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Re: Detector prices

November 08, 2022 02:36PM
Rich------I did the "unthinkable" & something that I said I wasn't likely to do!-----After all these years I have eliminated the CTX from our "arsenal" (for several reasons).------Our "arsenal" now consists of only the Deus 2 with 9" & 11" coils (and hopefully a 5"X9.5" coil for it at some point)----and----the Legend with ONLY the 6" coil on board (have no use for the Legend 11" stock coil)----We feel we have coin, relic & gold hunting covered in fine shape with this set up.-----We will also get a 5"X10" coil for the Legend if Nokta ever comes out with one (Dilek said they would be coming out with one this year).-----We are perfectly happy with this set up as they have been an excellent performing/productive "combo".------At this point--I have zero interest in the Manticore---perhaps sometime in the distant future you (and others) can change my mind on that one. smiling smiley-----------Del
Del, Low detector prices makes it sooooo much easier for Santa to bring a gift to place under your Christmas Tree. winking smiley

Winter is moving into much of the Northern Hemisphere - The typical end of season closet clearance in anticipation of new bright and shiny for 2023. I am actually a little surprised supply chain troubles haven't made more obvious shortages with new detectors. Maybe we just aren't aware of the challenges that are happening. thinking

As for my 2022 changes, my Deus 2 didn't fit into the position I had in mind for it so it moved on down the road here recently. Somebody got a really good deal on that. I'm ok with that. I would have been unsettled if I had not given the D2 a go. I am comfy for the moment and will get by As Is until Joel sends a manticore my way. Then it is back to new detector test mode.

How are you doing Del? Are you and/or Patsy making changes for 2023?

Rich -
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Detector prices.

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Detector prices

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Re: Detector prices

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Re: Detector prices

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