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Don't forget old friends and new friends during the winter.

November 23, 2022 01:14PM avatar
Often they get ignored due to the inclement weather season, and this is a great time to get to know them better and remember the good times you have spent together. Driving around interesting areas, taking walks and hikes to enjoy the outdoor beauty. Sharing your thoughts and listening to how your friend describes things to you.

Yes, for many of us we are going to be huddled up and staying warm while it is very coil and probably snow-covered for a while during the winter. Some might only have a little colder weather but and increase in rain. Whatever it might be, and regardless of how old your closest 'detecting buddy' is, this is a great time to stay refreshed, refamiliarize yourself with its 'language' to better understand what it's trying to tell you, and get to know it better. Especially if you make a new friend this season.

Some of us might have a fair weather spell now and then before spring to get out hunting, or we might have a selected spot at home to toy around outside for a few minutes. To deal with ground mineral conditions and help understand the strengths and weaknesses of a detector's Ground Balance circuitry for all modes, we could even have a good hot rock specimen of our local ground challenges to use when sitting in our den or living room doing some 'air tests' with ALL of our detectors.

Yes, I said 'Air Test' because doing so can help us better understand a detector's audio performance, VCO, Tones, Response Time and Recovery Time and all sorts of things. We might know our detectors pretty well, but like any friend we have, they might have a secret or two they have kept from us or we just didn't listen well when they spoke to us when out hunting a site. I sit here in my den and view all the units in my Detector Team hanging on the wall and I appreciate their strengths, know their differences, and look forward to the next year when they all get to do their thing. And I also know that for the next few months I am gong to spend a little time with each of them to stay familiar, learn more, and prepare for improved enjoyment when working them at various sites,

I trust that each detector owner, whether it is a trusted older unit, something more modern of a new gift they get this holiday season, will spend some time with any / every detector they have in order to learn more and stay refreshed which will help them be ready for the times ahead. Oh, and don't forget to check batteries, battery charges, and also look for any loose or damaged fittings and such to stay on top of a detector's condition. If they aren't they can be cleaned, too, because a dirty unit might hide some damage. It is also a good down-time to attach some of the accessory coils you have around to get to know them better, and perhaps determine if any are likely not needed. I know I have done tht and have trimmed my Accessory Coil Tote to only keep extra coils I plan to use. In some cases i do not even have a 'standard' coil for some of my units, like the Tesoro's, because i only use the 6" or 7" coils I have attached. My F-19 Ltd. does have the 'standard' coil mounted because that is all I use with it. If conditions suggest I need a smaller size coil, I already have a few units with a dedicated smaller coil attached and ready-to-grab, such as a 6" Concentric on a Tesoro or 5" or 'OOR' DD's on my Relic and Racer.

Don't let any seasonal down-time go to waste. True, a big Thanksgiving Dinner and a lot of holiday muchy enjoyment might go to 'waist', but we shouldn't 'waste' time and ought to devote some to our detectors. Oh, the noise might bother some family so check out all the corded and wireless headphones to keep it quiet for everyone else and to make sure the headphones are working well. No shorts in the cable, batteries are charged, no broken ear-cups, etc.

That's about it. No major discussion here, just a friendly remined to not ignore your detecting gear during the cold winter days that are here or coming.


PS: Also check out any battery supply you might have. Charge the rechargeable batteries, and inspect all the Alkaline batteries you have for any leakage. Best to know now and get rid of them in order to have good, useable batteries when it comes time to get out and enjoy.

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Don't forget old friends and new friends during the winter.

Monte 78 November 23, 2022 01:14PM

Re: Don't forget old friends and new friends during the winter.

kac 50 November 23, 2022 10:43PM

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