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Re: Big things in the detecting world

November 02, 2021 04:45PM avatar

What are your thoughts?

Hey there WSB -

It is really hard to give GREAT advise not knowing all of the why's and wherefore's and history of your detecting. However, for some general advise, I'll toss this out there for your consideration.

Determine YOUR interests (in detecting) and then gear yourself appropriately. For example - I've been detecting for a lotta years, spending most of my efforts in 1 area of interest. Thing is, I had interests in other areas where i had spent little or no time. i was pretty much a 1 detector at a time guy.

What other interests did I have? I was interested in spending more time doing some ghost towning and some shallow water jewelry hunting and that gold nugget hunting looked fun as well.

How have my adventures turned out? There have been some great adventures the last several years to old ghost towns where I have found old coins and relics, shallow water venues where i've turned up gold and silver rings, and I even found an itty bitty gold nugget! It was all because i decided to "branch out" a bit from the same old same old I had been doing.

Of course, we all have our "budgets" for detecting, some small, some big, some in-between, but having an adventure to look forward to and plan for is one of the great things of life.

So, figure out what YOUR adventure happens to be and start making plans. Is your Vaquero the right detector for your plans? That's a great question once you know your plans.

Looking forward to reading about what you're interested in doing.

Rich -

Good info, suggestions and questions from Rich. Let us know more about the detecting you want to do, and maybe the features or interests in different detectors. The $$$$ part of your budget does make a difference.

Also, if at all possible, try to check out some models with a little hands-on opportunity. Audio is important, and the military testers say I'm deaf, and after a fall injury in 2010, I pretty much am. But I have been relying on a detector's audio response since early 1965 which was good many years before visual Target ID and soon audio Tone ID came along in '83 and shortly later.

I have used all of the Garrett 'AT' series models and while I like the AT MAX the best, for performance, I favor the AT Pro. That said, the Apex is completely different and I find it very functional. The more I hunt with the Apex, the more I feel in tune with it.

Like UtahRich, I will also be following you detector decisions and how things work out for you.


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Big things in the detecting world

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