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Back to you about coil choices.

October 14, 2022 12:36PM avatar
Monte, I use the stock coil 7 x 11 on my G2+ sports fields and sometimes parks,volleyball courts
That size, 11" BiAxial, is an okay 'standard' for but I very, very seldom us it. In most park environments, sports fields, soccer fields, even busy beach areas I favor the mid-size coil and the 5X9¾ was 'standard' on mu F-19 Lt. and it stays mounted full-time. For those areas I use the mid-size on the F-19 Ltd, 5X9½ on a Racer 2, and 5X8 on the V-540.

My Legend I use the 6 inch coil,
Kind of a good coil but I didn't like the rear-positioned rod-mount. Glad they are working on a 5X9♂ for it and it should be like the others with a more centered rod-mount for better handling and balance.

[b\Vanquish 540 the V8 coil.[/b]
Yep, great coil and it stays mounted most of the time.

T2+ 5 x 9.75 coil.
On my T2+ I preferred the 5" DD as the factory elliptical felt too heavy or awkward for me, and I had other detector/coil choices. I did almost buy the 5X½ Sharpshooter, but instead sold that unit and bought the F-75+ with the coils I wanted, and also snagged a solid 5X8 DD MGC coil. Slightly heavy but still feels okay and works terrific with tight and correct VDI read-outs.

Simplex Sp 24 coil,and the kruzer 14 7 inch cc coil.
The Simplex + is absolutely great with the SP24 5X9½, and the 14 kHz Kruzer makes a nice match-up for their 7" Concentric coil. I need to shop for a 7" Concentric for my Racer's as it was about the best coil I used on them in the past for urban Coin Hunting needs..

I use more medium size coils and rarely use the stock coils.
I keep 5 of 8 ready with smaller coils an 3 of 8 ready with mid-size coils. The only time I opt for a larger-size coil is hunting a plowed field, wasteland, or the open areas of older parks with minimal targets. Then I swap the 9X12 on the V-540 or, maybe, the 11" BiAxial on the F-75+.

I only bought the Simplex and Legend if they have the 24 series coils. The Legends 24 is now being worked on.
If they don't make the 5X9½ for the Legend it will be another blooper from Nokta/Makro.

I hunt almost exclusively urban school sand Parks. I don't own a Garrett, but they always have numerous coil choices especially the AT series.
I use to Coin & Jewelry Hunt from early '68 to July of '83 then switched to 85% of my hunting in ghost towns, homesteads, encampment sites, etc., etc. But thanks to increased health issues, age, and impaired mobility, I have now shifted back to 85% or even 90% of what hunt-time I can put in to urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting again. Had to adjust my outfit to better suit me and what I like and for the places I plan to be hunting from now on. Smaller and mid-size coils are what work best for me.

Yes, Garrett has always been pretty good at offering good coil selection. Today, I still feel the Apex w/5X8 'Ripper' coil to be a top choice for everyday hunting.


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I'm now 'back home' in Farr West Utah
monte@ahrps.org ... or ... monte@stinkwaterwells.com
Detector Outfit: A selection of my chosen makes and models, with the best coils mounted for the tasks I'll take on.
F-19 .. Racer .. Vanquish 540 .. FORS Relic .. Inca .. Silver Sabre µMAX .. Bandido II µMAX .. XLT
Pinpointers: Garrett AT Pro-Pointers .. Headphones: 'Hornet' & 'Wasp' .. MS-3 Z-Lynk .. ML-80
*** All working well today to make memories for tomorrow. ***
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Detectors are a different topic ... So lets look at search coils.

Monte 222 October 10, 2022 03:55AM

Search Coils and why I selected my detector outfit.

Monte 70 October 21, 2022 05:25AM

Re: Detectors are a different topic ... So lets look at search coils.

desertsmith 98 October 10, 2022 08:00PM

Back to you about coil choices.

Monte 76 October 14, 2022 12:36PM

Re: Detectors are a different topic ... So lets look at search coils.

Rick N. MI 124 October 10, 2022 11:02AM

Rick, my delayed reply regarding coils.

Monte 72 October 14, 2022 11:46AM

Re: Rick, my delayed reply regarding coils.

GeoW 77 October 16, 2022 11:38AM

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