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I mostly agree with your 'Siganature' thoughts.

January 22, 2023 03:25PM avatar
Ok Monte and everybody else, you're going to have to forgive me here, i'm going to offend some of you - eye popping smiley - I'm going to be frank and say that I think of the " Signature" line as more of a 'bragging' line or 'personal advertisement' to establish a level of status, competency and accomplishment in the hobby.

I am not offended because we all have our own opinions and the 'Signature' section is there to be used or not used, just like different coils or settings or even detectors. I used to have my Dealer business name in my Signature when I was selling detectors. Also, I often get asked what detector(s) I have in my outfit and use, as well as questions about Pinpointers or Headphones. So, I include that Info in my Signature so folks know what I like to use.

Some forum Signatures I see mainly include the number of Silver Coins, or Total Coins, or Old Coins the poster finds during the year and while I do not mind it, I do know that to 'some' folks it is more of 'bragging rights' when done.

I often get the devil on my shoulder whispering in my ear wishing that all of those listed detectors in a persons' signature line be accompanied by that persons skill level reached with each.

I don't think listing detector models used is a bad thing as it only shows the poster's thoughts or opinions of what they like. I think there would be a problem if we had to try and figure out the reality of the individual's opinion of their own knowledge or skill level they choose. Generally, by reading certain people's posts and the detector and coil and settings used, or their comments about a chosen site, I can form my own 'opinion' about their understanding and skill level with what they are using.

Naturally there are those, such as you, who I came to understand their skills and efforts and appreciate comments made about equipment and performance afield.

I usually have my signature with a detecting thought but will swap that out for a short time if i make some sort of significant change with the equipment I'm using. I can't imagine that anybody visiting sites I frequent really cares in the slightest what detector(s) i'm using with the exception when a new detector comes out and folks interested in it are sharing info during this "shake down" period; like we are currently with the new Manticore, Equinox 900, and some others.

I like to read 'thoughts' and have included some in my Signature for years. And I do like to read a poster's comments about the detector model(s) they use, especially those who have been at this a while and put in the time and effort to learn and master detectors they decided to get.

Ok, there ya go. Now everybody knows. LOL. That said, while I don't really 'care' what detector you use, I do look forward to reading about the outings of those willing to share. Your stories often inspire me do better, try harder, research more. To those, I say thanks.

I also like to read about the detecting jaunts people make, their thoughts about a site and the challenges they had to deal with. Of course I also like to know what equipment and settings were used. I enjoy reading the good posts that are interesting as well as helpful / educational, and I do enjoy photos and videos to help tell the story.

Best of success to everyone, and a reminder the Signature, in my opinion, is an informational box and not a brag box.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Detector Talk -

UtahRich 186 January 19, 2023 11:42PM

Re: Detector Talk -

kac 72 January 21, 2023 01:43PM

Detector Talk -

UtahRich 80 January 21, 2023 09:29PM

Good post, Rich. Informative.

Monte 60 January 22, 2023 04:06PM

Re: Detector Talk -

Harold,ILL. 70 January 22, 2023 08:15AM

Re: Detector Talk -

kac 76 January 22, 2023 03:24PM

Terrific post, Rich, and follow-up everyone. thumbs up

Monte 66 January 20, 2023 03:43PM

Dear Detector Talk,

OregonGregg 83 January 20, 2023 12:28PM

Re: Detector Talk -

diggindeep 88 January 20, 2023 12:05PM

Andrew, I read it but I don't see it. confused smiley

Monte 77 January 21, 2023 01:03AM

Re: Andrew, I read it but I don't see it. confused smiley

diggindeep 59 January 21, 2023 12:06PM

No, I don't always list everything, however ..

Monte 74 January 21, 2023 03:23PM

The Signature list. eye popping smiley. Red alert

UtahRich 93 January 21, 2023 05:46PM

I mostly agree with your 'Siganature' thoughts.

Monte 157 January 22, 2023 03:25PM

thumbs up N/T

UtahRich 35 January 22, 2023 05:04PM

Re: The Signature list. eye popping smiley. Red alert

kac 58 January 21, 2023 07:40PM

This is where everybody is supposed to Smile. smiling bouncing smiley

UtahRich 77 January 25, 2023 09:38PM

Totally agree that some units become 'fast friends'.

Monte 30 February 02, 2023 12:37PM

Best hobby ever. smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float N/T

UtahRich 41 January 22, 2023 05:05PM

Re: Detector Talk -

ScoTTT2 77 January 20, 2023 10:15AM

Re: Detector Talk -

Harold,ILL. 78 January 20, 2023 05:49AM

A good topic question, and answers.

Monte 74 January 20, 2023 03:55PM

Re: Detector Talk -

diggindeep 75 January 20, 2023 12:24PM

Re: Detector Talk -

Harold,ILL. 61 January 20, 2023 02:24PM

Re: Detector Talk -

diggindeep 57 January 20, 2023 03:15PM

Twinkling of Silver -

UtahRich 164 January 20, 2023 11:13AM

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