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No need to 'try' anything new .... just devote more time mastering what I have now.

December 29, 2020 08:40AM avatar
In my current arsenal of detectors I have some really choice-condition older detectors, dating back to a late-'60s Garrett Hunter BFO, a few TR or TR-Disc. Compass or Garrett modes from about 1975'ish, and moving up to a White's XLT, which came on the scene about '94 and then a number of 'favorites' that have served me well since '97 on up to a number of current-production motion-based Discriminators. A few weeks ago, after acquiring several brand new and still pristine models that haven't been taken out the door, I was doing a lot of comparisons using an assortment of Test Samples, some of which simulated Iron Nail challenged Relic Hunting sites, and some that worked with the merits of urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting applications where response-and-recovery are important, along with an ability to unmask keeper-coins and similar small targets in a mix of both modern non-ferrous trash and old ferrous-based junk.

My goal was not to find what is maybe the best-of-the-best on the market today .... but to refresh my memory about that we have had in the past, that worked so well, found so much, and provided us with performance that we have lost along the way. Trust me, not all of the 'progress' we have experienced has been to our benefit to get to where we are now. Yes, maybe some lighter-weight or better-balanced packages. A few usable (although not always useful) features such as visual or audible Target ID, ways to control Annoying Low-Tone Iron Audio behavior, or even fool ourselves into thinking some added adjustment tweaks might be useful ... now-and-then.

The more I tinkered and compared detectors, and the all-important choice of search coils, too, the more I became satisfied with 'simple', and for those who know me, I happen to like ... 'simple.' I like things that are 'Simple' and yet 'Functional' without a lot of excess and often unnecessary fluff,, yet still able to provide very ample in-the-field 'Performance.' And to realize the proof in what I have long enjoyed in the way of performance-afield, I simply took a look back through time. Though the wide-variety of sites I have hunted, reflected on the tallies of what I have found, in the way of coins, trade tokens, good jewelry, and a lot of neat, desirable artifacts,

It hasn't been the particular detectors and search coils used as much as the very impressive amount of desirable keepers we used to enjoy having available to us in such impressive numbers. It's reality. Reality is that a lot of good stuff was found, a LOT of it, and long ago. We have less to find these days and a lot of what we still have around to look for is simply fewer in number, often more masked by nearby trash, or is simply in less-searched areas that we need to scout out.

So, I have thought over all of my current detectors and coils. Considered what fits me best, balances the best, and, keeping it simple, works the best for the bulk of the locations I plan to hunt in the coming year. With 56 years of very avid experiences, I decided to not spend a lot of time trying to pick-and-choose a wide-range of detectors to try and eek better performance out of, because they already perform well. Instead, my 'new' for 2021 is going to be on working to make sure I know each of the detectors and coils I plan to keep in my personal outfit. Not just know them, but to know them well. Very well. Become one with their strengths and weaknesses, of which all detectors have, and then work harder on being more patient with my searches. Not get carried away and hunt too fast or haphazardly, but just take my time, be more methodical, overlap, and keep a check on things I do more than the detector does.

Fishing isn't like it used to be, nor is bird hunting, big game hunting, small game hunting, or other fun and exciting outdoor sports I've long enjoyed. Times have changed, so I am changing with the time and 2021 is going to be a year of me doing what I need to do to seek-and-find new and different places to hunt. I want to put more 'fun' back into this great sport, and I feel a lot of people can if they take a good look at what they are using. Thin out what isn't really needed. Put in the learning time and master their equipment, and I think 2021 is going to see a lot of great posts from more people who are going to be enjoying this great sport more then in the recent past.

Sorry to ramble. Now, to thin out a whole mess of brand new detectors to adjust my outfit and a New Year of different places, challenging hunts, and 'fun!'


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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No need to 'try' anything new .... just devote more time mastering what I have now.

Monte 157 December 29, 2020 08:40AM

Oh, the one exception .... A SMF out of Turkey.

Monte 126 December 30, 2020 09:44AM

Re: No need to 'try' anything new .... just devote more time mastering what I have now.

Timbertodd 106 December 29, 2020 04:31PM

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