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My comments on the Garrett AT Pro.

November 27, 2022 01:59AM avatar
Well, the AT Pro was an interesting introduction. From the outside observation I liked that they offered a waterproof detector, for those who wanted one, but I wasn't one of them I don't swim nor work much in any water deeper than ankle depth. I did help a big Oregon dealer assemble the first one, two, that he got in right when released and decided it didn't offer things I like, therefore I never owned one but I have borrowed a few to do some in-the-field comparisons.

To continue ...

Hi Monte I'm considering a Garrett AT Pro. Can you and others tell me the good and bad comments on this detector.

Like any other detector, we should always consider the types of hunting we like to do, the site challenges we generally have to deal with, and the detector's weight, balance, and adjustability for those tasks. Consider the search modes we like to use, and the audio we like to hear. Also consider available search coils we might want or need. Not all of my current detectors have a conventional Threshold-based All Metal mode, but some do because there are times i like to use that function. The AT Pro doesn't have a Threshold-based All Metal mode. I don't know what you have or use, nor do I know if that is a mode you would make use of.

Another thing I consider is the ability to use smaller-size and mid-size coils. I have 8 detectors hanging on the wall beside me in my den, and each of them has the primary-use coil mounted. I have favored smaller-size coils since the summer of '68 because those are what worked the best for me in the old places I enjoy with confining brush, building debris, or a lot of dense iron nails and other contamination. I keep a 5" to 6½" small coil mounted on my Nokta FORS Relic, Makro Relic, Tesoro Silver Sabre µMAX & Bandido II µMAX and White's XLT. I keep a mid-size 7" on my Tesoro Inca, 5X8 DD on a Minelab Vanquish 540, and 5X9¾ DD on a Fisher F-19 Ltd.

For the most part, those are the only coils I use on those detectors with two exceptions. On a rare occasion I might opt for a mid-size 8" Concentric on the XLT, but seldom. The Minelab Vanquish 540 is really the ONLY detector I will make a coil change with, going to the 7X10 DD for beach Hunting and 9X12 DD for occasionally wide-open fields, pastures, or out in the middle of older parks. Changing coils on that one detector are easy because each coil I have mounted on a lower rod, and the lower-rod w/coils are easy to quickly change with the rod locks and the coil connector is easy to attached and remove.

The Garrett AT series have a coil cable connector located where I find it more difficult to access to loosen or to snuggly tighten. Now for some positive comments. The 8½X11 DD coil isn't too overly heavy and being an open design it works easily in the water. They also have the excellent general-purpose 5X8 DD mid-size coil that I really like. Of course I like that coil size on the V-540 and I also liked it a lot on the Garrett Apex, and AT series models I borrowed. Not waterproof, I especially like the Garrett Apex for land-hunting, but they did miss the boat on coils. The AT series have the 4½" Concentric coil that has worked well for me when I tried it, especially at a site on the AT Max, but they failed to make a smaller-size coil for the Apex. I wish they would. The only smaller coil available for it was the NEL Sharp which is a 5" round DD.

I like to hunt for old coins and like going in the water when weather permits. Thanks to all. Bill

PS would also like your opinion on what would be a better selection for my consideration.

Hunting for "old coins" can usually mean urban Coin Hunting at older parks, yards, etc. It can also mean getting away to remote locations such as ghost towns, homesteads, pioneer and military encampments and other Relic Hunting sites. Those are where I have mainly concentrated from '83 until two years ago and it means being able to handle very dense iron debris. Thus, we all need to select both detectors and coils to handle the tasks we take on.

Okay, now for suggestions. Remember, these are coming from a guy who doesn't water hunt, but I have borrowed an AT Pro a few times in the past, an AT Max in more recent years, and have owned and used Nokta / Makro Simplex + and Anfibio-Multi units, as well as a couple of Minelab Equinox 800's. I have a few (3) friends who have or have had the AT Pro and they did well with it and spoke highly of it.

If I were going to buy a waterproof detector, to add to my outfit and not replace anything for water hunting, it would be, in order:

• Nokta / Makro Simplex +
• Nokta / Makro Anfibio-Multi
• Garrett AT Max

Just my personal opinions for a waterproof unit.


PS: I am sure you might get some suggestions from those who use a Minelab Equinox 600 or 800, or plan to get the coming Manticore, as well as those with XP Deus II's or some other makes and models.

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My comments on the Garrett AT Pro.

Monte 173 November 27, 2022 01:59AM

Re: My comments on the Garrett AT Pro.

Timbertodd 127 November 27, 2022 10:36AM

In agreement, Todd, regarding modes.

Monte 108 November 27, 2022 05:04PM

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Rick N. MI 111 November 27, 2022 10:51AM

Re: My comments on the Garrett AT Pro.

Rick N. MI 99 November 27, 2022 11:11AM

I am with you on that, Rick.

Monte 105 November 27, 2022 01:13PM

My thoughts on the ATP

kac 157 November 28, 2022 10:26PM

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