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Detectors are a different topic ... So lets look at search coils.

October 10, 2022 03:55AM avatar
Each of us are a little different from others based upon the choices of sites we like to hunt, the type and amount of trash we deal with, and other things like working in a rocky environment. Shrubs, brush and other vegetation and the amount. Or perhaps dealing with building rubble, etc. Since 1968 I have preferred smaller-size coils for the bulk of my detecting. Why? Because I am most often detecting in a trashy environment, and often hunt in a wooded location, or places with a lot of dense sagebrush and other vegetation. I like a coil that provides me with more comfort and is maneuverable enough to work in and around challenging places and be able to help find desired targets that might be partially masked or be able to be worked up closer in and around structures, heavy vegetation and debris.

For the most part, I used 6" to 7" round coils for a long time, but in more recent years I consider a round 7" coil to fall into the 'mid-size' category and typically have a coil mounted that runs from about 5" in diameter to 6½" in diameter which are what I consider to be a 'smaller-size' coil. I rearraigned my primary-use detectors in my Signature so they are based on the search coil sizes I keep mounted and use most often. Note the following coils and detector models:

• F-75+ w/3½X6 Concentric
• Racer w/4.7X5.2 (aka 'OOR' coil) Double-D
• FORS Relic w/5" Double-D
• Silver Sabre µMAX w/6" Concentric
• Bandido II µMAX w/6" Concentric

Those are only coils I have and use on those models with the exception of he F-75+. For that model I do have a new 5" DD in the Headphone / Pinpointer tote, and I also have a 'mid-size' MGC 5X8 DD on a spare lower rod for other applications. Depending upon the particular site I choose to hunt, I simply grab the detect & coil combination I feel I might enjoy the most for the particular site. All of these detector / coil combinations work well for ghost towns and other iron contaminated sites as well as the trashier urban locations with picnic areas and modern high-conductive discarded clutter.

Otherwise, i the less-littered city areas or perhaps a 'fringe area' at a ghost town or homestead or urban setting or most private yards, a good mid-size coil is the way I like to go. We all have out likes and dislikes on assigning a coil to a particular group, and in the past year some of my thoughts have changed, at least a little. So anything larger than what I consider to be a 'smaller-size' coil but not a 'larger-size' coil will fit in what I consider to be a 'mid-size' coil range. One make and model had me thinking and rethinking this one because it borders what I consider to be a 'larger-size' coils. And for me, a 'larger-size' coil is anything bigger than a 'mid-size' and that includes most of today's 'standard' size coils that are 11" or more. With one variant in that selection. Take a look at my other primary-use detectors and the coils they are outfitted with:

• Vanquish 540 w/5X8 Double-D
• Racer 2 w/5X9½ Double-D
• F-19 w/5X9¾ Double-D

I rely on my trusty wooden ruler to get me a close actual measurement rather than rely on the manufacturer's listed size, such as the Fisher F-19. They don't give a width and simply call it a 10" elliptical coil, but I like to measure the coil's bottom size without a coil cover. As mentioned above, I also have the MGC 5X8 DD for my F-75+ if I decide to make a coil swap and use that detector. Two other coils I also assign to the 'mid-size' category for my wants and needs are a round 7" or round 8". I only have a 7" Concentric on my Inca and an 8" Concentric for an XLT but those are on my display and seminar units and not regular use.

The F-75+. Racer, Racer 2 and Relic all came with a 'standard' coil that measures roughly 7X11. I consider any coil that is about that size or bigger to be a 'larger-size' coil. I very seldom make use of a 'larger-size' coil because most places I select to spend my time are very brushy or littered. Generally, the 'mid-size' coils I use on the models I like them on seem to work very well in locations where many might favor a 'larger-size' and often heavier coil.

There are two coils that I consider to be in the 'odd-ball' size. One from Garrett and one from Minelab. Those are the 'Viper' from Garrett that measures 6X11, and the so-called 'V-10' for Minelab for the Vanquish series. With a Garrett, such as the Apex, the 'Viper' coil is standard but i preferred the 5X8 DD Ripper coil. The 'Viper coil measures 6X11 so the coil's length is more in the 'larger-coil' size. The V-10 from Minelab for the Vanquish series measures 7X10. So while the 10" length is closer to the 'mid-size' group, the 7" width puts it right up there with the 7X11 or 11' BiAxial coils in width measurement. Thus, both the 'Viper and V-10 are what we might call a 50% measurement of those 'larger-size' coils. Of those two, however, I would prefer to use the Vanquish 540 with the 7X10 than the Apex with the Viper because the Minelab coil has a lighter, better-balanced feel on the V-540 than the Viper on the Apex.

Anyway, I just got to thinking more about the particular search coil sizes and types each of us tend to favor for places we enjoy detecting. Eliminates the detector debates that always seem to surface with some people about what might or might not be newer or might or might not have certain adjustment functions. In the end, I feel it is more important to have and use a coil size and type that works well on the particular detectors we have in-hand for the location and conditions we take on.

And as I've said, I seldom make use of a 'larger-size' coil because I don't usually search places that often where it benefits me, but yes, at times I do. Maybe the open areas of older parks or when I opt to hunt a plowed field, etc. I can get a 'standard' coil from my Accessory Coil Tote for the F-75+, Racer, Racer 2 or Relic, but I won't. For my needs with my current detector team, I'll mount the 9X12 DD on the Vanquish 540 and be fine with that. I've used that combination before and like what it does where it can work well.

How about you? Do you have any particular favorite search coils for the tasks you like to take on?


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Detectors are a different topic ... So lets look at search coils.

Monte 222 October 10, 2022 03:55AM

Search Coils and why I selected my detector outfit.

Monte 70 October 21, 2022 05:25AM

Re: Detectors are a different topic ... So lets look at search coils.

desertsmith 98 October 10, 2022 08:00PM

Back to you about coil choices.

Monte 77 October 14, 2022 12:36PM

Re: Detectors are a different topic ... So lets look at search coils.

Rick N. MI 124 October 10, 2022 11:02AM

Rick, my delayed reply regarding coils.

Monte 72 October 14, 2022 11:46AM

Re: Rick, my delayed reply regarding coils.

GeoW 77 October 16, 2022 11:38AM

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