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Comments about your site, and some hunting tips:

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Ok you treasure hunting experts. I need some direction as to hunting a 150 year old mill race that is eight blocks long. It is not much today. Back at the turn of the 1900's to 1940's it was a place to swim, fish, and row a boat down. Several times a year the town would sponsor sporting contest there. According to newspaper accounts the banks of the Mill Race was shoulder to shoulder with youth and parents along both sides of the Race. It was a very major event for the town and surrounding area.

Today this once thriving Race is nothing more than a small stream two to four foot deep with small trees growing from its bank. A walking trail is now on the south side of it the north side has a housing division on three blocks of it on the northeast side. Otherwise the city owns it I have permission to hunt. Big question is how do I go about hunting around all of the small trees? The best spot to start at and how close to the bank should I start. To my knowledge no one has had a detector on this ground. One of those places that are going to be very good or bad. Largely forgotten that it was once a active recreational spot. Thank you in advance for any advice.

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Postscript: the trees are anywhere from 5 inches to two feet apart and are 3 to 5 inches inches in diameter. Never had to hunt in trees like this before.

First, let me congratulate you on finding a new hunt site to try.

Second, I seriously doubt it has gone undetected. Back in the mid-'60s and on until the early '80s I hunted a lot of "public property" sites, and had permissions for many public and private locations.. The land owners or access controllers were all older folks and grew up in a different era. Today, and for the past 35-to-40 years, we have been dealing with people who were not even born until about 1980, give or take a little. They tend to have different attitudes than the good folks who used to grant access.

Not only did I get an OK to hunt places, I was often offered some tips on other places to go check out my detector. Many of those were rewarding. So it is my guess that at some point in time in the past, that property has been searched, at least to some degree. However, a lot of that could have been in earlier days of the latter '60s to ± 1980 and we do have some detector improvements / enhancements that allow us to use a better tool.

Where to start and how to hunt it? Many possibilities. Question: Have you done any research to narrow down things such as:

• Where they tied up horses and buggies or parked an automobile?

• Main places where they entered or left the location?

• Areas where they might have held foot races, horse races, gunnysack races, etc.? Gaming booths or other group activities? Picnicking locations? A bath house for those who enjoyed swimming? Etc., Etc.

• I would search the entire area, but concentrate on all those more likely spots where they traveled or congregated.

• I would search right up to the bank edge, and over the edge and into huntable ground or water as erosion might have encroached into former activity areas, and those swimming or playing in the water might easily have lot some 'keepers.'

• Dense, confined conditions due to weed, grass or tree growth calls for the use of a smaller-size search coil. I lie those in the 4½" to 5" diameter, and favor using them on a decent detector that allows a slow and methodical sweep. That was you can work in between and close to the offending vegetation.

Good luck. Take your time as you try to locate the more productive areas in the hunt site, and remember to report back on your success from each adventure.


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Comments about your site, and some hunting tips:

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Take a buddy with you. . . . . Attachments

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Re: What Direction, I can't tell you what direstion to go, but have some advice

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