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starting a project....

January 28, 2021 11:01AM
First of all,,,,, I KNOW MONTE>>>> lolololol..... just gotta be a 63 yr old teenager and do what the parents advised not too.. eye rolling smileygrinning smiley

i got a loaded pcb and hand built tuned coil to that very board that has been field tested by the builder. a friend of Svens and Sven just built his own unit in a hobby box and custom outfit. you know how neat he is. so is the builder of the board and coil. the builder used an AH Pro backpacker for his box. i am using a defunct Compass Coin Hustler II.
the unit is a TR. really simple unit. It is a board by the Geotec frequenting guys of a simple non disc but actually a slight disc dip on small iron board. can be one knob for volume threshold or several separate like Sven did which is what i am going to do. it is a off resonance unit. thats the difference. old tech rethought and improved on. 6 inch coil. 100khz. it is said it does not drift like the old TR units requiring constant adjustment of threshold just occasionally. the builder is a great guy like Sven. the board i got come out of his unit and has pin connectors to disconnect and swap other boards out to build. i have some of the cables and the others on order, they said about 7-10 but in todays market due to covid well thats debatable. no hurry. cleaning up the compass box, maybe a little paint. plan on toggle on off separate threshold and volume, earphone jack present battery test light present . i will use this box for now and maybe build a straight shaft unit similar in design to Svens. i had an Amigo 2 straight shaft with arm cup at one time and like the setup. i dont want to copy, i want something different looking, a little personal touch. may go hog-ape wild look!

the board builder is a noted person and i have seen his finds with this project, it is engineered for sensitivity on small gold and nickels, not geared toward higher end targets but will find everything. the language of the unit is said to be easily discernible on direction of a nail whether going across short ways or lengthwise. i know i will dig a lot of trash, thats ok, doing that now cause the places decimated in targets and inundated in trash. . he uses it in pounded out parks etc... i have those that occassionally give up an oldie to vlf units. it is not extremely deep he said but 6 inches plenty. but something "old' modernized to be more efficient. new to me. i actually have his board and coil as he is building another one to experiment with using his housing already set up. so i know it works fine. it will come down to the operator thing again. and location i may have new place to check.

it will take me a while with work, medical and house repairs the usual. sadly contemplating repairs sell move. will need handicap in future and my house not feasible its small design never was in 1970 when built. i have been here about 20 yrs now. will stay in area but area sadly sinking too. hoodlums welfare state Georgia getting to be armpit of USA. my granddaughter and daughter reason still here. other daughter far away in Texas. she needed a change for the better herself. miss her and travel not good now or for wife if drove. .

l am awaiting parts. the build on the coil is so clean. the board very neat little thing maybe 1 1/2 inches by 3 or so.

no pictures yet. awaiting the cables to do a play by play.

yea i know Monte... i know....i know... get an Apex and be done... gotta try something once. and the wife says i still have a curfew.....

May the last hole i dig be my own, and will a fellow detectorist cover me up. And you can have the pulltab!
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starting a project....

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