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Please excuse my absence

December 10, 2022 01:15PM
2022 really sucks.

This year started out really nice for me, metal detecting continued right in line from where the winter shut me down. I was about to turn 61 years old and still all-in-all a very strong man. Then came August.

Sometime midway through the month I woke with what I though was a cold, coughing, a slight fever and the like. Covid tests showed negative. I went on like this for a week or so until my breathing became harder and harder. My wife took me to my doctor (first time she saves my life). Doctor sends me for a battery of tests, which combined, comes to the conclusion that I have double pneumonia. Ten days' worth of antibiotics and the cough lessens and goes away. I become strong again and I go back to work.

Three days later, while at work, one of the pea brains I work with mopes around all day. I figured he was hung over. At the end of the day, while cleaning and shutting down, this pea brain, in front of everyone, takes a covid test with a positive result. I spend the rest of the workday chewing him a new ass, as I had spent the best part of the previous three years consciously avoiding this Chinese import. Three days later I woke to what could only be described as a solid punch right between the eyes and after my morning cup of coffee another punch to my lower throat. I take a covid test which comes back positive. The next six days are a feverless, nonstop barrage of coughing and sleeping. All with a daily positive covid test. The seventh day, I feel remarkably better, covid tests negative, but the cough persists, though lessening daily. Four days later I go to the doctor's office, and he says I'm coming along nicely. I do feel much better, and I thought to myself, "this covid wasn't all that bad, after all."

But, of course, it can't be that easy for me. The very next day, I awaken to the same punch between the eyes feeling, same punch in the lower throat, and positive covid test. Back-to-back covid, only this second time is much worse. I had a real hard time breathing, a 24/7 cough, nonstop faucet of a nose, I couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep soundly, but still no fever. The positive covid tests would last the next seven days, but instead of relief I felt after the first go around, I was left where nothing tasted good, most of food I tried left me tasting dirty metal. I also was left with a bad case of brain fog. I could no longer write at an adult level, something I had done previously most days before. I couldn't retain anything I read, as soon as the words were read, they were forgotten. I was very frustrated. I also was left with the feeling, that for some reason, beyond my control, I had cheated death.

At this same time, my father (82 years old) was diagnosed with dementia. So much needed(s) too be done that I as the oldest should be doing, but in the health status I am currently in, have no proper way to deal with. The rest of family has come together and taken care of this very nicely. All assuring me that they understand my situation.

This brain fog and bad tasting food would last well into mid-November and lasts still, though not as strong. Then my doctor would send me for another battery of tests. He had found a mass in my stomach. My wife forced me into that visit, (the second time she would save my life). Those tests along with much blood work and a biopsy would leave me with a diagnosis of SLL/CLL lymphoma-leukemia, which is possibly the best of all the other things it could be, as it is the easiest treatable form of cancer, though it has taken a strong man of 185 pounds and turned him into a weakened 155 pounder, and I will always have it in some form the rest of my life. I will be meeting with an oncologist next Monday to see what steps he suggests we head in, to put some relief to this situation.

These two cancers, each, in and amongst themselves are very rare. The combination of the two even rarer still. They are most likely caused by my use of the herbicide, Round-Up, back in the 80s while I was a landscaper, unless there has been a time since where I have been exposed to some similar chemical that I was unaware of.

I am in good spirts, on prayer lists across the country and in no pain. I have very good insurance and the help of every ladies' soup in town (I do not like soup).

Needless to say, my metal detecting plans for the year never came to fruition, though there were a few milestones. My digging of a George Washington button this spring and later, towards the end of summer a large cent beating my oldest coin to date, an 1817 matron head. The large cent was dug from a sidewalk tear-out which I should have hit the day before and was the only sound that came from that tear out. They removed the dirt earlier that day, which I am sure held many targets.
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Please excuse my absence

ScoTTT2 243 December 10, 2022 01:15PM

Re: Please excuse my absence

Kickindirt 95 December 15, 2022 05:58PM

Re: Please excuse my absence

Rick N. MI 92 December 12, 2022 06:28PM

Re: Please excuse my absence

ScoTTT2 100 December 12, 2022 04:36PM

Scott, sounds good that it is treatable.

Monte 93 December 13, 2022 10:37AM

Re: Scott, sounds good that it is treatable.

ScoTTT2 97 December 13, 2022 11:34AM

Scott, make it "out-west" ... a lot of good folks to hunt with.

Monte 87 December 13, 2022 11:50AM

Re: Please excuse my absence

Harold,ILL. 87 December 12, 2022 10:17AM

Re: Please excuse my absence

Utmike 96 December 11, 2022 07:45PM

Hey, I am with you. He needs TWO Bucket Listers! N/T

Monte 71 December 11, 2022 11:00PM

Re: Please excuse my absence

Timbertodd 79 December 11, 2022 05:00PM

Re: Please excuse my absence

kac 217 December 11, 2022 12:54PM

Scott, absence excused ... Now, continue to mend.

Monte 107 December 10, 2022 01:39PM

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