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It doesn't have to be 'new' to take on Cabin Fever. sad smiley

December 16, 2022 11:32AM avatar
We are reading new posts from those who have the new Minelab Manticore, and should see more from those with the newly introduced Equinox 900. The XP Deus II was introduced earlier, but I've not seen very many regular posts about it for a few months now. Nokta/Makro's Legend seems to have had enough 'updates' to satisfy most users and has had good reports, and the Garrett Axiom ought to be out and in user's hands to satisfy those wanting Pulse Induction performance. It has been very quiet on the FTP front for quite some time, but rumor has it they have a new model in the works and hopefully it will make an appearance by spring.

But the snow and cold weather here in Farr West Utah, although very needed to help the water year ahead and start refilling the many low lakes and reservoirs, has really burdened this old character with irritating cabin fever. I live down here on the "valley floor" and still have a lot of beautiful snow, but at 7:30 this morning it was 8° and a slight wind gives us a chill-factor of 0°. I have some good detecting buddies who live on the other side of Ogden on "th bench" and their neighborhood has over three times the snow that I have. Then there are those like UtahRich who live a good drive up higher in the mountains who will have a longer wait for the coming season to melt the snow and warm things up to a detectable comfort. As a rule I have always enjoyed the 'down-time' of winter to do more research and have new sites planned to hit come springtime, but for some reason this year isn't passing so well and I have reached an early 'cabin-fever' frustration point. sad smiley

Maybe it's due to age? Perhaps it's because my eyes are not letting me read so well and eye-ache and head-ache are cutting into my devotion of time? Could be that I am just not coming up with as many potential 'new sites' to put in my planning to check out in 2023? One thing I know for sure is that the detector team I have now all work well for the various hunt sites out there and no new detector is really needed, at least for me. Oh, there might be some that work well, but I doubt they will work better than the detector and coil set-ups I have here in my den. Yes, I am interested in what is newer and what might be coming next year, and yes I am quite pleased we have received and hope through winter, the amount of snow that will help relieve some of the drought weather conditions from the hast half-decade 'out-west'. I do enjoy having a nice, white, snow-covered Christmas and it looks like we will have it this year.

But it has just been depressing enough that I feel a need for good detecting-season weather to return soon even without anything new and exciting, for me, to hit the market. Good, old, desired targets are still out there and my detectors can find them ... yours can as well, so if you also live where it is frigid weather and the ground is frozen and snow covered, let's all hope for a good spring arrival and not a delayed condition in 2023.

Now, if you happen to be one of those who is living in a more moderate climate and you do have weather and conditions to get out and enjoy some productive searches, please take some time to share those experiences with some of us who are locked-out of having some fun right now. Old detectors or newer ones, it doesn't matter.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

Stinkwater Wells Trading Post
Metal Detector Evaluations and Product Reviews
I'm now 'back home' in Farr West Utah
monte@ahrps.org ... or ... monte@stinkwaterwells.com
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Pinpointers: Garrett AT Pro-Pointers .. Headphones: 'Hornet' .. MS-3 Z-Lynk .. ML-80
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I wonder what might be coming in 2023?

Monte 186 December 09, 2022 09:34AM

It doesn't have to be 'new' to take on Cabin Fever. sad smiley

Monte 69 December 16, 2022 11:32AM

Re: I wonder what might be coming in 2023?

GeoW 100 December 11, 2022 11:24PM

Re: I wonder what might be coming in 2023?

D&P-OR 103 December 12, 2022 12:13AM

Re: I wonder what might be coming in 2023?

Rick N. MI 97 December 10, 2022 08:58AM

They've been busy, but I'm interested in new model offerings.

Monte 96 December 10, 2022 02:20PM

Re: I wonder what might be coming in 2023?

Harold,ILL. 128 December 09, 2022 02:40PM

Harold, here you are in 'friendly' territory.

Monte 89 December 10, 2022 02:00PM

Coming in 2023?

UtahRich 122 December 09, 2022 05:52PM

Re: Coming in 2023?

Harold,ILL. 127 December 10, 2022 07:44AM

Coming Up in 2023?

UtahRich 100 December 10, 2022 10:41AM

Re: Coming Up in 2023?

Harold,ILL. 77 December 12, 2022 09:34AM


UtahRich 93 December 12, 2022 10:56AM

Eyes and YouTube.

Monte 82 December 12, 2022 10:44AM

Re: Eyes and YouTube.

Harold,ILL. 64 December 12, 2022 03:12PM

So true. thumbs up N/T

Monte 55 December 12, 2022 03:31PM

Time for a Surgery Forum - winking smiley N/T

UtahRich 74 December 12, 2022 10:58AM

Harold's ordeal makes me nervous. sad smiley

Monte 71 December 12, 2022 11:39AM

Re: Harold's ordeal makes me nervous. sad smiley

Harold,ILL. 72 December 12, 2022 04:34PM

ANY eye ordeal makes me nervous. sad smiley

Monte 82 December 13, 2022 11:43AM

Re: ANY eye ordeal makes me nervous. sad smiley

kac 58 December 15, 2022 09:03PM

Right eye took half-an-hour, and

Monte 63 December 15, 2022 11:08PM

Re: Right eye took half-an-hour, and

Harold,ILL. 55 December 17, 2022 05:41AM

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