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Back to you, Del.

December 03, 2020 08:24PM avatar
Monte-----Someone must have asked you if you get items free. smiling smiley

From time-to-time through the years I have been asked that, and it is sometimes kind of funny. I have my all-time favorite two Tesoro models on-hand, and have always owned and used, and promoted the performance afield and the results I have enjoyed with all of my favorite Tesoro's. Especially using them on my 'Bark-Chip Marathons' or for most of my Ghost Town Hunting from mid-'83 until about 2012. I was never given a free Tesoro detector or search coil.

I have used Garrett models, mainly during certain periods of time when they had a model or two that really appealed to me and worked well for me, especially from late '71 to mid-'83, and then at times off-and-on in the late '80s to '91. I've had, used, and parted with GTAX, GTP and GTI models that just didn't out-perform what I was using and the conditions I dealt with, and since the Ace 400 came ... and went ... I was only sort-of interested in the AT MAX, but my drive was to trim weight and top-heavy designs as well as adjust my total outfit. The new Apex got my attention, so I bought it. Liked it so well I bought a 2nd. And though these long periods of association with Garrett products dating to late '71, I was never given anything Free. Not until they sent me the Ripper and Raider coils to evaluate.

I was contacted by Dilek at Nokta and Makro January 2nd of '15 and asked if I would be interested in evaluating the Nokta FORS CoRe, and at that very moment I received her e-mail I was trying to find out about that new detector that caught my interest. Most folks know that I have been provided detectors by Nokta and Makro and Nokta / Makro, and overall I have been pleased with a lot of things about them. But as with any detector or coil or any accessory I have received, from anyone, I don't set out to show favoritism one way or the other.

If it works, and works well, and it can provide me with performance I like, it's thumbs up time because it is something I like, something I can see why others might like it, and something I'd use. But, if it is a faulty product, if the performance afield is terrible, if it falls apart or has too many glitches that can't be dealt with, or if it doesn't have a coil or two that would work for me and where I like to hunt, then it gets the thumbs down from me. I know some detectors can show up with an issue or two. It happens. But before I gripe about it I give the manufacturer a chance to fix-the-glitch and provide us with a decent product.

Glad you like the F5---but---when I had one for awhile & tested/used it in the field----it didn't get NEARLY the accurate I.D. & it was FAR more EMI prone than my F-19.

That's one good thing about having a lot of detectors out there because we can pick-and-choose which we like for what we'd use it for. I have owned 4 of the F-19's and I like their depth better than the Gold Bug Pro / G2 using the same coils. However, while I do like to use 2-Tone on occasion, with the F-19's you're stuck with it and I prefer being able to select something like a 3-Tone mode.

Also, there are times when I prefer the F5's 7.8 kHz to the F19's 19 kHz operation. Also, I own, and you own, and a whole bunch of people own and use detectors that have automated GB or even manual GB, but with so many detectors today that only functions with a true Threshold-based All Metal mode or an All Metal Pinpoint function. They have a preset GB for their Discriminate modes, or a more controlled or limited factory preset GB range for their Disc. mode. The F5 is one of two detectors in my regular-use outfit that has a GB control that is also tied in with the Disc. mode as well as the All Metal mode. The other is the Tesoro Bandido II ┬ÁMAX.

So, I like the F5 because I have more control of the GB for all search modes, it has a lower operating Frequency, I like the Ground Phase read-out and ability to manually adjust the GB while hunting in the motion-based Discriminate mode, and I like being able to have it at-the-ready with a 7" Concentric coil mounted. Also, in some places I hunted with those F19's they were chattery while at other locations they did handle EMI well. But I have found the same to be true of the F5. Location, location, location can make a difference.

Oh, the visual Target ID. All my detectors, except the two Tesoro's, have visual Target ID. I seldom use it in many locations as I prefer to listen to the audio response. However, I do glance at the VDI read-outs when Coin Hunting trashier places, but regardless of what make or model I am using, I only pay attention to their visual response on typical-depth coin-range targets which would be surface to about 4" to 5", depending upon the ground mineral make-up. The F5 has been working okay for me.


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Ending 2020 by preparing for the year-to-come.

Monte 107 December 03, 2020 11:07AM

A quick comment about my Daily-Use Team.

Monte 85 December 03, 2020 03:25PM

Re: A quick comment about my Daily-Use Team.

D&P-OR 77 December 03, 2020 04:40PM

Back to you, Del.

Monte 65 December 03, 2020 08:24PM

Re: Back to you, Del.

WM6 52 December 04, 2020 02:29AM

Yes, Ground Balance can be very important.

Monte 57 December 04, 2020 11:53AM

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