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A perfect CoRe? Your thoughts?

December 06, 2020 01:11PM avatar
The lack of Iron Audio Volume on the Fors Core is the only thing holding it back from getting a "its perfect" certification sticker sad smiley but other than that on the machines I have that offer Iron Audio volume ( and machines that don't) I still set them up the same way I was taught.

I set them up to just barely accept iron nails and listen to it all. That way it gives the machine the best chance to unmask a coin out in all that junk. Turn the iron volume down low, but just enough to just hear it so you have an idea of how much iron etc you are dealing with. But that is with a machine that does " Iron Audio Volume " correctly.

A Perfect CoRe? There's a lot more work than JUST iron audio.

No iron Audio
No adjustable tones or break points
Target ID scale needs better spread
Wider arm cuff for use wearing a coat
No wireless headphones
Settings awkward to adjust due to control housing arrangement. Put the electronics in an Apex or Vanquish housing
Factory price point too high - Pro pack was close to a $1000
Coils are colored black rather than easy to see white.

Runs forever on 4 - AA batteries. Now that's perfect. thumbs up

All that said, the CoRe in the original package is a unique and VERY capable detector out in the ghost towns. It is oftentimes the uniqueness of our equipment that adds character to our detecting.

Oh, I left out 1 other failing, it isn't water resistant (not talking dunking in the shallow water, just the rain). eye popping smiley


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Iron -- Iron Audio -- and Iron Audio Volume ... Your thoughts?

Monte 125 December 05, 2020 05:23PM

My first metal detector with iron audio is a White's MX5 and it is at a preset level if you wish to hear it all in 2 tone Coin mode.

Hombre 67 December 07, 2020 05:52PM

Re: Iron -- Iron Audio -- and Iron Audio Volume ... Your thoughts?

dixiedigger57 52 December 07, 2020 10:12AM

Its nice to have a Guru close by cool smiley

OregonGregg 51 December 07, 2020 10:23AM

Re: Iron -- Iron Audio -- and Iron Audio Volume ... Your thoughts?

OregonGregg 76 December 06, 2020 09:49AM

A reply about OregonGregg's post.eye rolling smiley

Monte 59 December 06, 2020 08:24PM

A perfect CoRe? Your thoughts?

UtahRich 70 December 06, 2020 01:11PM

Your thoughts? My thoughts ? Attachments

OregonGregg 57 December 07, 2020 08:33AM

Re: Your thoughts? My thoughts ?

D&P-OR 55 December 07, 2020 11:15AM

Re: Your thoughts? My thoughts ?

OregonGregg 39 December 07, 2020 07:53PM

Re: Your thoughts? My thoughts ?

D&P-OR 41 December 07, 2020 08:27PM

Not to worry Del, Just Gregg trying on the New Him.

UtahRich 58 December 07, 2020 01:39PM

Stay OFF my Grass

OregonGregg 67 December 07, 2020 02:06PM

Re: Stay OFF my Grass

D&P-OR 46 December 07, 2020 03:41PM

Stay OFF my Grass ?

UtahRich 42 December 07, 2020 08:27PM

crisis Attachments

OregonGregg 39 December 08, 2020 03:25PM

Stop - stop - stop . . . .

UtahRich 36 December 08, 2020 06:34PM

"I was out stacking up the cord wood today ..."

Monte 43 December 08, 2020 05:06AM

Ahhhhhhh . . . . the warmth of radiant heat off a cast iron stove. smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float

UtahRich 39 December 08, 2020 06:36PM

No, not 'perfect' but close ... and I believe in white coils.

Monte 63 December 06, 2020 08:43PM

well kinda

OregonGregg 61 December 06, 2020 05:42PM

It's a good one, that's for sure . . . . .

UtahRich 46 December 06, 2020 10:51PM

Re: Iron -- Iron Audio -- and Iron Audio Volume ... Your thoughts?

EL NINO 70 December 06, 2020 11:17AM

El Nino, here's a reply.

Monte 70 December 06, 2020 12:51PM

Re: Iron -- Iron Audio -- and Iron Audio Volume ... Your thoughts?

OregonGregg 50 December 06, 2020 12:17PM

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