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Fisher F5

January 03, 2021 07:15PM
Just started reading your post and F5 flashed in my mind. A bit, saw you had the F5 mentioned.
Has just the right mix of analog controls and push button controls with a modern day LCD display,
that many of us could enjoy. It's a detector that has proved its worth, had two of them. The second one I got
dirt cheap from a club member, should have kept it. Think I sold it due to the lack of coils sizes at the time.
Also after a few hours the weight and balance was bothering my elbow. Replaced it with its cousin the Omega,
after using it, found it was not very enjoyable to use.

Now I do remember Mike Hillis mentioning there were three versions of the F5. Can't recall, which version he considered better than the other.

I was going to rebuild one of the F5 into a shortened version control box, as I disliked the long control box, lots of empty wasted space inside. Just too busy at the time with my Mirage Pi projects.
Here's my first reports on the F5:

I have a Fisher F5 on it's way.
April 3, 2012

Parcel arrived this morning, grabbed the knife and sliced away at the packing tape, inside was
a bunch of bubble wrap surrounding what looked like a metal detector. Peeling away the
bubble wrap revealed a new looking used Fisher F5. First thing I noticed, the control box is
large,after using small tesoros. A blind man can see the large LCD display screen. The unit
balances for my 6'1" stature.

Popped in 2- 9 volt batteries and turned it on. Now mind you I have not read the instruction
manual and began to play air test.

I am impressed with response, ID capability, air test depth and sensitivity to silver and gold.
After figuring out the Fisher ID Edge and how to
hunt for modern CA clad using the tones and number ID, the F5 is a breeze. And I thought the
ID Edge was a CA coin killer. The F5 I have is so much more accurate ID'ing a clad coin flat
or on edge. Know the ID numbers and the tones and your good to go. Loonies and Toonies
are a piece of cake if you decide to cherry pick. Loons and Toons on edge will ID as iron, low
tones, single blip with -8 to -10 numbers. A square nail may fall in around -10 or -11 with a
double blip or a single blip. If the nail comes in as a single blip, rescan from a different angle a
double blip will sound, you know you have a nail. All mod clad on edge comes in at iron, low
tone, easy to tell. Does very nice on small to large gold rings as well and even a small gold
chain coiled up and a small 1/8" gold nugget.

What I like is the choice of single tone, two tone, 3 tones or 4 tones. At this point I may favor 2
tone. Audio coming out of the unit's speaker is very nice, when I use my Killer Bee headset
the sounds are more crisp but, do not duplicate the lower base pitch of the F5's speaker as
well. I'll have to pull out the headset I made using 600 ohm speakers that headset is just a bit
bassier, will see if that produces sound similar to the F5's speaker.

First impressions at this point, glad I sold the Fisher ID Edge that I regretted selling. The F5
clicked with me right away. I'm also glad I chose the F5 instead of the Tesoro Golden Sabre.
Have to get it out in the field now do some more detecting...
Responded to a post titled:
F5 doesn't like Canadian coins
Feb 21, 2013

You need to go out and use it!!
This is a really nice machine.
From my previous posting:
You will want to download from my website F5 Tips and Tricks I complied from numerous posts of various

Do not swing fast. Hunt in two tone mode.

The F2 is a Bounty hunter platform based machine.
The F5 is a Fisher platform shared with the Teknetics Omega. The F5 handles ground better
than the Omega.

Search for my F5 posts on this forum.
Keep track of the numbers as you pass the CA clad under the coil, again the coins on edge.
From my other forum posts

Read all of Mike Hillis posts regarding tuning and hunting with the F5, sure learned a lot.
Several days ago, played on the bench trying to get a better understanding of the detector.
There is a learning curve understanding how this unit will work regarding mod. Canadian clad
and using all the info the detector spits out.

I only had a number of hours on the detector so far. The ball park hunt last week when I found
the silver dime and a hunt at the worked out beach.

Sunday went back to the ball park, wouldn't you know it was being used. Next best option
was the soccer field alongside. Found a bunch of coins before heading off to
a small toboggan hill, I saw detectorists holes there. Spend several hours there and at the
playground area. Found a bunch more coins, a ring buttons, zipper pulls and the usual junk.

Ended the day with:
Game token--1
Silver ring-----1

The F5 is a really nice working detector overall so far, tones are easy to understand (1-4 tone
selector), ID works fairly well with CA clad, a bit bouncy. If you go by the tone, listen for the
high tone, dig, it's a clad coin so far. I decided to notch out iron and foil, hunt disc mode,
pinpoint in all metal. You know when you have a dime with the threshold-gain settings I used,
the dimes gave a weird sound and pinpointed softly. Pennies always 69-70. Some one way
signals you just had to check out, they just sounded like coins, they were in many times a
nickel. At the tob. hill ran into EMI, followed Mike Hillis tuning tips and knocked it right out.
Ran the detector with a very very slight touch of noise.

Now I don't rely on the meter and Id screen 100% to decide to dig. I listen to the tones and
tone width, how it pinpoints for the most part. Then use the screen info to verify and then
compare after digging the target. So far I can say this machine is so much easier to master
than the Fisher ID Edge I had and happy with it's performance. Slight drawback I am finding
in disc mode the processor is a bit slower than the Tesoros I am used to. Forces you to slow
down a bit, which is probably a good thing. Had no problem picking up some coins right next
to foil that was notched out. If you go slow in trash, the F5 seems to pick out the coins to my
surprise, just listen for the high tone. They seems to stand out amongst the trash sounds.
One of the nicest features the F5 has it's ability to use the tip of the coil for pinpointing. You
can use the tip standing up or when kneeling down digging the target. The Elliptical coil is
narrow enough you can insert it into the hole to locate the target when it's deeper or help
locate the very small target you just can't seem to see.

I still have lots to learn, this will be my main detector this season. really enjoy using it so far.
Now if it finds gold around here that others or myself have missed, maybe pay for a used car.

What I can do on most of my detectors is use the coil's front tip edge to pinpoint when you
can't find the target when digging within a hole. Or when checking the pile of dirt next to your

Works great when the target is really small. A technique I picked up from using a PI machine
that works extremely well with the F5.

Probably why I never bought or thought I needed an actual pinpointer.
Not sure if this tip has been posted anywhere.

I dig it with a Nokta/Makro product.
And then some.. Blisstool V5, White's IDX

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A look back in time and we see some manufacturers made a few mistakes.confused smiley

Monte 224 January 02, 2021 03:48AM

Goofs other than by the defunct Tesoro and White's might also include ----

Monte 104 January 03, 2021 04:25PM

Fisher F5 Attachments

SvenS 163 January 03, 2021 07:15PM

SvenS, 'Thank You' for adding your current post and former comments.

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SvenS 93 January 03, 2021 07:45PM

Here are a few of my mistakes.confused smiley

Hombre 119 January 02, 2021 04:14PM

Re: A look back in time and we see some manufacturers made a few mistakes.confused smiley

D&P-OR 124 January 02, 2021 11:45AM

Re: A look back in time and we see some manufacturers made a few mistakes.confused smiley

SvenS 129 January 02, 2021 09:07AM

And that's why those who learn it and know it can do well.

Monte 144 January 02, 2021 10:00AM

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