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Re: TX - Preparations

February 19, 2021 02:47PM
I lived in the Piney Woods of Deep East Texas for 15 years. In that length of time we had three snows. One was 4 inches and lasted two days. A 3 inch and 2 inch that lasted overnight. Winter weather was never a problem especially for a Iowa boy. The bigger problem was the summer heat. I lived on Caddo Lake so it was humid all the time. One year if I remember correctly 2008 we had 108 days that the temperature was over 100 degrees. You had to have outside work done by 10 A.M. or you could stand the heat.

Monte I enjoyed my time in Texas. The winters were mild for 15 years I had my boat in the water every month. Fishing was fantastic. I killed more ducks than I ever did up north. The food was great and the people friendly and very hospitable. The few negatives were alligators, poisonous snakes, every type of insect known to mankind that could sting, bite, or fly up any of your body orifices. Oh and by the way more places to metal detect than you could possibly imagine.
If it wasn't for my 93 year old mother I would still be there. Fear not forge ahead. God Bless Texas.

All the Best

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TX - Preparations

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By the time I arrive, it will

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Re: By the time I arrive, it will

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Re: By the time I arrive, it will

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Re: By the time I arrive, it will

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Re: Mind Made UP MONTE?

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Re: TX - Preparations

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Re: TX - Preparations

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Re: TX - Preparations

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Re: TX - Preparations

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