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Re: A nice button find to identify.

July 30, 2022 09:36PM
And I love to talk the history I know ... I was using the T2se ... 90 sensitivity ... 4 tone ... 21 disc ... and a slight push to the ground balance ... it was the first hunt of any duration with the Nel superfly coil. The button was about 9 inches down a solid four-way hit, unsure of the TID. I don't pay much attention to the TIDs, but above 40.

Now to the site ... Bath was built as a place to sell the newly acquired lands west of the pre-emption line. There was a land agent and any and all transactions of the land were done here. Bath is still the county seat, even though there are more populated cities in the county now. On the original 1792 drawing of what the founder thought the village of Bath was going to be, there were two parks, one south and one north about 1/2 mile between the two. Each about 2 acres in size. The connecting, north/south road was drawn up to be filled of all sorts of the commerce of the times, with one road crossing it pretty close to the middle, running east and west. This connecting road was to start and stop between the two parks. The first trees cut from the forest here, made two log cabins; one an office and home for the founder and one; a tavern and inn for the visitors that he hoped would come and buy the newly divided lands of our county. These first cut trees were from the southern park making a crude clearing. By the time they had got to clearing the northern park two roads had crossed there, dividing that park into what I call, the 'four corners park'. The southwest corner has always had a church, the original burning in the late 1800s, the second burning in the 1950s. The northwest corner had a few stables and a harness shop, both of which burned in the mid 1800s. A tenant house replace those after the fire and is now apartments. The southeast corner had a saddle shop which burned and an inn and tavern to the eastern side. The site of the inn now is a telephone building, the saddle shop property was bought by another church which was built in 1880s and still exists. The northeast corner has been a neighbor to a school of some sort for most of its existence. They closed the school build, that still stands, in the 1970s (This NE section is where I hunted this evening) .... Also, close and connecting to this NE section and school grounds is a fair ground. The fair claims to be the longest continuous running fair in the country. There have been all sorts of war related monuments in the SE corner at one time or the other. This corner is where I found the GW button. A large fountain was also in the middle of the crossroads until the autos were the most prevalent form of transportation. This park was subjected to the great flood of 1935 and was underwater for about ten days. Bath is also home to a large VA hospital and cemetery, since the 1800s (unsure of exact date). In the 1820s there was a rent strike; people couldn't afford the payments on their new properties and didn't pay it.
There is much more to it, and I could write on for days, but that is the basics as it pertains to detecting in my new hometown.
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a button I found? Attachments

ScoTTT2 158 July 30, 2022 07:18PM

A nice button find to identify.

Monte 139 July 30, 2022 08:12PM

Re: A nice button find to identify.

ScoTTT2 139 July 30, 2022 09:36PM

Great story! And thanks for detector & coil info. N/T

Monte 62 July 30, 2022 10:15PM

Re: a button I found?

kac 82 July 30, 2022 08:00PM

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