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Re: Non Coins & Tokens.

December 29, 2022 01:24AM avatar
From what I have been able to find the button is a1 piece copper/brass post War of 1812 U.S. enlisted General Service great coat button of the 1820-1826 period. Albert's GI-70-B. Based on its age and the find location I believe the button was lost in the early to mid 1830's. This is almost 10 years before the first Emigrants. The time frame points to the first documented travel/discovery of the California trail in the area north of Wells. An important crossing of the great basin took place in 1833. The paragraphs below are taken from a document I found.
"The Walker/Bonnevile expedition commanded by Joseph R. Walker and began at the Green River Wyoming in July 1833. Whether this trip was a trapping expedition, or a secretive scouting venture is debatable. This ambiguity provides a metaphor for the transition taking place at this time between fur trapping interests in the western Great Basin and the government-sponsored exploration of the region, driven by the US government expansionist policy, (also referred to as "manifest destiny". Walkers 40-man brigade, part of the force commanded by Captain Benjamin L. D.de Bonneville, skirted north around the Great Salt Lake and Pilot Peak, reaching the headwaters of the Humbolt, (then Ogden's then "unknown" river). Increasing tensions with the native American Indians resulted in Walker's men killing 30-40 Indians who appeared to be threatening. The expedition then crossed the Sierra and Californias Central Valley, arriving in Monterrey, the Mexican provincial capital, in November 1833.
The next spring, 1834, Walkers party headed east from the San Joquin valley on their way to the annual Mountain Man rendezvous on the Bear River. Walker discovered a suitable pass, now bearing his name, in the southern Sierra and the San Joquin Valley and Owens Valley. They eventually located the previous fall's route south of the Humbolt Sink where they'd encountered another group of Northern Paiutes, shot another 14 (unprovoked, but Walker's men were "frustrated", they then backtracked up the river. Their divergence from the previous route, heading up towards the northeast corner of Nevada, near present day Wells."
Sorry for the lengthy bit of history but I believe this expedition is the most likely ones that were in the area and lost the button. I suppose the button could have been lost at a later date, but clothing probably didn't last long enough to stretch into the 1840's. I am very interested in getting back to the site to see if I can further prove my theory.
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Non Coins & Tokens. Attachments

OregonGregg 401 December 19, 2022 09:51AM

Thanks for more photos. My favorite piece is

Monte 95 January 07, 2023 11:38PM

Re: Non Coins & Tokens. Attachments

NWCindy 87 January 07, 2023 04:22PM

Re: Non Coins & Tokens. Attachments

NWCindy 70 January 07, 2023 04:11PM

Re: Non Coins & Tokens. Attachments

xpmoguy 128 December 28, 2022 12:21AM

Re: Non Coins & Tokens.

Timbertodd 153 December 29, 2022 04:49PM

Re: Non Coins & Tokens.

xpmoguy 95 December 29, 2022 01:24AM

Re: Non Coins & Tokens.

NWCindy 74 January 08, 2023 07:00PM

Very nice

Utmike 80 December 28, 2022 11:58PM

A question for xpmoguy

Utmike 87 December 29, 2022 12:05AM

Yes, I'd like to hear about your button! N/T

Monte 65 December 28, 2022 01:13AM

Re: Non Coins & Tokens.

NWCindy 100 December 25, 2022 04:05PM

Re: Non Coins & Tokens.

OregonGregg 93 December 27, 2022 08:45AM

Trade Tokens and Old Coins are my #1 and #2 favorites, but #3 is ....

Monte 86 December 22, 2022 11:34PM

Re: Greggs Stuff

Kickindirt 91 December 21, 2022 03:59PM

Hotel FOB

OregonGregg 132 December 21, 2022 04:09PM

Re: Hotel FOB that's right.

Kickindirt 79 December 22, 2022 02:39AM

Re: Hotel FOB

Remfire 128 December 21, 2022 05:59PM

Re: Hotel FOB Roger

Kickindirt 90 December 22, 2022 02:42AM

Re: Hotel FOB Roger

Remfire 71 December 22, 2022 11:31AM

Re: Hotel FOB

OregonGregg 83 December 21, 2022 06:57PM

Re: cool smiley I’ll try that! N/T

Remfire 85 December 21, 2022 07:58PM

OregonGregg .. UtahRich .. Utmike - - - -

Monte 283 December 20, 2022 11:01AM

Not that long compared to many here...

Utmike 98 December 20, 2022 04:25PM

Start Date

OregonGregg 78 December 20, 2022 02:49PM

Re: Non Coins & Tokens.

kac 98 December 19, 2022 08:33PM

Re: Non Coins & Tokens.

Harold,ILL. 76 December 20, 2022 07:57AM

Padlocks to protect my Bunker

OregonGregg 138 December 20, 2022 08:06AM

Re: Padlocks to protect my Bunker

D&P-OR 110 December 20, 2022 08:22AM

Re: Padlocks to protect my Bunker

OregonGregg 92 December 20, 2022 02:50PM

Re: Non Coins & Tokens.

Timbertodd 88 December 19, 2022 04:58PM

Re: Non Coins & Tokens.

Utmike 110 December 19, 2022 12:02PM

Re: Non Coins & Tokens.

OregonGregg 103 December 19, 2022 01:15PM

Dumb luck for the Fors challengedcool smiley Attachments

Utmike 127 December 19, 2022 02:44PM

Re: Dumb luck for the Fors challengedcool smiley wow!

Kickindirt 73 December 22, 2022 02:49AM

You betcha Kickindirt, you're the best in the biz.

Utmike 88 December 22, 2022 11:01AM


UtahRich 92 December 22, 2022 11:48AM

Eating out of the dog dish

Utmike 80 December 22, 2022 05:50PM

Dumb luck?

UtahRich 94 December 19, 2022 04:03PM

Re: Dumb luck?

OregonGregg 78 December 19, 2022 04:21PM

A few bits and bobs - Attachments

UtahRich 110 December 19, 2022 05:05PM

Re: A few bits and bobs -bing

Kickindirt 73 December 22, 2022 02:53AM

Re: A few bits and bobs -

Utmike 167 December 19, 2022 07:03PM

Let it Snow -

UtahRich 87 December 19, 2022 08:10PM

Re: A few bits and bobs -

OregonGregg 68 December 19, 2022 05:13PM

Pins -

UtahRich 74 December 19, 2022 08:25PM

Re: Dumb luck for the Fors challengedcool smiley

OregonGregg 90 December 19, 2022 02:57PM


Utmike 106 December 19, 2022 09:23PM

My Marbles Attachments

OregonGregg 107 December 20, 2022 02:55PM

Re: My Marbles

NWCindy 61 January 05, 2023 09:00PM

Your marbles Attachments

Utmike 85 December 20, 2022 08:48PM

Re: Your marbles

OregonGregg 89 December 20, 2022 08:54PM

My picks Attachments

Utmike 97 December 20, 2022 09:33PM

Nice bunch of finds.

UtahRich 77 December 19, 2022 10:57AM

Re: Nice bunch of finds.

OregonGregg 101 December 19, 2022 01:11PM

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