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Del, one of my gripes with Minelab, and a thought or two.

November 26, 2020 04:00AM avatar
And that's a (kinda) reasonable way of thinking/response Gregg. winking smiley-----I've been through 'em all & IMO---IMO---if you end up getting the Vanquish---use the V8 AND the V10 coils on it---loose the V12.-------With the E800---it's the 6"---loose the 11".-----How I wish Coiltek or Minelab would come out with a 5X10 for the E800---but it doesn't look like that is likely to happen.-------Try the Vanquish---it's obvious you are going to be miserable till you do! grinning smiley-----

First, the gripe: Minor, perhaps, but calling an elliptical or oblong-shaped coil a V8 or V10 or V12 is annoying. They ought to give a better description, such as a 5X8 or 9X12. Their Equinox comes with an 11" and they also offer a 6" for it. But those are round-shaped coils so the measurement refers to the round shape, just like we used to use for a round 6" or 8" or 950 coil.

They aren't alone, either. The Teknetics T2 and Fisher F75 come with an 11" BiAxial coil, but it isn't a round shape, it is elliptical or oblong. A physical description should have been 7¼X11¼. White's used 5.3 to describe a 6½" coil so Tesoro used 5.75 to label their 6" coil. More dumb marketing.

As for losing the 9X12 Vanquish coil, I disagree. The V-540 comes with the two better coils they offer for the Vanquish, with the 5X8 DD making a great all-purpose type of daily-use coil for Coin & Jewelry Hunting or relic Hunting an old-use site when either type of hunting involves some trash, or maybe weeds, brush, or other obstacles. In open areas, like a plowed field, out in the middle of a grassy city park, or elsewhere that might call for a little more depth, the 9X12 DD worked fine for me.

Additional thought, about Gregg, i that I think he might come to like the vanquish, if he hangs onto it until we get huntable weather again, once he takes it out to a few locations where he can actually use it. I know that, for me at least, the V-540 is a likable detector that is fun to have along to grab for some quick hunting in a variety of sites, and where Gregg might use it, for 'fringe area' or 'scouting' purposes, it should do all he needs it to do.


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Mr. Apex & Mr. Vanquish......

OregonGregg 129 November 25, 2020 01:34PM

A good presentation by Minelab .... or was it?

Monte 77 November 25, 2020 06:30PM

SMF - Poking Fun at others

UtahRich 54 November 25, 2020 08:30PM

Re: SMF - Poking Fun at others

Dan'o 50 November 26, 2020 09:01AM

Yes, it was sort of funny, but at the same time,

Monte 51 November 26, 2020 03:29AM

Re: Mr. Apex & Mr. Vanquish......

Timbertodd 48 November 25, 2020 05:13PM

Re: Mr. Apex & Mr. Vanquish......

EL NINO 70 November 25, 2020 04:14PM

LOL - .Let the fun begin . . . . . N/T

UtahRich 42 November 25, 2020 04:04PM

Re: Mr. Apex & Mr. Vanquish......

D&P-OR 70 November 25, 2020 01:58PM

Well Del, I wonder....... Attachments

OregonGregg 64 November 25, 2020 08:31PM

Re: Well Del, I wonder.......

D&P-OR 60 November 25, 2020 09:44PM

ok serious answer

OregonGregg 77 November 25, 2020 10:02PM

Re: ok serious answer, even better

Kickindirt 64 November 26, 2020 02:22PM

Re: ok serious answer, even better

D&P-OR 60 November 26, 2020 03:00PM

Re: ok serious answer

Dan'o 49 November 26, 2020 08:35AM

Whoa there Gregg . . . . . .

UtahRich 59 November 25, 2020 10:16PM

Re: ok serious answer

D&P-OR 54 November 25, 2020 10:14PM

Del, one of my gripes with Minelab, and a thought or two.

Monte 63 November 26, 2020 04:00AM

Monte: I agree with you in that manufacturers in some instances have put "strange" names/figures on their coils--------but-----

D&P-OR 58 November 26, 2020 04:41AM

Looks like we need us a "Timeout"

OregonGregg 58 November 26, 2020 08:45AM

Re: Looks like we need us a "Timeout"

Kickindirt 52 November 26, 2020 01:35PM

Two shows I never watched and an actress and actor I never cared for. Just opinions.grinning smiley N/T

Monte 38 November 26, 2020 09:05AM

No way......

OregonGregg 45 November 26, 2020 09:15AM

Are you that young? thinking thinking ... Oh wait a minute. I figured it out, I was busy.

Monte 42 November 26, 2020 12:08PM

You have more than 1 gripe with Minelab? eye popping smiley

UtahRich 49 November 26, 2020 04:40AM

I'm sure I could give it some thought and come up with more than just one.

Monte 50 November 26, 2020 08:10AM

Re: You have more than 1 gripe with Minelab? eye popping smiley

D&P-OR 53 November 26, 2020 05:05AM

Re: You have more than 1 gripe with Minelab? eye popping smiley

EL NINO 59 November 26, 2020 07:02AM

But Why?

OregonGregg 58 November 26, 2020 08:19AM

Re: But Why?

EL NINO 60 November 26, 2020 11:53AM

Now, there are some good answers for OregonGregg. N/T

Monte 43 November 26, 2020 12:18PM

Re: But Why?

OregonGregg 54 November 26, 2020 12:12PM

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