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#4→→ The Compass Coin Hustler and why the '42' Point high score?

November 05, 2020 04:55AM avatar
I'll try to keep this as simple as the Coin Hunstler is.

Compass Yukon Coin Hustler
Conventional TR (w/o Discrimination, Ground Balance or other adjustment functions that came along later.)
Powered by: 1- 9V battery.
Search Coil: 6" DD that is 'fixed' or hard-wired
Controls: 1 Knob to turn it On or Off and adjust a Threshold Audio 'Hum'

Principle of operation and Tuning procedures:

Step 1.. Turn the only knob clockwise to turn the Coin Hustler 'On'.

Step 2.. Position the search coils close to the ground, like maybe ±1".

Step 3.. Increase the single tuning control to adjust for a slight 'Threshold Hum.'

Step 4.. Maintain the same coil-to-ground relationship as you search an area with a slow and methodical sweep.

Step 5.. Recover targets that produce a 'Beep'.

The concept is rather simple. As a 'conventional' TR at ± 100 kHz the unit basically ignores iron nails. Because it does, it handily takes on my Nail Board, the 3½" Nail on top of the penny-sized Button front, and the Buffalo Nickel sandwiched between the two Square Nails. The other Test Scenarios are also easy with that 6' DD standard, and fixed, search coil to hit the closely-spaced P-N-P and N-P-N array or the 7 Trade Tokens in a 12" alignment center-to-center. Depth? No, not a factor because it is a very simple, one-control detector with a fixed 6" DD coil. .... But if you're a smaller-size, non-ferrous target trying to hide in a lot of ferrous debris within the top 3" or so, it's not going to be an easy task. Not with one of those really good straight TR's from the days-of-old.

I used to find a lot of coins and jewelry items and all sorts of neat stuff using a TR, and that includes making trips to ghost towns and other old-use sites were the better finds awaited. However, hunting a site with them called for more operator-control than our modern-era electronics-controlled detectors. A few times a year I'll grab on of my 'seminar-use' detectors, like the Compass Coin Hustler, and take it along on a day's travel just to detect with it ... if only for a few minutes. Just a bit of memory refresher that lets me ponder on the past. Think of those good old days-of-plenty and the quantities that awaited a hobbyist.

And also keep me on-my-toes to constantly maintain a very uniform coil-to-ground relationship and to frequently fiddle with the Tuner control to maintain a 'proper' slight audio Hum due to various changes in coil-to-ground orientation, changes in ground mineral conditions, and deal with 'drift' that occurred until a detector was kind of 'warmed up' and purring along on its own better.

Then, after a few minutes to maybe half-an-hour of memory flash-back and having a little fun finding stuff, I trudge back to the vehicle and tuck the oldie away ... just as you might do with grandma or grandpa, and grab one of the 'modern' detectors to take out and enjoy. I use these older models I have around in my seminars to demonstrate what we used to have, how they worked, the concepts we started with and the progression to what we have today. It helps point out so many new features and functions and the performance we have, but it also demonstrates what we gave up to get to where we are now. I mean, '42' out of '42' is impressive.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

Stinkwater Wells Trading Post
Metal Detector Evaluations and Product Reviews
I'm now located in Clyde, Texas
monte@ahrps.org ... or ... monte@stinkwaterwells.com
Detector Outfit: A selection of my favorite makes and models, with the best coils mounted, for the tasks I'll take on.
Pinpointers: Pulse-Dive & ProPointer AT .. Headphones: 'Hornet' & 'Wasp' .. MS-3 Z-Lynk .. N/M Green edition
*** All working well today to make memories for tomorrow. ***
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Monte 457 November 01, 2020 07:56AM

#4→→ The Compass Coin Hustler and why the '42' Point high score?

Monte 208 November 05, 2020 04:55AM

Re: #4→→ The Compass Coin Hustler and why the '42' Point high score?

D&P-OR 166 November 05, 2020 10:50AM

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Monte 228 November 04, 2020 11:03AM

Rambling a bit about: Ground Balance ... Target ID ... Search Coils.

Monte 175 November 07, 2020 11:42AM

GB, Target ID, Search Coils.

UtahRich 149 November 07, 2020 05:08PM

Re: GB, Target ID, Search Coils.

Monte 170 November 08, 2020 07:32AM

Great Post

OregonGregg 174 November 05, 2020 06:40AM

Re: #3→→ GROUND BALANCE --- Some can be, some can't. ... Another Lengthy Post.

EL NINO 161 November 05, 2020 03:36AM

'Thank You' for the kind comments. ---- I put 'SAT' on my to-do list.thumbs up N/T

Monte 156 November 05, 2020 03:50AM

Re: #3 another Lengthy Post. Great post Monte thumbs up Thanks for that informative lesson!!!!! N/T

Hombre 192 November 04, 2020 10:26PM

Randy, my pleasure. As always, I learned things myself.

Monte 152 November 05, 2020 03:47AM

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Monte 214 November 03, 2020 04:17PM

Re: Some fun evaluations of 10 Brand New Detectors you can buy for $550 or Less.

WM6 140 November 02, 2020 06:03AM

Re: Some fun evaluations of 10 Brand New Detectors you can buy for $550 or Less.

diggindeep 171 November 01, 2020 11:02AM

Back to you, Andrew.

Monte 182 November 01, 2020 02:30PM

Re: Some fun evaluations of 10 Brand New Detectors you can buy for $550 or Less.

Timbertodd 175 November 01, 2020 10:35AM

A quick reply to you 'Timbertodd.'

Monte 170 November 01, 2020 12:46PM

#1→→ Evaluation Scores w/Detectors and Coils ... plus the 100% performer.

Monte 240 November 01, 2020 09:38AM

Re: Follow-up #1.. Evaluation Scores w/Detectors and Coils

Kickindirt 160 November 02, 2020 12:31PM

Joel, an interesting guess .... but wrong. Let me comment.

Monte 191 November 02, 2020 01:37PM

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