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Re: What effects your detecting - good or not so much...

November 03, 2020 10:35AM
many things. In Georgia i have a couple places that are rarely mowed or not enough, and fall winter weather will stunt the growth and make it easier to get close to the ground and swing a coil.

my worst thing is the time change now since i work and have mon-fri 830 to 530 job. the weekends are honey do list time. but she does let me escape sometimes.

locations are tough now. my lunch hunts are pretty hammered out and new drops rare with restrictions of covid.

Demo lots get fenced and are no goes by local construction companies due to insurance theft etc... i understand that. found 4 silver rings and good coins, and old elbie did well too on a school lot being renovated to a senior living apts. the going thing for abandoned schools in my area. some majestic old buildings where neighborhoods died out . they hauled off half the topsoil to the red clay for a parking lot and the top soil goes to landfill that is totally inaccessible. and nasty anyway... garbage not inert fill. waste of good dirt full of targets. .

location is a big key factor now. old lots being renovated built over. suburban sprawl on old farmlands--grandpa and grandma old farms sold to subdivisions... sadly.... my area exploding in growth residential wise.

health some issue but bearable.

so to sum it up location and time change mainly.

we have great machines now.... just need to use them more. get better with them.

May the last hole i dig be my own, and will a fellow detectorist cover me up. And you can have the pulltab!

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What effects your detecting - good or not so much...

Dan'o 71 November 02, 2020 07:57PM

Re: What effects your detecting - good or not so much...

dixiedigger57 46 November 03, 2020 10:35AM

Just some comments.

Monte 41 November 03, 2020 05:37PM

Location.....Location.....Locationeye rolling smiley

Hombre 45 November 02, 2020 09:51PM

Location makes a difference -

UtahRich 47 November 02, 2020 10:25PM

Re: Location makes a difference -

D&P-OR 40 November 03, 2020 12:14PM

Hitchin' a ride . . . .

UtahRich 30 November 03, 2020 07:17PM

What Variables Impact my Detecting ?

UtahRich 51 November 02, 2020 09:38PM

Re: What effects your detecting - good or not so much...

Remfire 34 November 02, 2020 09:02PM

Re: What effects your detecting - good or not so much...

UtahRich 32 November 02, 2020 10:33PM

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