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Here are some Forum View Options, and why I use them.

April 02, 2021 05:29PM avatar
Quick question,

Please see the attached picture.

I have looked and looked, but can't seem to find it. Is this the only way to view a thread, or is there an option that will allow me to see and read all the replies without having to click on each reply individually, like most forums are set up? Most you click on the topic, then scroll to read the replies. Here I have to click on every reply in order to read it.

A semi-short reply. I visit a lot of Forums and I am familiar with the type of post you refer to. I like to red some of those as well. However, I also find a lot of them get off-topic discussions, or they have a lot of babbling that goes on and on about the same replies. One of the problems with the type you suggest is that they can get very lengthy, as in multiple pages and that can take time.

Using the Forum format I use with AHRPS can, sometimes, make things go quickly ..... IF those who make a short reply and simply put it i the Subject block and have nothing in the Text box. That takes a longer time is when a poster doesn't put anything in the Subject block and only replies. They might say very little, such as "Congratulations!" or maybe "Good Luck." Then we, the readers or viewers, click on the reply which could have simply been in the Subject portion of the reply. Here's an example:

Let's say you made a post about a days activity out detecting and your Subject Heading was:

"I had a good day afield with my Whiz-Bang Detector."

If anyone makes a reply without using the Subject Box, it will duplicate the heading they are replying to. However, if they would just us the Subject Box with every reply, ir might look like this:

Congratulations! You had a great day. N/T

Question, which search coil were you using?N/T

... (And here would be your reply.)

...... Thank You. I was curious about search coils.N/T (The reply to your reply.)

Could you answer a few questions? (And in this reply the Text Body would hold more discussion as someone asks about your Settings or the type of location you hunted. Maybe asked if you have hunted there before, etc).

So, using this method, and if people would make short questions and replies in the Subject Box, you wouldn't have to click to read a brief comment, and it would make fewer pages for lengthy replies.


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Any Forum View Options? Attachments

GA1dad 100 March 31, 2021 07:36PM

I think this Forum is the best on the web, lots of sound advice and very knowledgeable posters on here N/T

Hombre 22 April 03, 2021 01:52PM

'Thank You' for those comments.smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float N/T

Monte 22 April 03, 2021 02:21PM

Here are some Forum View Options, and why I use them.

Monte 72 April 02, 2021 05:29PM

Re: Here are some Forum View Options, and why I use them.

Kickindirt 45 April 03, 2021 08:27PM

Click Bait. , my finger gets so tired with this forum format...)

Hombre 50 April 03, 2021 09:44PM

Re: Click Bait. , my finger gets so tired with this forum format...)

D&P-OR 47 April 03, 2021 09:54PM

Thanks for replying Monte N/T

GA1dad 21 April 02, 2021 08:42PM

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