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Iron -- Iron Audio -- and Iron Audio Volume ... Your thoughts?

December 05, 2020 05:23PM avatar
I was checking out my different models that have Iron Audio Volume to see how close I could match the low-volume level between the different products, wondering if they could be somewhat similar. Staying in out of the cold weather I compared all of my detectors, using my saved settings or preferred manual set-up on one or two models, I got wondering about how others dealt with common ferrous debris, or what settings they preferred or the types of sites they like to hunt. Here are some questions:

A.. What detectors do you use for different types of sites? Tot-lots, sports fields, grassy parks and schools, vacant lots, ghost towns or other out-of-the-way locations, etc..

My Picks: Tesoro's w/6" Con. for tot-lots; Nokta CoRe w/'OOR' DD & Relic w/5" DD for the toughest iron debris conditions; Fisher F5 w/7" Con., Garrett Apex w/5X8 DD & 8½X11 DD, Minelab Vanquish 540 w/5X8 DD & 9X12 DD, Nokta / Makro Simplex + w/5X9½ DD ... all for day-to-day Coin & Jewelry Hunting a variety of sites, as well as scouting purposes or low-target 'fringe' areas of old sites.

B.. How much, if any, of the ferrous / Iron Discriminate range do you like to listen to?

My Preference: With models that allow a low Disc. setting, I like to adjust it just low enough to Accept most Iron Nails, regardless of where i am hunting. My two Tesoro's are the only models that do not allow me to adjust the Disc. that low. All the rest are ready-to-go as desired.

C.. If you do adjust the Disc. low enough to hear a low-tone Iron Audio, is it pleasant enough with your detector as designed, or does your detector feature Iron Audio Volume control?

My Detector Feature Set: I can usually get along with the Low-Tone Iron Audio of my F5 and FORS CoRe, and if my V-540 didn't have Iron Volume Control, it is a very tolerable low-tone. I DO have an Iron Audio Volume control on these models: Garrett Apex, Minelab Vanquish 540, Nokta FORS Relic, and Nokta / Makro Simplex +.

D.. If you have and use Iron Audio Volume adjustment, how low do you usually set it? What's comfortable for you with the different models?

My Iron Audio Low-Tone and Iron Audio Volume Settings: When in a lot of Iron debris, I prefer to use one of my models to take advantage of the Low-Tone Iron Volume Adjustment. I have my Apex Iron Volume set at '2', V-540 set at '2', FORS Relic set at '1' or '2' and Simplex + set at '1'.

E.. Do you have any thoughts or comments regarding the Iron Audio Volume feature of your detector(s)?

My Observations: It is interesting to see how the manufacturers designed each model, the number of Volume settings, and the Zero question. My Simplex + had 3 Volume settings or it can be turned 'Off' or at '0'. My FORS Relic has '0' plus levels 1'1' to '5'. My Apex Iron Volume adjust from '0' to '8', but my V-540 only adjusts from '1' to '10'. It doesn't adjust down to '0' or No Iron Audio like the other models do. That leaves me wondering what times others might choose to use a '0' Iron Volume setting? I know I do from time-to-time, but what about everyone else?

Just curious.


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Iron -- Iron Audio -- and Iron Audio Volume ... Your thoughts?

Monte 121 December 05, 2020 05:23PM

My first metal detector with iron audio is a White's MX5 and it is at a preset level if you wish to hear it all in 2 tone Coin mode.

Hombre 65 December 07, 2020 05:52PM

Re: Iron -- Iron Audio -- and Iron Audio Volume ... Your thoughts?

dixiedigger57 49 December 07, 2020 10:12AM

Its nice to have a Guru close by cool smiley

OregonGregg 50 December 07, 2020 10:23AM

Re: Iron -- Iron Audio -- and Iron Audio Volume ... Your thoughts?

OregonGregg 74 December 06, 2020 09:49AM

A reply about OregonGregg's post.eye rolling smiley

Monte 56 December 06, 2020 08:24PM

A perfect CoRe? Your thoughts?

UtahRich 68 December 06, 2020 01:11PM

Your thoughts? My thoughts ? Attachments

OregonGregg 56 December 07, 2020 08:33AM

Re: Your thoughts? My thoughts ?

D&P-OR 55 December 07, 2020 11:15AM

Re: Your thoughts? My thoughts ?

OregonGregg 38 December 07, 2020 07:53PM

Re: Your thoughts? My thoughts ?

D&P-OR 39 December 07, 2020 08:27PM

Not to worry Del, Just Gregg trying on the New Him.

UtahRich 57 December 07, 2020 01:39PM

Stay OFF my Grass

OregonGregg 66 December 07, 2020 02:06PM

Re: Stay OFF my Grass

D&P-OR 46 December 07, 2020 03:41PM

Stay OFF my Grass ?

UtahRich 41 December 07, 2020 08:27PM

crisis Attachments

OregonGregg 38 December 08, 2020 03:25PM

Stop - stop - stop . . . .

UtahRich 35 December 08, 2020 06:34PM

"I was out stacking up the cord wood today ..."

Monte 42 December 08, 2020 05:06AM

Ahhhhhhh . . . . the warmth of radiant heat off a cast iron stove. smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float

UtahRich 37 December 08, 2020 06:36PM

No, not 'perfect' but close ... and I believe in white coils.

Monte 60 December 06, 2020 08:43PM

well kinda

OregonGregg 60 December 06, 2020 05:42PM

It's a good one, that's for sure . . . . .

UtahRich 46 December 06, 2020 10:51PM

Re: Iron -- Iron Audio -- and Iron Audio Volume ... Your thoughts?

EL NINO 66 December 06, 2020 11:17AM

El Nino, here's a reply.

Monte 68 December 06, 2020 12:51PM

Re: Iron -- Iron Audio -- and Iron Audio Volume ... Your thoughts?

OregonGregg 48 December 06, 2020 12:17PM

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