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WM6, my thoughts regarding your thoughts.thinking

November 27, 2020 03:16PM avatar
For me great improvement (after waterproof and wireless) will be
collapsible detectors stem in Minelab Go-Find art design, to suit easy in my backpack.

For this I both agree and disagree. Models like the Equinox and Simplex + do provide us with a submersible detector with built-in rechargeable batteries, For those who beach hunt a lot, that can be good. I only work freshwater beaches since I'm not close to a coastal water body, and I don't wade into the water much, however I could accidentally drop a detector or stumble and fall into the water, so the waterproof concept is good. Also, I like my Simplex + for times when there might be a passing shower, or during some hot summers when I've been caught in a thunderstorm downpour.

But most of the time, and in most applications, I am quite comfortable with a 'land-based' detector and don't need waterproof design or a thicker, sturdier waterproof housing that can add a bit of weight to a detector. Most of the very active detectorists I know don't go out of their way to select a waterproof detector, and many of them, like me, are not really keen on built-in batteries. We prefer the ability to change the batteries when needed, with some using only Alkaline batteries and others only NiMH rechargeable batteries. I'm in the transition to replaceable NiMH batteries now for models like my CoRe, Relic, and V-540. I just use Alkaline 9V batteries in my Bandido II µMAX, Silver Sabre µMAX and F5 as well as AA's in my XLT. My two Apex and two Simplex + devices have their built-in Lithium rechargeable batteries.

I have my Simplex + units for beaches and rainy weather, but most of the time I am just fine with a land-based, non-waterproof detector. Age and health limit my mobility and I can only envy those of you who can still use a backpack and hike into various hunt sites. I used to do that back in the '70s and '80s, but not since a back injury followed by a period of aging and falling apart.sad smiley I've had no interest in the Go-Find.

But looking at my den wall I can see how my Apex and Simplex +, with their 3-rod design and compact-size control housing, could be broken down and fitted into a back-pack rather easily. And Minelab's V-540 can be collapsed down rather short and, even with the modest-size control housing, still fit in a bigger back-pack. But as I look back to those days when I was more mobile and could back-pack into some good hunting areas, I used a pack for food, water, extra batteries, flashlight, first aid supplies, etc. and a detector was, on two or three occasions, toted in a zippered detector bag. Most of the time I simply carried it.

I've small and large game and bird hunted a lot since my early 'youth-years' and learned to tote a rifle or shotgun into and out of the places I wanted to hunt, and our metal detectors can be carried just as handily, if not easier. Especially with the collapsible rod systems we have today to make them even more compact to carry. Besides, I very, very seldom break a rod down or fit a detector in a bag. I have them either in-hand and in use, on the back sear or rear of my vehicle ready to grab-and-go, or hanging on my den wall begging me to take them out and play.

Add to that the ability to periodically pause and detect sites on the way to or from wherever it was I was back-packing in or out of. I usually used a route others would have used long ago, and in doing so they likely took a break now and then and any potential rest area or a scenic view area, or even a camping spot along the way, called for some detecting to check it out. More often than not I was rewarded for my efforts, and I couldn't do that with a broken-down, bundled-up detector.

I do not need more and more MD bells and whistles than already have.

I 100% agree ther. many detectors out there today have more things to tinker with than I care for, and for many of my hunt-sites I do well, and sometimes do better, using a SF or SSF detector than I do with a SMF device. It all depends on the site challenges, the particular SMF frequencies used and other circuitry design behavior. I have SF, SSF and SMF models in my current outfit and I don't think we need more, either. Perhaps a manufacturer might offer a new model with comparable adjustments like some detectors have today, but we don't need more things to mess around with, or especially no unnecessary new features..

Multi-frequency detectors are (except in rare cases of high mineralisation
and salt beach) in most cases hypo only (par example ACE 400i is deeper
than Apex and X-Terra is deeper than Equinox 800, using comparable coils).

I agree with you a lot on this one and quite a few of the SMF comments border on a wee bit of 'hype.' More-so with one manufacturer or brand than others, and I both read it and hear it in commercials, videos and printed literature or forum posts. As for "High Mineralization," I have spent the bulk of my life and over half-a-century of metal detecting time in very high, Fe3O4 challenged mineralization and have done quite well. Mainly with SF detectors, or recent SSF models from Turkey, and with some of the SMF's I've been using since '96.

I've also had very rewarding performance 'Beach Hunting' mostly somewhat salty ocean beaches in Oregon, Florida and New Jersey USA, but even tougher wet and much saltier beaches at the Great Salt Lake in Utah here in the USA. And there my SF White's was matching or out-performing a couple of friends who were very experienced and devoted to their FBS detectors. That was in the lower arm of the GSL with 142 parts salinity. Some of my ghost town and pioneer trail activities were on the north arm of the GSL, where it can be 317 parts salinity. Those are the two saltiest places in the USA, compared with Lake Abert here in Oregon that is 120 parts, and for comparison the World Oceans, Atlantic, Pacific and others, range from 34 to 36 parts salinity.

Hoping for an early start of spring weather to warm it up enough for me to take several of my newer detectors to a couple of those salty places to see how well they handle the conditions. But that is comparing detector performance on wet and dry saline environments which is different from comparing depth-of-detection model-to-model. That one I am doing now with what I have or can borrow. I'll need to get with a dealer friend who might still have an X-Terra or two around to borrow because I don't now of anyone near me who still uses one. I had three of the first-release X-Terra's provided me by Minelab and there were some things I liked about them. They were 'OK' but in the bad ground I usually hunt in, they didn't impress me when I worked places where 'depth' could be achieved and compared. I admit not having all of the different frequency coils and that might have made a difference.

I guess I'd have to use an X-Terra 70 or 705 and match the coil size and operating frequency as close as possible with an Equinox 800 to compare them. I'd put my wager on the Equinox 800. As for the Garrett 'Ace' series 400 and what I do NOT consider an 'Ace' series, the new Apex, I had an Ace 400 ... briefly. I know what it did at my place on some test comparisons, and on those I prefer the Apex performance. Again, to make a fair comparison it would mean matching up the search coils and operating frequencies as best possible, then try to duplicate some settings. From my own experiences at a city park and here at my place in some testing, I definitely favor my Apex's and since they have a different audio response behavior it is difficult to compare any 'depth-of-detection' between them so far. I don't have the 400 but I do have two Apex and all available factory coils so I must be getting better performance, at last for my needs.

Besides, over 5½ decades of very devoted hunting have shown me that deeper targets, especially smaller, coin-size objects, make up a very, very small part of all the good finds I have made. Very small,

Overall, I think we mainly agree about some SMF's not being all that good for many uses, and that they definitely do not put all the good SF's out to pasture. I'm just glad I have the mixed assortment of Daily-Use Team models all ready-to- hunt. There might only be one new model released next year that will grab my interest and make a positive 'fit' in my detector group.


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Re: What are your thoughts about "Who's next?" .. or .. "What's next?"

jmaryt 65 November 28, 2020 09:08PM

My thoughts of what we might see in 2021.

Monte 83 November 28, 2020 10:05AM

I added the wish for smaller coils for a very good reason.

Monte 63 November 29, 2020 05:29AM

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FeistyFrank 60 November 29, 2020 02:51PM

So very true regarding good-target masking.

Monte 49 November 29, 2020 04:19PM

Re: What are your thoughts about "Who's next?" .. or .. "What's next?"

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2021 ?????

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Re: 2021 ?????

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Monte Purchases a Tarsacci? Two Tarsacci, two! N/T

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They could offer me one for free if I used it exclusively for a year. I'd decline. N/T

Monte 41 November 29, 2020 09:57PM

Re: 2021 ?????

Kickindirt 83 November 27, 2020 03:42PM

Any Guesses on 2021?

UtahRich 64 November 27, 2020 04:53PM

Monte and his Tarsacci ???? LOL. eye rolling smiley N/T

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Laughing even harder .... just ain't gonna happen. N/T

Monte 48 November 27, 2020 03:17PM

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World . . . . .

UtahRich 70 November 27, 2020 05:22PM

I like the ORX, but it's gone. Never is Never on the other model. Wood stove is awaiting while I split kindling. N/T

Monte 44 November 27, 2020 05:46PM

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Kickindirt 56 November 27, 2020 05:35PM

Re: What are your thoughts about "Who's next?" .. or .. "What's next?"

WM6 68 November 27, 2020 07:52AM

WM6, my thoughts regarding your thoughts.thinking

Monte 64 November 27, 2020 03:16PM

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I know. . thumbs up N/T

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