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Yes, and both of them were, for some avid searchers.

August 01, 2021 04:38PM avatar
Those two locations sound like a ghost town hunters dream Monte.

I detected the first one, my all-time favorite production site, on May 4th of 1969 when my older brother, Ed, when I took a trip out so I could show him a real ghost town. We only had a White's Ghost Towner BFO with 6" wooden search coil, and the only keeper I found in about an hour of hunting was a 1927 Wheat-Back Cent. Ten days later I was drafted so I didn't have a chance to get back out there until late November of 1970.

For the next dozen years, when I mainly lived in a different state, I would take a detour in my travels to go hunt it, and visit the second town site now-and-then, but that was using TR's, TR-Disc. and VLF / TR-Disc. models which worked, but they also called for paying attention to the search coil / ground relationship. On a positive note they did handle the Iron Nail littered areas quite well and a lot of the other challenged areas. I found stuff, but it was more like one or maybe two old coins or a desirable keeper after several hours of hunting. However, even though it took some hunt-time on each visit, I was never skunked. I worked those and other old town sites during that period, but we didn't have really good Relic Hunting / Ghost Town Hunting detectors until July of 1983.

That's when Tesoro introduced their slow-motion, quick-response / fast-recovery Inca and that made a very significant change in my detecting habits .... as well as success afield. I started using the Tesoro's and selling Tesoro as a Dealer, and shifted most of my detecting commitment to ghost towns, homesteads, old encampment sites, fort sites, and out-of-the-way dance hall and recreation sites. Most locations that had an abundance of Ion nails and a lot of scattered debris, dense brush and other things that I could now maneuver around easily with a 7" Concentric coil. Patience, combined with a small coil and working it in a slow and methodical presentation upped the score on my daily take in those old places.

Only one time, when I allowed myself only a 3 hour hunt time with a quick detour off my travel was I unsuccessful. One time was I ever skunked. That's how rewarding that townsite was. Hundreds of coins to fill four binders of carded coins plus some, and the second townsite also rewarded me well, but I didn't visit it as often. There I have been skunked on 3 visits, that's it. But I will remind readers that it was in the hey-day of detecting and being one of the first to work them, hard and for day-long visits and several camp-outs to hunt for 2-3 days, making keeper-finds on each day.

There were quite a number of old RR towns in five western states I hunted a lot in the '80s and '90s and sure would like to find a few virgin locations like them now.


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What If

Timbertodd 784 July 30, 2021 04:46PM

Re: What If

OregonGregg 303 August 03, 2021 07:59PM

check's in the mail! (lol) N/T

jmaryt 294 August 03, 2021 09:35PM

Re: What If I got invited to some choice Celtic or Saxson sights in jolly Ol' England ?

Hombre 286 August 01, 2021 06:54PM

What If . . . . .

UtahRich 313 August 01, 2021 02:59AM

Re: What If . . . . .

Timbertodd 478 August 01, 2021 09:56AM

A fun to read reply.

Monte 403 August 01, 2021 04:55AM

Frequent flyer

UtahRich 336 August 02, 2021 02:50AM

Vs Fearfull flyer

Monte 455 August 02, 2021 05:38AM

Meet My therapist, Dr Jones.

UtahRich 455 August 02, 2021 11:21AM

"How do you feel about snakes?" you ask.

Monte 281 August 02, 2021 11:37AM

Re: Vs Fearfull flyer

jmaryt 437 August 02, 2021 07:36AM

Re: Vs Fearfull flyer

UtahRich 422 August 02, 2021 11:43AM

Re: Vs Fearfull flyer

jmaryt 252 August 02, 2021 06:55PM

Re: What If

NWCindy 285 July 31, 2021 07:28PM

Re: What If

Timbertodd 529 August 01, 2021 09:57AM

An interesting concept, and my selections would be ... thinking

Monte 576 July 31, 2021 05:29PM

Re: An interesting concept, and my selections would be ... thinking

Timbertodd 291 August 01, 2021 09:59AM

Yes, and both of them were, for some avid searchers.

Monte 456 August 01, 2021 04:38PM

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