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Just some thoughts on old Radio Shack / Bounty Hunter models.

January 13, 2021 07:06PM avatar
been a lot of talk by us on another forum about the Bounty Hunter Big Buds and similar RadioShacks made by Bounty Hunter. a new poster from the Ukraine has been wowing us with finds we wont find here, but he has a tech friend and they do mods and build custom coils too. they like the Big Bud Pros/ radioshack equivalents , and do some remarkable and noteworthy clean mods on Teknetics.

The 'original' Big Bud and Big Bud Pro were engineered by George Payne. But after Teknetics & Bounty Hunter were bought out, and before they ended up at FTP, they had a lot of poor design and build quality and nothing was worth a hoot. The FTP folks went though all but one model completely and brought them back up to good performance level. However, they were not known for getting very good depth-of-detection except in low to modest mineralization areas.

am interested in finding a Radio Shack Discovery 3 model 63-3008, or secondly a RadioShack Discovery 2.model 63-3004, working or not. strickly for mods and have access to the mods steps. .

i know--- many consider junk. but give me something hopefully affordable to experiment with.

if any of you guys run across one or have one in the junker pile let me know.

I guess I am one of those in the group claiming most of those raggedy-edge versions to be 'junk.' I wouldn't waste my time on most of them.

the other talk is going back even older school to basic TR units.for the hunted out parks, to find deep targets, was reccommended to find a Judge 2 red button handled reset switch model by Compass or older higher end TR. . Reverse discrimination techniques used by Alan Cannon was also posted on that site from a Treasure magazine. Monte i bet you knew him from Compass. he is still around. read some articles on this. was facinating. several other well seasoned guys of many years going back to the throw backs. i fnd it interesting. more than reruns of gunsmoke.

Those older parks got "hunted-out" by those of us using the early TR's then TR-Disc. models, then the dual-mode VLF / TR-Disc. models, and then we got better depth using the true All Metal 'VLF-models. The move to a lot of the newer, 'modern' designs with more digital circuitry design did bring us some enhanced detectors that can provide much better depth-of-detection. Those older TR's, mostly, worked at or close to 100 kHz, and that isn't the frequency range you want in order to get more depth. The Judge series simply moved from the conventional TR's, like the Compass '77' to the newer models that featured Discrimination circuitry.

Those of us who were more active and savvy learned early-on to use 'Reverse Discrimination' methods, especially with a good VLF/TR-Disc. model. I was using Reverse Discrimination with several units back in '76 / '77. It didn't always work well, but at times it did work. I knew Alan before he worked at Compass. Matter-of-fact, Alan gave me a phone call a few weeks ago and we chatted or a little over an hour.

Periodically I still grab one of the 'old-time' detectors from the late '60s to early '80s just to put them to use for a short while. I do it mostly for the 'fun factor' and not to find a lot. Definitely not to end up with a deep-target story to tell.

bored to tears.. no hunting much due to weather covid crap winter time change and work. so looking for affordable project... for better times.

I understand all that, for sure. But I don't think we would gain much with a lot of tinkering. It would be something to do, but I'd rather find a different reason or project. There were a few older detectors that could hold-their-own today for some detecting, but honestly, much of that early-era stuff is simply way out-of-date and not very efficient.

Just my thoughts,


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old RadioShack/Bounty Hunter units

dixiedigger57 135 January 13, 2021 04:12PM

Just some thoughts on old Radio Shack / Bounty Hunter models.

Monte 114 January 13, 2021 07:06PM

Re: Just some thoughts on old Radio Shack / Bounty Hunter models.

jmaryt 95 January 13, 2021 11:59PM

Jack Gifford at Tesoro also used that design.

Monte 101 January 14, 2021 01:17AM

Re: Jack Gifford at Tesoro also used that design.

jmaryt 96 January 14, 2021 08:11AM

Re: Jack Gifford at Tesoro also used that design.

dixiedigger57 97 January 14, 2021 09:00AM

'Blanking' circuitry concept and old-model 'tinkering.'

Monte 91 January 14, 2021 11:13AM

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