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October 19, 2021 10:49AM avatar
Now I can start my shopping since I couldn't contact any individuals or dealers to do my 'end-of-year shopping' to add three of my favorite former favorite detectors.

Yes, I'll use them but I just wanted them for personal reasons. The winning prize package will be sent to the WINNER in Canada ... 'Druid'.

Now, Drew didn't get the detectors right on his first guess. Matter of fact, it took him several tries, and he shot several guesses my way more than anyone else. Like detecting, persistence was the winning result.

What detectors and coils am I going after? Here you go:

A Tesoro INCA w/7" Concentric coil. That's all I mainly used on the Inca and it rewarded me well and helped me make the switch to 85% of my time Relic Hunting. I still hit urban sires with it, successfully, but it was all the ghost towns, dance halls, out-of-use old Picnic Groves and similar places that drew my attention and gave up a lot of good old coins and trade tokens.

The 2nd detector I really enjoyed and will look for is the White's MX-5 w/6" and open-frame 9" Concentric coils. Why, some might wonder? Because after switching to the Nokta FORS CoRe in January of '15 as my primary-use Relic Hunting detector, I stared selling off or trading just about every other detector I had, but ....

I still kept doing some urban Coin Hunting and the most fun and most versatile unit for that was the MX-5. Not only was it a really good Coin & Jewelry Hunting detector, but with that 6" coil it matched or bettered the performance of my M6 or MXT Pro with the same coil and in a better-balanced design.

The 3rd model I'll contact a Dealer for, and that is the Nokta Impact w/5" DD & 7" Concentric coils. Why? Because I really liked the Selectable Single-Frequency design and mode selection, I found it to perform well and be comfortable to use, and I don't need the waterproof design of the models released since the Impact.

All three of these models were favorites of mine and provided me with decent performance for both urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting as well as Relic Hunting the often Iron Nail and other debris-challenged old sites I enjoy.

Well, there it is. The answers and reasons I plan to do some end-of-year shopping. Other than the pending Nokta / Makro SMF, which I will get, I will be done detector-buying once I add these three desired set-ups. With what I have now and these three devices, I will be good-to-go at anytime to head anywhere ---- and have Fun.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

Stinkwater Wells Trading Post
Metal Detector Evaluations and Product Reviews
I'm now located in Clyde, Texas
monte@ahrps.org ... or ... monte@stinkwaterwells.com
Detector Outfit: A selection of my favorite makes and models, with the best coils mounted for the tasks I'll take on.
Apex .. FORS CoRe .. FORS Relic .. Impact .. Inca .. Bandido II ┬ÁMAX .. Silver Sabre ┬ÁMAX .. MX-5
Pinpointers: Pulse-Dive Pointer and AT Pro-Pointer .. Headphones: 'Hornet' & 'Wasp' .. MS-3 Z-Lynk
*** All working well today to make memories for tomorrow. ***
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It's Monte's end of the year shopping season. Guess what I want and win SILVER !!

Monte 181 October 17, 2021 08:00PM

Well, my "Shopping Season" is over and I am outfitted forever.

Monte 77 October 28, 2021 09:18AM

Monte----That's nice---but---the Deus 2 will be a "must have" for you!thumbs up---You will see!smiling smiley N/T

D&P-OR 43 October 28, 2021 05:59PM

No more Pantera or XL-Pro? Two of yor faves. N/T

Harold,ILL. 58 October 28, 2021 09:27AM

Sadly, no. Nor other favorites I've enjoyed through the ages, like. - - -

Monte 56 October 28, 2021 11:31AM

Re: It's Monte's end of the year shopping season. Guess what I want and win SILVER !!

Harold,ILL. 58 October 26, 2021 08:19AM


Monte 98 October 19, 2021 10:49AM


Harold,ILL. 54 October 26, 2021 08:07AM

Inca's, others, and "The Dark Side".

Monte 56 October 29, 2021 01:34PM

Re: Inca's, others, and "The Dark Side".

Harold,ILL. 52 October 30, 2021 12:33PM

Gotcha! N/T

Monte 29 October 30, 2021 03:58PM

Re: Gotcha!

D&P-OR 39 October 31, 2021 12:22PM

Re: Gotcha!

Harold,ILL. 38 November 01, 2021 08:47AM

Re: Gotcha!

D&P-OR 39 November 01, 2021 10:47AM

Re: Gotcha!

Harold,ILL. 32 November 01, 2021 11:05AM

Re: Gotcha!

D&P-OR 30 November 01, 2021 11:23AM

Re: WE HAVE A WINNER !!! Hi Harold, here is my replygrinning smiley

Hombre 38 October 29, 2021 12:19PM

Re: WE HAVE A WINNER !!! Hi Harold, here is my replygrinning smiley

Harold,ILL. 40 October 30, 2021 12:35PM

Why not this one??

OregonGregg 55 October 25, 2021 12:00PM

Why not this one?? ... Or one of so many I have really liked?

Monte 57 October 25, 2021 02:12PM

I knew the XL-PRO would be in there N/T

Harold,ILL. 32 October 26, 2021 08:08AM

Re: Why not this one?? ... Or one of so many I have really liked?

D&P-OR 48 October 25, 2021 06:01PM

New from XP? Definitely not on my 'wish-list'.

Monte 59 October 25, 2021 06:45PM

Re: New from XP? Definitely not on my 'wish-list'.

D&P-OR 45 October 25, 2021 06:58PM

Re: New from XP? Definitely not on my 'wish-list'. Del, name your sources!

Druid 59 October 25, 2021 08:56PM

Re: New from XP? Definitely not on my 'wish-list'. Del, name your sources!

D&P-OR 49 October 25, 2021 09:58PM

Ha ha up in my igloo in Canuckastan Del N/T

Druid 34 October 26, 2021 08:19AM


OregonGregg 62 October 23, 2021 07:09AM


Druid 48 October 23, 2021 07:28PM


OregonGregg 43 October 23, 2021 07:49PM


Druid 43 October 24, 2021 11:08AM


Monte 46 October 23, 2021 02:08PM


D&P-OR 44 October 23, 2021 02:28PM

D&P--OR good question, and here's my answer.

Monte 50 October 23, 2021 04:49PM

For those wondering, some detector brands made is Arizona and Oregon.

Monte 60 October 18, 2021 07:28PM

7 more guessers but only 4 correct models & coils mentioned. --- Keep trying. N/T

Monte 54 October 18, 2021 12:59PM

smiling bouncing smiley --- I added more SILVER COINS to the Prize Pot!!! --- smiling bouncing smiley

Monte 59 October 18, 2021 10:09AM

A few 'guesses' ... One had two correct detectors.

Monte 71 October 18, 2021 02:02AM

Hi Monte, My guess is a New Nokta SMF with 2 coils.smiling smiley N/T

DW-BGW 95 October 17, 2021 09:28PM

Don, I will get the SMF w/2 coils ... but, that's not one of the three.

Monte 69 October 17, 2021 10:51PM

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