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Back to you, 'dixiedigge57'

May 14, 2021 04:49PM avatar
i need light units. and simple units help. i too have a pair of favorite Tesoros ... they work great for me.

My health issues have plagued me for quite some time. I started using a cane in March of '93 and have continued to age and fall apart the following 28 years with additional complications and limitation. My problem, up until this year, is that I knew I needed to trim the detector outfit and go lighter and handier, but I kept clinging to some older favorites during the early part of this journey, and even up until this spring when I finally parted with my XLT. Not bad, but just not a good fit for my impaired mobility and loss-of-strength issues.

the SimplEx i just dont gel with, but patient. stock coil i dont like. i hate where the pinpoint is and as you said, after years of use on the others i turn the durn thing off by accident too much.

I do like the Simplex + design and performance. I do like the feature set. I really like it better with the 5X9½ DD rather than the standard 11" coil. I have only erred three times, shortly after I got my first one, accidentally turning it off when I didn't push the left-button for Pinpoint.. It does provide me with a waterproof unit for the very few times I'll do any freshwater Beach Hunting, and I could grab it if I anticipate a pending shower or rainy day. However, I'm not waterproof and if it might rain, I have other things to do indoors.

I am currently trimmed down to 2 Tesoro models, 1 Garrett model (3-of-the-same) and a Nokta Relic and Simplex +. If I were to thin out any of them, as much as I like it, the Simplex + would be the first to go.

the AT PRO handles my soils well and is all around, and i have a hockey puck, stock and 5x8 DD. Wireless add on z link but keep headphone adaptor taped on unit.

The Garrett Apex is MY "all-around" detector and handles all the ground environments I've taken it to. It also does very well in most of the dense Iron troubled areas, and I am mostly OK with the search coils used. The 'Ripper' is my primary-use coil, a larger 'Raider' DD covers my needs for beaches, plowed fields and wide-open places. I wish Garrett made their 4½" Concentric 'hockey-puck' for the Apex, but until there is another option I hv the NEL 5" 'Sharp' mounted on Apex #3.

the Troy Shadow which is again another Tesoro with the super 7 coil is my daily unit now. keep in the car unless parking in sun. quick tot lot unit.

The 'tot-lots' are handled by my Silver Sabre µMAX from which the Troy Shadow X2 was made. They work quite well in those sites.

the SimplEx will go.

Yep, IF there comes a time to trim one more from my outfit, that would be the one.

small herd minimizing in progress again.

I'm comfortable now that I am pretty well finished and have a good, small, healthy herd.

i would be torn between the AT PRO and the Eldorado uMax if only one. the AT PRO would get the nod because of readout to offset my hearing, and waterproof. barely light enough for now.

I don't think I could really trim to ONLY ONE detector. I could cut it to two and hang on to One Tesoro and One Garrett Apex ... if I really had to.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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I'm now located in Clyde, Texas
monte@ahrps.org ... or ... monte@stinkwaterwells.com
Detector Outfit: A selection of my favorite makes and models, with the best coils mounted for the tasks I'll take on.
Apex .. FORS CoRe .. FORS Relic .. Bandido II µMAX .. Silver Sabre µMAX
Pinpointers: Pulse-Dive Pointer and AT Pro-Pointer .. Headphones: 'Hornet' & 'Wasp' .. MS-3 Z-Lynk
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Detector strengths and weaknesses

scottwyl 236 May 10, 2021 11:49PM

Monte we are on the same page

dixiedigger57 255 May 14, 2021 10:37AM

on the same page

UtahRich 128 May 15, 2021 12:26AM

Re: on the same page

dixiedigger57 131 May 20, 2021 02:04PM

Re: on the same page

jmaryt 111 May 20, 2021 05:17PM

Back to you, 'dixiedigge57'

Monte 235 May 14, 2021 04:49PM

Re: Back to you, 'dixiedigge57'

dixiedigger57 101 May 19, 2021 11:59AM

Re: Monte we are on the same page

Kickindirt 132 May 14, 2021 12:43PM

Re: Monte we are on the same page

glabelle 124 May 14, 2021 06:16PM

George, my comments about the ORX and search coils.

Monte 119 May 15, 2021 02:20AM

Re: Monte we are on the same page

Kickindirt 102 May 14, 2021 07:26PM

thumbs up ... Light, handy, and functional is the key. N/T

Monte 89 May 14, 2021 12:35PM

Like UtahRich, I've trimmed my outfit based on their strengths ... for me.

Monte 150 May 12, 2021 07:58AM

Re: Like UtahRich, I've trimmed my outfit based on their strengths ... for me.

scottwyl 98 May 13, 2021 09:11PM

Re: Like UtahRich, I've trimmed my outfit based on their strengths ... for me.

glabelle 113 May 12, 2021 05:51PM

Your are right, George. I just didn't want to dwell ..

Monte 123 May 14, 2021 02:54AM

Re: Detector strengths and weaknesses

jmaryt 191 May 11, 2021 07:26AM

Re: Detector strengths and weaknesses

scottwyl 99 May 13, 2021 09:14PM

Know thy Detector strengths

UtahRich 171 May 11, 2021 02:00AM

Re: Know thy Detector strengths

scottwyl 153 May 13, 2021 09:17PM

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