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More comments / discussion regarding coils, class rings & permissions..

September 08, 2021 01:32PM avatar
I actually have a Nel Big for my AT Pro.

My back aches just thinking about the weight on those extended length rods to accommodate over-size and heavier coils. Garrett's 8½X11 'Raider' DD is the biggest coil I have for the models I regularly use, and it only gets put to work on periodic occasions. Isn't that NEL Big something like 15X17?

I completely agree that there is a substantial fall in depth to size as coils get larger. On average you gain at best .7" per inch difference so a coil that is 2" bigger you gain 1.4" on the difference.

Your guesstimate of depth gain is about right, at least to a point with regard to smaller coin-size targets. Go from an average 8" diameter up to a 10" to 12" coil and that's about it. Get to a 14" or larger and often you might get a little better front-to-rear 'coverage' per sweep, but you start to see a loss in depth, going on up to coils like 15", 16" or larger.

Masking is also another issue as the larget the foot print on the coil the higher the chance of being masked out. Large coils are also more suseptable to EMI interferance.

Hunting very target-loaded places, with both coins and trash, has always called for the use of a smaller-size coil to best handle the conditions. I've been using smaller-size coils the vast majority of the time since the summer of '68, and most of the locations I go have a lot of ferrous-based targets that add to the good-target masking conditions. Therefore, smaller coils work better for me and my needs to eliminate some falsing, and deal with target masking much better, fit in and around building rubble and dense brush environments, and all the while be lighter, comfortable, and better-balanced.

I do like a mid-sized coil for moderately littered areas, 'scouting' fringe areas of trashy locations when it isn't so bad, and because they are easier on my back and health challenges. Still it has to be about 95% of the time I am working a smaller-size or mid-size coil and most of that is with the smaller one. It's only on occasion, that are few and far between, that I opt for a larger-size coil. The exception is if I am determined to search a wide-open beach, plowed field or similar open and sparse-target area.

Not to go without saying that Nel Big worked very well at the beach on the towel lines and damp sand. In the wet it was surprisingly stable but only offered a couple inches in depth vs the stock DD.

Glad to hear it worked for you. I can only hit some freshwater beaches with firmer ground because with my cane and limited / restricted mobility, soft sandy beaches just don't cut it.

People also have to consider weight. Probably the single biggest reason for me not to use the large coils very often.

11"-12" coils do well here in the NE though I do prefere the 8-10 wide coils for navigating moderate trash and still have that bit of depth edge over the competition. I have found less than 9" coils do well for woods hunting.

Weight, or unfriendly weight in my case, is the main deterrent for me other than the need to use smaller-size coils anyway due to conditions. I liked the open-design spider 9" on a White's MXT Pro for open areas, but the woodsy areas I worked the most in Western Oregon called for a smaller-size, solid-body coil and the 6½" Concentric was always at-the-ready for the White's models. I used a solid 6" on a Tesoro or 5" on a Teknetics or 'OOR' or 5" on a Nokta model..

On my Kruzer the Superfly coil has nearly the same sensitivity as the stock 8" coil but also seems much less effected by EMI, depth gain about 1 1/2" and the same weight as the stock coil. When compared to the stock 11" coil for that machine I sent the 11" coil back and found it to be junk. I could have had a bad coil or it was just junk. Superfly on the Kruzer works very well in the salt. Will be using it for some fresh water soon. The stock dd has ribs on the coil making it more like a paddle in the water and very exhausting to swing. Superfly cuts through very nicely. Now that the weather is cooling down I can put the waders on without passing out in a pond smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float

The NEL Super-Fly is a nice, light-weight and comfortable coil to use. I have a brand new one in-the-box for a Teknetics T2 series, and it ought to move through water well, as you noted, lacking 'fins' or 'ribs' and it is very nice ... for a bigger-size coil'winking smiley

General hunting the 10x12 on the Tejon serves me well, snagged a 12" deep class ring last fall then was able to find the owner who lost it 55 years ago. I don't use that coil in the woods but rather use the stock concentric. Would like to get a smaller concentric but think that Tesoro never made a smaller concentric for it. May try a Mars 6x9. Found the Mars coils to be incredibly stable but a little on the heavy side.

One thing I did like, and now really miss here in Texas, was living in Utah and mostly in Oregon. Many good sites to hunt in urban settings where I found a lot of good gold and silver jewelry. My favorite gold finds were Class Rings or anything that was engraved and let me track down the owner. Often, they were more dated pieces of lost jewelry, and the now-dated owners also seemed to live in more 'dated' neighborhoods and in 'dated' homes. smiling smiley Not only did I feel good about getting some lost jewelry back to the owner when able, I'd say about 9-out-of-10 times I would ask permission to search their yard / property and get the thumbs up to do so.smiling bouncing smiley After my kindness to return the jewelry, only once did anyone ask for anything I found. They welcomed me to enjoy this nutty hobby, and then contacted some friends and family on occasion to get more access to virgin territory.

To close on the 'coil' topic, I might have to try a MARS coil, if I can find one that I might like for one or two models. As a rule, I prefer to stick with detect-maker made coils, but have had a little satisfaction with a few after-market coils.


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Ken, some follow-up comments.

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Another reply regarding search coil choices.

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More comments / discussion regarding coils, class rings & permissions..

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Re: More comments / discussion regarding coils, class rings & permissions..

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Tempting thought, but my CoRe and two Relics are already 'coil-equipped'.thumbs up N/T

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Re: More comments / discussion regarding coils, class rings & permissions..

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