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For now, with winter upon us, 'Red' will hang around.

November 25, 2020 05:38AM avatar
As I related in a different post, maybe on the Minelab Forum, I just happen to like the Vanquish 540 a lot and that makes it harder to let it go. It's that 'Likable' factor. So I decided to keep the V-540 around for a few reasons, and with the cold winter weather upon us, here are some of them.

1.. I almost always keep at least one or two detectors in my vehicle year round just to be prepared should a detecting opportunity arise.

2.. I have my current 'Daily-Use Team' that would be in my vehicle, to sometimes include a duplicate detector or two that would have different-size coils, because I might set out on a detecting drive or run across some renovation or other opportunity. My 'basic' Daily-Use Team is an F5 w/7" Concentric, Apex w/5X8 'Ripper' DD, Simplex + w/5X9½ DD, and Silver Sabre µMAX w/6" Concentric that would be loaded all the time. I might complement that foursome by adding an Apex w/NEL 5" DD, and maybe a Simplex + w/NEL 5" DD. Or if I had a few open areas likely to be worked it might be an Apex w/8½X11 'Raider' DD or Simplex + w/11" DD or V-540 w/9X12 DD.

3.. When we get into the very high temps of summer I might bring them off the back seat or rear area into the house, and I usually do the same during the bitter cold days of winter when it is very unlikely I will detect at all. Times when the ground might be snow-covered, or when it might be clear, but highs and lows in the mid-30° range and on down into the teens or single-digits.

4.. Quite often we experience a quicker loss of battery life in alkaline batteries during very high or very low temperatures, and that's another reason I keep some detectors in my comfortable den during temperature extremes.

5.. Rechargeable batteries, be them NiMH or built-in Lithium, seem to hold up better should it get too hot or too cold, plus I can also charge the batteries / detector in my vehicle when traveling, so some modern-era approaches fit my desires. The desire is to be prepared with at least one, and possibly two or three detectors in my travels.

Therefore, my bearable winter weather travelers are going to be an Apex, a Simplex +, and 'Red' the V-540. The first two I can maintain their built-in Lithium batteries, and the V-540 I can change the NiMH or charge them as needed. Plus, with the V-540, it does have the good control housing cover to protect it from any drippy or falling moisture and keep it nice and clean.

By the time a warm spring arrives come early to mid March, I'll then decide if the V-540 hangs around for some summertime work or if I let it go. For now, as noted in my Signature below, it is a working part of my Daily-Use Team of detectors with the others shown.


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Why Multi-Freq. Is a Must Have in Detecting..........

UtahRich 134 November 20, 2020 07:12PM

Re: Why Multi-Freq. Is a Must Have in Detecting..........

Kickindirt 51 November 25, 2020 02:52PM

XP Multi-Freq.

Remfire 50 November 26, 2020 12:20AM

Re: XP Multi-Freq.

Kickindirt 51 November 26, 2020 12:54AM

Re: XP Multi-Freq.

Dan'o 51 November 26, 2020 09:08AM

Re: Why Multi-Freq. Is a Must Have in Detecting..........

Timbertodd 76 November 21, 2020 04:56PM

Re: Why Multi-Freq. Is a Must Have in Detecting..........

diggindeep 92 November 21, 2020 11:38AM

No particular reason.

UtahRich 75 November 21, 2020 10:50PM

Very correct about some of the Minelab behavior.

Monte 105 November 22, 2020 12:25AM

Another round of cut backs gets the Vanquish 540

UtahRich 76 November 22, 2020 07:32PM

For now, with winter upon us, 'Red' will hang around.

Monte 51 November 25, 2020 05:38AM

Re: Another round of cut backs gets the Vanquish 540

diggindeep 78 November 22, 2020 07:48PM

Follow the leader . . .

UtahRich 69 November 23, 2020 11:48PM

And to what you said, Andrew, I agree ... to a point.

Monte 106 November 21, 2020 01:55PM

Ahhhh HAAA! my word --OPERATOR!

dixiedigger57 64 November 24, 2020 11:34AM

Re: Why Multi-Freq. Is a Must Have in Detecting..........

D&P-OR 70 November 21, 2020 12:46PM

Good questions, and I guess I have my answers.

Monte 110 November 20, 2020 11:16PM

The Road LessTraveled

UtahRich 82 November 21, 2020 03:08AM

The Road Not Taken

UtahRich 79 November 22, 2020 01:11AM

Re: The Road LessTraveled

Kickindirt 75 November 21, 2020 01:24PM

Re: The Road LessTraveled

jmaryt 62 November 22, 2020 09:17PM

That would be a YES Vote.

UtahRich 52 November 22, 2020 09:36PM

Re: That would be a YES Vote.

jmaryt 53 November 22, 2020 10:19PM

No, not quite correct.

Monte 84 November 21, 2020 02:29PM

Re: No, not quite correct.

Kickindirt 53 November 21, 2020 03:17PM

It kind of depends on the road we select.

Monte 91 November 21, 2020 07:58AM

Quick Response - grinning smiley ..

UtahRich 66 November 20, 2020 11:26PM

Re: Why Multi-Freq. Is a Must Have in Detecting..........

OregonGregg 99 November 20, 2020 07:34PM

A must have ? You sure ? .

UtahRich 90 November 20, 2020 08:10PM

LOL not sure of anything.......

OregonGregg 78 November 21, 2020 09:01AM

Re: Why Multi-Freq. Is a Must Have in Detecting..........

Digstrashtomuch 79 November 20, 2020 07:24PM

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