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Re: Wishing everyone a........

December 17, 2020 05:26PM
Merry Christmas everyone.
its been a rough year with loosing relatives, old work partners from the Police dept, my old partner who gave a lookout about a red sleigh everyyear on the radio. the first year he thought i just got in trouble when the chief came on the radio. Instead the was at the Mayors party and he wanted a rebroadcast so the others could hear it. and there was the sudden loss of Lyle Brooks "elbie" my hunting partner. due to covid and so forth have not been able to give the Troy x-2 a real fair shake, nor the SimplEx. I bought the Troy from Lyles widow.

while Middle Georgia USA is a mild weather state sans a few days a year, this years fall and winter season is an absolute regular flu season.. its wet cold and windy every time i might get a chance to get out. todays high was less than 50 with stiff wind and rain mist. the wind gets me sick every time. mold allergies too from wet grounds. its been similar for two weeks. more 20's nights so far than we had all last winter. an old sign of the black bird flocks says we might get a winters snow this far south. we get one here about every 5-6 years, and have had 17 inches when i was a kid. most time a few inches. and people drive upside down!

in my younger days the weather would not stop me, but the wifes health is a big concern so i have to be careful.

my family cancelled all gatherings as they have been peppered with covid. but all survived. one good friend did not and was sick with cancer, and covid got him. so i put up a toy tree anyway , even though the daughters are grown and the one grandaughter is a teenager, and the steps are even older and not really close. one daughter has to remain in Texas but zoom meet will have to do.

. My mother died on Christmas day of 1960, i was 3 1/2. she had a lengthy illness due to a surgery. a kidney stone removed lead to Uremic poisoning. it got in her blood and slowly damaged her other organs. . so Christmas was almost non existent for my poor family as we were. there was a very bad family situation i will not go into. but we made it thru it. presents were sparse and very simple very cheap, a stocking of an orange or two, apple and nuts, dimestore hard candy. . My Dad did not sue, dont really know if the doc was really at fault as surgery was not as advanced. i dont really remember her as i was left with grandparents while she lingered for a long time. someone said how horrible to die on Christmas. my reply was what a wonderful day to be with Jesus, on what we recognize as his birthday.

i aint ready for that last hole yet.... have a good one and may you find something in the stockings .... and remember the reason for the season.... its funny it aint Christmas until Linus on Charlie Brown Christmas takes the stage and tells what it is all about. . that little scene really says it and i have the CD and watch it every year. its the truth. i believe... sums it up better than a preacher any day. straight out of the Bible verses.

have a Good one a safe one and remember the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas to my Western Friends Carey

May the last hole i dig be my own, and will a fellow detectorist cover me up. And you can have the pulltab!
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Wishing everyone a........

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Re: Wishing everyone a........

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Re: Wishing everyone a........

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Spreading the cheer..........

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Re: Wishing everyone a........

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Re: Wishing everyone a........

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Re: Wishing everyone a........

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - .

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Re: Wishing everyone a........

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Re: Wishing everyone a........

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