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Things I miss, aka correcting my mistakes.eye rolling smiley

September 08, 2021 09:24AM avatar
I start this beautiful late-summer / almost fall weather day planning to get out detecting more as we're shifting into night-time lows in the mid-to-upper 60° range. The mornings are much more pleasant for detecting. Fall's coming arrival is good news for me. More good news is that I have been thinning out more detectors and excess coils from my Detector Outfit because I can't hunt as much as I used to due to health and impaired mobility. Plus, I am also making that shift back to more urban Coin Hunting and less remote, and difficult terrain, Relic Hunting that I have enjoyed for so long.

Right now I am keeping five different models to serve my wants and needs. Those are the Garrett Apex, Nokta FORS CoRe and FORS Relic, and the Tesoro Bandido II microMAX and Silver Sabre microMAX. Just 5 different models, but I do have 2 Relic devices, keeping a 5" DD on one for the worst trash, and a 5X9½ DD on the other for 'scouting' or 'fringe-rea' hunting to work limited trash areas. I have 3 Garrett Apex units, keeping a different coil mounted on each one. And I have 2 Silver Sabre microMAX devices because one stays in my vehicle full-time to be with me in any travels I make to be at-the-ready if needed.

I have five modes to cover my usual detecting tasks and really do not need anything else. However, there is 1 model I will probably add to my Detector Team, when released, and that is the coming Nokta / Makro SMF that is rumored to be named the 'Lightning'. Other than that, there are 2 models' that I had and traded or sold in the past 6 months to 1 year that I do really miss and would like to track down and add back into my outfit. Having made the move from Orgon to Texas, some of my paperwork and notes got lost, and I've tried to pick through my e-mail to find who I might have done any deals with ... but my efforts failed.

The two detectors I am trying to track down were both in 'as-new' or 'pristine' condition. I can only hope the folks who got them from me are reading these forms, have pampered them like I do all my equipment, and also hope they are in the mood to let them go. They are both White's detector models, described as:

A really nice XLT with the 6½" and other coils I sent with it.

An MX-7 that has the custom Bengal Orange middle and upper rods and the coils that went with it.

Why? - - - someone might ask or wonder.

Do they out-perform the models I currently have and use? No, not necessarily with the XLT, but it does offer a different type of performance and is the only detector I have ever enjoyed using the full-range audio Tone ID. It's the urban coin-cruiser that has served me well and I have owned and enjoyed so many XLT's I'd just like to get it back.

As for the MX-7, that's a difficult one to answer. I liked it better from the 'looks' standpoint after they did a Bengal Orange powder-coating of the middle rod for me. And while the MXT Pro can slightly out-hunt it in some applications when they both use the 6½" coil, I like the extra features on the MX-7 for my wants and needs. Plus the fact that I like being able to have a good urban Coin Hunting model that uses a Concentric coil since most of what I have with TID use DD coils. And for my bad back and mobility, the MX-7 was a very comfortable detector for me to use.

So, I am hoping that whoever got my pristine XLT and choice MX-7 might read this and want to let them go. The problem is hat this move and all of the remodeling and repairs have wiped me out. Broke. Nada. So I am going to sell or trade the following detectors that are eiher brand new or I have used less than a coupe of hours hunting grassy parks or my yard. Maybe an owner of my XLT or MX-7 will find something interesting and suggest a trade deal???

I have the following:

• Nokta / Makro Simplex +, virtually 'as-new' showroom condition. It's my 'back-up' unit with the standard 11" DD coil and their wireless headphones. In addition, I have their SP24 5X9½ DD coil that's been used maybe an hour, if that.

• Teknetics Omega 8500, new-in-the-box w/ standard and 4" coils.

• XP ORX with 9" X-35 coil. I bought a brand new 5X9½ HF DD coil for it that I have used in my yard, only, for no more than 1 hour. This also comes with the wireless Back-Phones and MI-6 Pinpointer. The new coil I bought aren't cheap so this is a more valuable 'package'.

If you are the current owner of either of my old models I'd like back, and they are still in beautiful condition, look over what I have and shoot me an e-mail with what you might be interested in and an offer.

As I stated, I can live without these two detectors, but they have a special place in my 'favorite' category and I would like to correct my mistake of letting them go.


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Things I miss, aka correcting my mistakes.eye rolling smiley

Monte 430 September 08, 2021 09:24AM

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