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I came across a 9½ year old post you made. Kind of funny.

November 20, 2020 02:41PM avatar
Txquest here a new member, been lurking here for sometime. Enjoy the positive attitudes and the wealth of information. Been detecting since 1976, and still loving it. Currently using the Nox 600 and the Simplex. Mainly relic hunt but also enjoy park, school, yard, etc.

I see that, today, we are each using at least one of the same detectors, the Simplex +. I had an Equinox 800 back in April but preferred the Vanquish 540, and even more-so favored several other detectors I enjoy for Relic Hunting and some for urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting. Currently I have two of the Simplex + units and mainly use the 5X9½ DD on my Daily-Use Team unit. When NEL gets a small 5" coil out, and if it works well on the Simplex + which I suspect it will, that will be mounted full-time on my other Simplex +.

Now, let me qualify my comment when I said ... "Relic Hunting.'

This is a regularly-used term that can apply to many different types of sites, desired targets, and can mean different things to many people. For some 'Relic Hunters' who work wide-open planted fields, barren ground or in the woods where there isn't a lot of dense debris, they might be in search of cannon balls or fragments, or guns and gun parts, on down to smaller targets such as those big bullets that were once used. Their site isn't all that littered and, due to plowing, leaf dropage and vegetation decay or erosion, some of the targets might be located deeper and in a larger area. For them, a larger-than-stock coil (or what used to be a 'normal' stock coil size) might be preferred for site coverage and improved depth-of-detection.

Some of our modern detector's 'standard' coils might handle those tasks just fine, such as a round 11" DD on an Equinox or Simplex + or a 9X12 on a Vanquish 540, etc. But for me and a healthy number of dedicated 'Relic Hunters' those types of coils might work when 'scouting' for a former habitation site or town site or old church or school site, or perhaps if we are hunting out on the 'fringe area' of some ghost towns. Might even work in parts of an old town-site that was relatively clean and perhaps spread-out with somewhat 'open areas' with marginal debris to deal with.

But for most of my 'fringe area' or 'scouting' work, I prefer to use a mid-size search coil. That might be something like the 5X8 DD on an Apex or V-540, standard 6X11 DD on an Apex, 5½X9¾ Concentric on an F5, a 5X9½ DD on a Simplex + or CoRe or Relic, or perhaps a 7" to 9" Concentric or Double-D round-shaped coil on a Racer 2 or F5 or MXT Pro. The 'Mid-Size' coils I just related to are often fine choices for a 'General-Purpose' detector & coil for a lot of applications, to include typical urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting as well.

But for me and many devoted, Avid Detectorists who set out to find good, non-ferrous targets in a very challenging, contaminated, debris-filled old site that abounds with a lot of Iron Nails, Rusty Tin and the many decaying an broken-off shards of Rusty Tin, THEN the challenges increase. Challenges for the detector to handle, the coil to be best suited for, and the operator to build the patience for as well, because that level of 'Relic Hunting' is what I really enjoy taking on.

For those conditions I have a few detector & coil combinations I especially prefer.

Now, back to one or your older posts. I am going back to April 7th of 2011, when you asked about the Fisher F5. The post was:

"Monte or others. How would you rate the F-5 as a general purpose coin hunter for parks, schools and other associated locations? Your opinions are appreciated. Txquest"

My reply back then was:

"I've only tinkered with one at a dealer's shop but the Teknetics Omega is a close copy of the F5. Simpler and easier to adjust on the fly, and a little lighter weight, too.

I use the Teknetics Omega and Gamma a good deal for urban coin hunting and know the F5 would provide very similar performance.


Looking back, that was my experience at that time, and by later in 2011 and in 2012 I got to handle F5's briefly when they were brought to some of my seminars. I kind of liked them but only handled them briefly and didn't take them out to do any hunting. They didn't appeal to me, at the time, however, because back then they came standard with the 11" BiAxial coil. I have never really liked the looks of that coil, and felt it was too big and clumsy for me and the types of sites I usually hunted. Besides, I had a lot of other detectors back then, and even to the most recent I always thought about getting an F5, but just never did. The bulk of my detecting had been Relic Hunting older sites with a terrible amount of nails and tin and dense brush and .... well, I just didn't.

Then when I was shopping for detectors to evaluate I took advantage of the excellent price at Detector Electronics, [www.metaldetector.com] because they have the F5 in a 'package' or Only $299.95 .... and that is NOT with the 11" BiAxial but with the 10" elliptical Concentric coil (measures 5½X9¾) and I already had a 5' DD and round 7" Concentric coil on-hand that I could use with it.

I mean, look at what a person can get! For about the same as a brand new Simplex + w/o headphones you get a brand new F5, and for some hunting tasks I like to use a Concentric coil as well as a DD, and the F5 lets me. Plus, the F5 operates at 7.8 kHz which can be to my advantage on higher-conductive coins. It provides both automated and Manual Ground Balance that is tied in with the motion-based Discriminate mode, too. Many detectors offered today, even with automated and/or manual GB are NOT tied in with the Disc. mode because it is more of a preset range or setting that the operator can't control. Because of that, there are some detecting applications they can not handle and the F5 will work for those needs in my favor.

I bought it for my evaluations and that is the one model I decided to hang on to because it provides some performance for me to complement other detectors I enjoy .... and for under $300 brand new!

So now, after owning one, checking it out and hunting with it a bit, I can answer your very dated question and tell you the Fisher F5 is "a very good 'general purpose' detector for parks, schools, and other associated locations." How good is it? Really useful.

For me and what I like to do, if I could reduce my entire detector inventory to only 4 detectors (and I haven't been trimmed down that much for several decades now), I would like to have 1, 2 or possibly 3 search coils on-hand for my four favorite, 'General Purpose' Daily-Use Team of: Fisher F5, Garrett Apex. Nokta / Makro Simplex + and Tesoro Silver Sabre microMAX. I could pick the Bandido II microMAX instead of the Silver Sabre, and with those 4 detectors and a functional set of search coils .... that would be all I would need to travel anywhere and hunt any site environment.

I'd still like to have my 'Special-Use Team' of the Nokta CoRe, Relic and White's XLT at home should I want to grab them for a difficult or 'special' task, but I could happily take my Daily-Use Team of 4 detectors, fit a couple of extra coils in my Gear Tote should I need them, and just go about having 'fun' with detectors that work as well as they do. Matter of fact, that is exactly what I have settled on.

By the way, I came across the old post because you and a few others showed up on the Forum as 'Anonymous User' and that was back in the earlier days of the AHRPS website and forums before folks were required to register and get approval. So, there's a modern reply to an old post, and i'm really pleased you are now a current, registered participant here with a great bunch of people.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Howdy you all from Texas

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I came across a 9½ year old post you made. Kind of funny.

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'Welcome' and glad to have you join us.

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Howdy you all from Texas

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