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An interesting concept, and my selections would be ... thinking

July 31, 2021 05:29PM avatar
So I was thinking of this scenario last week.
KickinDirt uses his sway and contacted all the detector manufacturers and got them to agree to sponsor a drawing. The winner gets an all expense paid guided trip to detect where ever they would like (legally). This means colonial/civil war, medieval in the UK, gold in Australia or Alaska, you name it.

"All expense paid" is an interesting idea, but each participating manufacture would have to cough up an equal amount to make it 'fair', and initially none would know how much the cost would be since they wouldnt know a specific destination or costs for accommodations, etc..

You also get to choose the make and model of detector and it will be supplied for your use along with an expert in the use of that machine to aide you. Yes they can carry your shovel also.

I like your idea here to have a detector and desired search coils 'on loan' rather than making it a temptation for some to pick high-$$$$ units to probably profit from later.

As for an 'expert' to help with a detector, that's also an interesting thought because who would an 'expert' be? A manufacturer could send along some You Tube / video maker who does get out detecting, but might not really know as much about detectors, detector operation, or how to handle some challenging sites you like to hunt.

You do not get to keep the detector though. This will keep someone from saying oh I'll take a new $6000 Minelab pleasesmiling smiley

Good idea.

So what detector ....

This is the tough one. IF I can not use one of my own detectors, and IF they had to supply one, then that means it would have to be a currently manufactured device. Therefore, with Tesoro out of business, that means no Bandido II µMAX or Silver Sabre µMAX, and both are far more capable for hunting places I like to go than many might imagine. (By the way, various Tesoro models with 7" or 6" coils found 95% to 98% of those hundreds of coins from my favorite ghost town.) It also means I couldn't get a Nokta FORS CoRe or FORS Relic because those were discontinued much sooner than they should have been. Both are my top choices for a Target ID / Tone ID detector for the Iron contaminated old sites. Ad White's is also gone, unless Garrett decides to bring something else out since their bought their proprietary rights, That means I couldn't get an XLT or MXT Pro or MX-5 which are also quite capable of providing what I want, or the MX-7 as a fourth White's pick.

So, if I was to win such an invitation, and could have a currently-produced detector with whatever search coils I wanted for them 'on loan' from a manufacturer, my first pick would be a Garrett Apex w/'Ripper' and 'Raider' search coils. Why? Because I know that model and use it and have confidence it its performance abilities. Or, as a different makers unit, it would be an XP ORX w/5X9½ DD HF and 9" X-35 search coils. Again Why? Because I use one, I understand their performance abilities and I like to keep things Simple, but Functional, and have a unit provide Performance.

If it had to be a FTP offering, although none of them are up to the performance level I get from my current Detector Outfit, it would be a Teknetics T2+ w/5" DD ... and sneak in an aftermarket NEL Sharpshooter 5X9½. That's my favorite model from their entire line-up. From Nokta / Makro it would be either a Racer 2, Impact or Anfibio Multi but would have to have the 5" DD and 7" Concentric of these currently-produced models. If i was stuck with Minelab, the pick would be an Equinox 800 w/6" DD to complement the standard coil. Of the other existing manufacturers i have either not tried their products, have tried or owned some but didn't care for them, and I am mainly thinking of the current main detector makers.

... and what location would you choose?

Right now my mind is pretending I am as youthful and mobile as I used to be and could handle a detecting vacation as described, hunt day-long for consecutive days.. So, since my imagination is running wild I'd like 'permission' for two relatively close ghost towns. My all-time favorite, which I named 'Twin Flats', and another off to the west I named I named 'Big Town'. Both places have been hard-hunted, especially from 1983 to about 1998 and trailing off to maybe 2003. with my favorite producing hundreds of old coins to fill four binders with 2X2 carded specimens.

Need permissions now because one is all on government land and the other, once half-owned by some folks who granted me exclusive permission (even though a lot of folks hunted it figuring it was just wasteland) but they passed away and most all of the townsite is someone else's 'private property' ownership.

Yes, I've worked them both as have countless others and they have each surrendered a lot of choice finds ... but, I still like their location, their iron debris challenges, and would gladly like a 'permission' for an expense-paid outing for maybe a week. I definitely can't move like I used to, but I would enjoy every minute of hunting and relaxing and the 'atmosphere' that goes with their locations. They can get me there, give me the OK, provide me with a good cam p trailer and and comfortable outhouse for each location, then let me be.

Why these two places a short drive apart? For one, I know them. Secondly, there are here in the good ol' USA and easily accessible. Third, I do not have to fly to get to them or go by boat, and that's a good thing because I don't like to fly, and i am not too keen on having a lot of water around this non-swimmer.

For me I have always wanted to detect a medieval site. Detector wise I would choose a Vista X. Why, I would be digging dang near everything and I could solely focus on tones. Also from everything I have read its very well balanced and light so I could make great use of my limited there and it has great depth, separation and recovery speed.

I like to watch some of the you tube videos of folks hunting those sites, or even the Rev. War or Civil War places here in the USA, but those foreign adventures, to include gold nugget hunting in Australia, call for planes or boats so those are out.

As for the Vista X, I have owned two of them. Yes, they have some performance pluses, and are light and easy to handle, and they make a very good smaller-size coil fr dense brush and debris. But their twin toggle concept is irritating because it isn't a natural feel like a single toggle, plus they are in an awkward location on either side of the control housing. Also, in-the-field performance didn't work as well, for me, when compared side-by-side with my Bandido II µMAX. The good news is you would get to use one and learn what it can do and find out any annoyances you might have and not have to invest in one in the first place. It would only be a no-cost loaner-unit.

I hope that answers your outing / detector invitation concept.


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An interesting concept, and my selections would be ... thinking

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Yes, and both of them were, for some avid searchers.

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