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Metal Detectors: A blend of physical packaging and circuitry design. thinking

December 31, 2021 04:54PM avatar
Over the years, especially the last 25 to 30 years, we have seen a lot of detector design advances in the way of a lot of newer, digital electronic circuitry. Often we see something new and different, such as Iron Audio Volume, Tone selection, Reactivity, Recovery Speed, Frequency selection, and a lot more.

Maybe not all usable by everyone but functional for many. But all that smart thinking wasn't shared with the physical design engineer.... or visa-versa. You mght find a detector that fits you just fine, but it doesn't work well. Or you have a detector circuitry design that is well thought out, but they cramed it into a poor configuration, or at least part of the design.

OregonGregg gave one example of the Nokta FORS CoRe and it applies to the FORS Relic which shares the same configuration. Well balanced and with a package that is comfortable to use .... unless you get cold and need a sweater or coat, etc. The arm cup is too narrow.

I'll pick on FTP because they have two products I really like. One is the T2 and F75 packaging. Well thought out and very well balanced, and the arm cuff is wide and tall meaning it works. And better still it has the headphone jack in the rear under the arm cup. My grips is that the have a nice physical package, but didn't reconfigure a really good model to use it, and that is the F-5. Perhaps one of the more versatile detector designs that has been overlooked because it wasn't a 'stylish' modern design, and the headphone jack is in a poor location.

I would love to have an F-5 in the T2 physical package, and come standard with the round 7" Concentric coil, and make it a Versatile-Pack with the 5" DD and a spare rod.

Are there any currrently-used designs that are near perfect or maybe lacking in some way? Do you have a detector outfit that could use some 'fixing'?

Due to my physical impairments I have had to do some adjusting to my Detector Team to make sure they are light weight and well balanced. I have my two favorite Tesoro microMAX models, my CoRe and Relic, my Garrett Apex units, and an XP ORX . Coming are The Legend and Deus II and I'll find out how they 'fit as well as how they work ... for me ... in the places I plan to hunt. Coil size will also be an important consideration in how well they perform in the places I use them.

How go things for you equimentwise? Are you planning to get either of the new models coming out from XP and Nokta/Makro? 2022 is going to be a fun year with new or old detectors wherever we go.

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Metal Detectors: A blend of physical packaging and circuitry design. thinking

Monte 73 December 31, 2021 04:54PM

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