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Excellent suggestions Rich, and I'll add just two reminders:

November 18, 2020 11:58AM avatar
1.. Battery Shopping:

Just a heads-up that some places make use of 'Black Friday' or 'Seasonal Promotion' to have nifty displays of reduced-price batteries. Sometimes they are not a known and proven brand and even some of the Alkaline batteries offered are lower quality, inconsistent and have much shorter run-times .... in anything they might be used in. So I suggest you buy and check-out a small number of them to see how well they work before stocking up on a quantity.

In my Battery, Flashlight and Emergency Radio Tote I have a supply of about 110 of the better, longer-lasting AA batteries I like to use, and still have about 6 or 7 of the 48-count packages of the decent-lasting alkalines that I have bought at about $5 or $6 a pack. I'm fine this year so no battery shopping for me, and that includes having an ample number of AAA alkalines and I still have about 8 new 9V alkaline batteries.

Also, when shopping for new batteries to have on-hand, regardless of the sale price, make sure you check out the 'Use-By' date for those batteries, including the top-quality brands. Often I have found places with a great sale price, but on some older and dated batteries. I like to make sure they all have a 'Use-By' date of at least 5 years beyond the purchase date. Then use a permanent marker or some labeling method to organize your extras in date-order to use them up efficiently.

2.. Battery Replacement:

I have always pampered my detectors and gear, keeping them clean routinely throughout the year, but when wintry cold arrives and I can't get out, or only very little, I also like to do a complete cleaning job. Because I am always grabbing each of my detectors to do some indoor testing or to head off somewhere, I very seldom remove the batteries. The only units I have in my den right now w/o batteries are some of my special-need Seminar Models that I only use for seminars and group presentations. However, on a monthly basis, or even every few weeks, I do inspect all my replaceable battery holders or compartments to make sure they are clean, and I use a battery tester to double-check each battery for strength when I am inspecting for any leaks or damage.

Then, I attend to the following:

If I am replacing batteries in any device, I do not replace just one or two weaker AA or AAA batteries, I replay ALL of the batteries in any device. Also, I replace ALL of the batteries using the same brand and package / 'Use-By' dated batteries. Never mix old and new batteries and never mix the battery brands.

Also, the other thing I do is check ALL of the battery-powered devices I have in my home or vehicle. Routinely, I use the "Thanksgiving Holiday" because the long 4-day weekend gives me ample time to sit down and be thorough, as Rich described in his post, to totally clean and maintain each detector I own.

Once my detectors and pinpointers have been taken care of and have either:

A.. Had all batteries removed for the wintry season .. OR .. B.. Had all dated / worn batteries replaced for ready-use

... then I go to Step 2. I use this 4-day period to check each-and-every battery-powered device in my home or vehicle. Again, that means I am using a good quality Battery Tester that puts a load on the batteries, and if they are getting a bit low they get replaced, as I mentioned, with fresh new batteries of the same brand and life duration.

TV, Radio, Stereo, DVD and other remote devices. Smoke Detectors and other safety testing equipment in the home. And with these longer hours of darkness, potential power-outage storms, or getting stuck away from a well lighted area, we can NOT forget to make sure ALL flashlights are checked out and brought up to full run-time potential. Make a list of where any flashlights might be to check, such as any in your vehicle. A must-have, and I keep 2 or 3 in my rig. Throughout the house, and just in case of an emergency when there could be instant darkness, I have at least 1 flashlight of some type in each bedroom, bathroom, TV room, laundry room, kitchen and living room. I said at least 1 because I do have 2 or 3 in my den, plus some other emergency-use flashlights just-in-case, and some brand new flashlights in that Tote I mentioned. Oh, and a small single-cell flashlight in my pocket.

Some of my flashlights, like the 4 different devices I have in a small tote that travels with me to keep extra medicines, credit cards, and needed things on-hand, and 1 of those in my vehicle and most emergency back-up new flashlights, are rechargeable with built-in batteries. The rest all use AA or AAA batteries, and since I have more flashlights than I do metal detectors, I have a good battery supply and I occupy a lot of the upcoming 4-day period making sure everything is in top condition.

Don't forget the unseen or out-of-the-way devices, either. Do you have kids at home still who have a flashlight in a drawer or a back-pack? It's fall hunting season for many of us who enjoy that sport, too, so remember to check any batteries you have in your hunting gear, or your summer-time camping gear. And yes, I also make sure all of my rechargeable flashlights are routinely brought up to full potential, too.

That's it. Just additional reminders at a time when we ought to be busy making sure the important detecting gear is well maintained and both serviceable and ready to go hunt.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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UtahRich 347 November 18, 2020 03:38AM

Anyone getting out this winter?

Coinboy 319 November 19, 2020 02:29AM

Getting out during the winter

UtahRich 183 November 19, 2020 12:54PM

"I am too addicted to the sport I could never stop for a whole season!"

Monte 202 November 19, 2020 05:15AM

Re: "I am too addicted to the sport I could never stop for a whole season!"

Coinboy 220 November 19, 2020 08:34AM

Excellent suggestions Rich, and I'll add just two reminders:

Monte 172 November 18, 2020 11:58AM

Re: Excellent suggestions Rich, and I'll add just two reminders:

jmaryt 200 November 18, 2020 07:25PM

j.t., you're welcome to mention any store name on AHRPS Forums. N/T

Monte 170 November 19, 2020 05:17AM

two additional reminders:

UtahRich 179 November 18, 2020 08:19PM

Re: two additional reminders:

jmaryt 176 November 19, 2020 11:44PM

Where and what brand? N/T

Monte 160 November 20, 2020 05:40AM

Is the time of year to stock up Attachments

OregonGregg 190 November 18, 2020 08:17AM

Wrong batteries

UtahRich 182 November 18, 2020 09:52AM

Helping to save the planet. Attachments

OregonGregg 184 November 18, 2020 12:42PM

Re: Helping to save the planet.

D&P-OR 196 November 18, 2020 01:53PM

High-Quality vs Decent-Quality vs Cheapo-Quality battery costs.

Monte 166 November 18, 2020 03:56PM

Re: Speaking of batteries now available is the Attachments

Kickindirt 167 November 18, 2020 04:50PM

Now, for Vanquish owners, that might be very good investment.thumbs up

Monte 170 November 18, 2020 06:26PM

Re: Now, for Vanquish owners, that might be very good investment.thumbs up

Kickindirt 168 November 18, 2020 07:29PM

"Ya Monte they only claim to have a 11 hr run time."

Monte 171 November 19, 2020 04:43AM

Re: "Ya Monte they only claim to have a 11 hr run time."

Kickindirt 165 November 19, 2020 01:23PM

Faster than a V3i ?

UtahRich 177 November 18, 2020 07:20PM

Rich, the power drain is the main issue I have.

Monte 185 November 19, 2020 04:37AM

Re: Faster than a V3i ?

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Re: Speaking of batteries now available is the

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Re: Helping to save the planet.

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Excuses -

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Re: Excuses -

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Powering Up Attachments

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LOL better be careful

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Re: Wrong batteries

EL NINO 174 November 18, 2020 11:47AM

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