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Re: Nokta/Makro simplex coils

November 23, 2020 02:24PM avatar

I was kinda always under the impression that maybe they just didn't want to put out a 5" coil on purpose. Given what the Simplex can do with the 9.5 x 5 " coil. If the entry-level Simplex performed just as well as the Kruzer & Anfibio with 5" coil...................geez, doesn't seem it would bode well for their upper-end models.

What can the simplex do with the 9x5 coil? inquiring minds want to know?? I ran mine at my old park for a few hours. I was going back and forth with the simplex and anfibio trying to see and hear differences. Used simplex with 9x5 coil and anfibio with 5" coil. First impressions were that the simplex audio is a little more clear refined than my anfibio. Anfibio the green wireless headphones were much louder at max volume then simplex using same green pair of wireless phones. My impressions after using both in the same area was that anfibio is just as deep as simplex with 5" coil as simplex is with 9x5. Real close anyways. Both using 3 tone. Simplex in version 2.77 was in deeper park mode. Anfibio just regular 3 tone gain 91. I geuss ill have to slap both 9x5 coils on and see how they compare in a few surface tests like the sailboard.

I'm really looking forward to how both the Apex as well as the Simplex both do with the new NEL 5" Coil that is coming out for them.

All the Nel coil are available for the Apex, including snake and 5" Sharp coil if your interested.

I guess I had better start digging around in the Bunker and find a few excess 5" Nokta and or Makro coils so I can peel the stickers off them. Given Monte's disdain for Detech, NEL, and other aftermarket coils, I might have to slip the Nokta/Makro brand stickers on them so he will give them a try grinning smiley

Ha ha ha funny and sad at the same time. Crazy how a guy can get so set in there ways.

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Nokta/Makro simplex coils Attachments

Kickindirt 114 November 21, 2020 02:16PM

Re: Nokta/Makro simplex coils

SvenS 68 November 22, 2020 08:27AM


SvenS 43 November 23, 2020 09:05PM

Interesting, as I have an e-mail going out tonight to Dilek as well.

Monte 44 November 23, 2020 09:11PM

Re: Nokta/Makro simplex coils

OregonGregg 69 November 22, 2020 09:05AM

The need for smaller-size Simplex + coils.

Monte 40 November 23, 2020 08:18PM

Re: Nokta/Makro simplex coils

Kickindirt 80 November 23, 2020 02:24PM

My 1st pick would be the 'Sharp' 5" DD.

Monte 79 November 21, 2020 02:42PM

Better stick with the 5" round coil

OregonGregg 90 November 21, 2020 03:50PM

Re: Better stick with the 5" round coil

Timbertodd 76 November 21, 2020 04:42PM

Re: Better stick with the 5" round coil

jmaryt 46 November 23, 2020 10:34PM

Re: Better stick with the 5" round coil

Kickindirt 76 November 21, 2020 04:15PM

That's Charley Pride

OregonGregg 76 November 21, 2020 04:21PM

Re: That's Charley Pride

jmaryt 40 November 23, 2020 10:33PM

Re: That's Charley Pride

D&P-OR 57 November 21, 2020 09:58PM

Re: That's Charley Pride

Kickindirt 55 November 21, 2020 04:26PM

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