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Re: Ticks - Ticks and more Ticks . . . .

April 25, 2021 12:29PM
Wow---What an Ozzie story Rich.-----Guess we haven't got it half bad over here after all. smiling smiley----I would have liked to have visited Australia (when I was younger)---but---even back then, I don't know about dealin with all those various critters they have.smiling smiley

I'm glad you and Patsy spotted that little feller before he was able to dig in. Nobody likes the thought of being a host, even if temporary, to ticks and other parasites. Add to that the possibility of catching Rocky Mtn spotted fever OR Lyme disease. Keep an eye out for them.

Back in the 80's, I was over in Australia living on the coast in New South Wales. On a day off some of the guys and I decided we were going to hike from down by the beach, through the 'forest' up the escarpment / cliffs to a restaurant perched overlooking the Pacific just off the Queens Highway. We stopped by the house of some friends on the way and they warned us to keep an eye out for leeches. ? ? Well, fortunately for us, there wasn't a single water source to negotiate on the way up or back. The forest of ferns and trees was amazing as was the overlook and the amazing variety of birds up at the restaurant overlook.

After enjoying the view, we made our way back and headed home. Arriving at home and getting ready to change I was shocked to see blood all over my white gym socks on both feet. Taking off the socks, I had a dozen or more 'bites' made right through the socks that were still slowly bleeding. I took off my pants and there on the back of my calf was a large leech having himself a meal . . of me. Not a pleasant sight. A shake of salt and he dropped off leaving a horseshoe shaped flap of skin bleeding around the edges. We scooped up the leech and took him to the far end of the yard and gave him to a nest of bull ants. These ants are over an inch long, have big mandibles and are best to be avoided. They attacked the leech, tried to dismember it, failed and a few hours later hauled it to the outskirts of the territory and dropped it off. I gathered from this that these forest leeches, that live on the ferns and other undergrowth, are rather tough.

Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye out for the ticks on my upcoming outings to Nevada. I've done my fair share of donating blood to these types over the years

Thanks for the heads up.

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Ticks - Ticks and more Ticks . . . .

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Re: Ticks - Ticks and more Ticks . . . .

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