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Back to you, Andrew.

November 01, 2020 02:30PM avatar
Thanks for all your hard work and posted results. Although I'd rather watch a video about each individual detector. It would make it easier to understand and I could hear the audio from each one.

You're welcome, and just trying to type things out with one useful finger per hand is a challenge for thsi non-computer guy. All the testing meant a lot of search coil swaps on all but two detectors, combined with a lot of note taking, settings changes to see what might work best per model and coil, etc.

Not only am I not into computers, I'm also not into cameras and editing, but I agree with your thoughts. That's why I like doing a lot of group demonstrations so folks get to see and hear whit's going on as well as any explanations I have along the way. Better still, people get to ask questions and we look at the answers first-hand, whereas videos don't provide that opportunity to the viewers.

Also, Not to say that I don't appreciate all your hard work. But I'd rather see a more well rounded evaluation where separation, depth, product features and price are all incorporated to make up the score. Some people will what depth performance, other performance in trash and still others only want modern features like wireless headphones. I think a more well rounded evaluation would tell a better story.

Once again I hear what you're asking, but there are so many people involved in different aspects of this great sport that not everyone is interested in the same sets of testing results. For example, I will be adding some 'Depth-of-Detection" Test Results within the next week using all of the detectors I purchased and a few others that will be on-hand. Naturally, to achieve 'depth' on coin-sized target a site needs to be relatively free of shallower- good-target masking trash. Additionally, most of those out trying to locate a 'deep target' will be using a 'standard' to 'larger-size' search coil, and in the end we have to factor in just what 'deep' might be to any individual. Plus, I know a lot of people who do not want a bigger or heavier coil.

As for 'Separation' and 'Masking' and 'Recovery Speed' are concerned, they are actually three different topics but can be blended together for the needs at various site challenges. It is very difficult to set up a staged test to really know what any detector and coil might be able to do in a good-target masking condition. You really have to be right there at the time, detector in hand, and be directly involved in such an encounter.

Now, as for "Product Features and Price", I gave some of that information in the initial post that described the 10 New Models I was evaluating And, as I mentioned, I will be following-up today or as soon as I can with another post which describes my personal thoughts on each model, the adjustment functions and features, and my feelings of a detector's better points or those to ponder .... all based on what a person might be looking for in a detector.

Also, keep in mind that these 'tests' are based on a number of comparisons I normally do with any detector, and since the majority of metal detecting hobbyists here in the US are primarily Coin & Jewelry Hunters, most rather casual at that. And most of these tests are done to the benefit of an urban Coin Hunter but can also be useful to a Relic Hunter who hunts rural and out-of-the way places that sometimes have more debris. They are not quite what many Avid Detectorists are likely to deal with or anticipate on their next outing.

Finally, I was simply using lower to mid-priced detectors that retail brand new for $550 or less and not what we might consider today as a 'higher-end' or 'top-dollar' model.

I already have a score sheet with a value quotient built in that I use personal that helps me decide which detectors to keep and which to let go. Maybe I'll share it sometime, and do some videos.

It would be nice to see it. I use an assortment of test scenarios, and then I use possible keep-around models afield to get to know them better and see if I like them enough for what i do. Glad to hear you do that as well, but I know for a fact the majority of detector owners out there don't, and they also don't seem to have a clue as to how to design a few useful 'tests.' Therefore, I figured such a post as I made might be of some help to others.

More to come as I follow-up on evaluating these new detectors.


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Some fun evaluations of 10 Brand New Detectors you can buy for $550 or Less.

Monte 485 November 01, 2020 07:56AM

#4→→ The Compass Coin Hustler and why the '42' Point high score?

Monte 234 November 05, 2020 04:55AM

Re: #4→→ The Compass Coin Hustler and why the '42' Point high score?

D&P-OR 195 November 05, 2020 10:50AM

#3→→ GROUND BALANCE --- Some can be, some can't. ... Another Lengthy Post.

Monte 255 November 04, 2020 11:03AM

Rambling a bit about: Ground Balance ... Target ID ... Search Coils.

Monte 198 November 07, 2020 11:42AM

GB, Target ID, Search Coils.

UtahRich 168 November 07, 2020 05:08PM

Re: GB, Target ID, Search Coils.

Monte 195 November 08, 2020 07:32AM

Great Post

OregonGregg 209 November 05, 2020 06:40AM

Re: #3→→ GROUND BALANCE --- Some can be, some can't. ... Another Lengthy Post.

EL NINO 183 November 05, 2020 03:36AM

'Thank You' for the kind comments. ---- I put 'SAT' on my to-do list.thumbs up N/T

Monte 181 November 05, 2020 03:50AM

Re: #3 another Lengthy Post. Great post Monte thumbs up Thanks for that informative lesson!!!!! N/T

Hombre 218 November 04, 2020 10:26PM

Randy, my pleasure. As always, I learned things myself.

Monte 176 November 05, 2020 03:47AM

#2→→ My comments on the 10 New Detector Models Tested ... Very Lengthy..

Monte 241 November 03, 2020 04:17PM

Re: Some fun evaluations of 10 Brand New Detectors you can buy for $550 or Less.

WM6 160 November 02, 2020 06:03AM

Re: Some fun evaluations of 10 Brand New Detectors you can buy for $550 or Less.

diggindeep 192 November 01, 2020 11:02AM

Back to you, Andrew.

Monte 210 November 01, 2020 02:30PM

Re: Some fun evaluations of 10 Brand New Detectors you can buy for $550 or Less.

Timbertodd 201 November 01, 2020 10:35AM

A quick reply to you 'Timbertodd.'

Monte 194 November 01, 2020 12:46PM

#1→→ Evaluation Scores w/Detectors and Coils ... plus the 100% performer.

Monte 264 November 01, 2020 09:38AM

Re: Follow-up #1.. Evaluation Scores w/Detectors and Coils

Kickindirt 179 November 02, 2020 12:31PM

Joel, an interesting guess .... but wrong. Let me comment.

Monte 217 November 02, 2020 01:37PM

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