex was a piece of junk or piece of crap and that it was a waste of money and on and on and on. For almost one third of the video at the end, and off and on during the video, being loud and almost arguing with his go-pro camera about it. All because it didn't beep on a 10" dime.

I complimented him on his video and pointed out that it was OK, if he was clear that it was simply a 'depth test.' In his ground, with his settings on his buried target, the Apex fell short on depth. But there's a lot more to detecting than simply 'depth,' and so far, hunting quite a few places, the Apex has been performing reasonably well for a variety of routine applications. I like my Multi-IQ Vanquish 540, but I've also learned what it can and can't do for me and the places I like to search, just as I also like my two Simplex + models and two Apex models. In both cases I own two because I am waiting for each manufacturer to bring out a smaller-size coil for me to keep mounted on one of the units for handling trashier places.

Garrett never stated the Apex was an upper-end model, just that it was new, a different design, had SMF operation as well as Single-Frequency selection, and obviously they will build from this concept to add more features in a higher-dollar model. It is very light-wight, comfortable, and handy to use. It works well for a lot of applications but, for some people, it might not provide the depth-of-detection they want.

But the Calabash Digger videos were not specifically the ones I was referring to. He's obviously an OK guy most of the time from what some have said, but he also doesn't know detectors all that well. That's been evident in several videos I've seen, like the one where he acquired a used Tesoro Cibola and then bad-mouthed it as junk because it didn't beep on a US 25¢ piece he had laying there.

Well it wasn't the detector or coil as designed and should easily hit a quarter ... IF he knew what he was talking about or understood detectors, because someone had opened the Cibola up and tweaked the GB trimmer. They obviously didn't know what they were doing, either, because the Cibola had a way too-positive internal GB trimmer adjustment and that's why it wouldn't respond to the 25¢ piece. Or a 50¢ piece or big Silver $. It was internally misadjusted by a consumer and that had to be pointed out to him after he did his 'Bash-the-Cibola' video.

I've watched his hunting videos and a couple of him fishing and he's usually in a more agreeable mood, but when he gets ornery and loud and negative, it bothered some people, a company, and Findmall. The one thing I had asked him, since he was doing depth performance comparisons, is why he didn't check the Apex out in any of the Single-Frequencies, and all he came back with is SMF is how Garrett promoted it so he was only comparing it against the Equinox in MF models.

And now my suggestions to readers ----

Just enjoy any videos or podcast for anything you might learn. Appreciate what makes and models other like to use, but remember they might have some bias involved, and so might you. We should all select one or more detectors that we happen to like, use them to learn them well, and then get out and have 'fun' because that's really what it';s all about. And maybe not poke fun at those other choose to use, either.


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Monte 358 October 25, 2020 09:01AM

Interesting responses, and No, Calabash Digger isn't who I referred to.

Monte 302 October 26, 2020 07:11AM

Re: Interesting responses, and No, Calabash Digger isn't who I referred to.

EL NINO 180 October 26, 2020 11:16AM

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D&P-OR 194 October 26, 2020 09:16AM

Yes, I already watched his new video of the Simplex +.

Monte 221 October 26, 2020 12:07PM

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Kickindirt 202 October 25, 2020 04:15PM

well gosh !!

OregonGregg 229 October 26, 2020 06:50AM

Re: well gosh !!

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Re: well gosh !!

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1971 History for Kickndirt

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Re: 1971 History for Kickndirt

Kickindirt 176 October 27, 2020 12:00PM

In perfect harmony . . . . .

UtahRich 176 October 26, 2020 04:26PM

I had to look it up, and go easy on those VW Buses.

Monte 204 October 27, 2020 05:52AM

You haven't completely lost it yet......

OregonGregg 205 October 27, 2020 06:04AM

In about 1991? Now that's the one I'd like to see.

Monte 162 October 27, 2020 12:14PM

What are those baby boomers up to ?

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! thumbs up

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