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Re: Is there a Dr in the house?

February 20, 2023 08:14PM
People in general like to jump on the new machine bandwaggon and there as been tons of pushing especially by people who test the new machines that are also given those machines for free so with that comes a bias about the machine. This isn't just SMF's but we see it in the prospecting world even with PI's.

I had beta tested equipment and software for over 30 years and never promoted the products I tested. In turn for my efforts I was given the products and updates. My unbiased feedback helped make the products better as there was no incentive otherwise.

I have used both SMF and SF and really depends on the grounds your hunting, how well you know those grounds and the targets you suspect in finding. Old properties that have iron infestation the concentric coil on an analog machine still work best. Areas with modern trash modern machines with small coils work better as you can filter out or recognize the trash better.

Machines with modulated audio INCLUDING modulated iron audio help quite a bit as you can determine size and depth of targets OR true all metal that does not lock onto targets and can mix targets into a signal such as prospecting machines.

Majority of grounds SMF and SF machines will do just fine and find targets more likely due to the user putting a coil over it and digging than the actual frequency/frequencies used.

As for sensitivity, the Tejon with a small coil can pick up small gold almost as good as a Gold Racer. One is 17.5khz and other is 56khz. Reason is about coil design and where the machine determines what is ground and what is a target and how finite that target range is to the mineralization range.

Good example on machines that have a low response to minerals and boarderline iron targets is the Cibola, Vaquero and Orx with 9"HF. All of which I have used. The Orx will actually only give a ground phase respons on targets as large as rusty tinned cans and will mask out targets around it because of the DD coil and low response. Cibola and Vaquero with concentric coil will manage to squeak out a peep at least but will also fail with a DD coil.

There is too much hype about the machines as it has been for as long as I can remember and I just stick to what I know and what works. I often hunt with a buddy who has an Apex and now a Vaquero and I will use a different machine so we can cross check targets.
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Looking at a lot of posts from various Forums, I noticed ..

Monte 194 February 19, 2023 09:49AM

Re: Looking at a lot of posts from various Forums, I noticed ..

glabelle 143 February 20, 2023 09:41AM

George, let me share my thoughts.

Monte 111 February 20, 2023 07:08PM

Re: George, let me share my thoughts.

glabelle 102 February 21, 2023 12:13PM

Exactly my point.

Monte 118 February 21, 2023 12:26PM

Is there a Dr in the house?

UtahRich 168 February 20, 2023 11:25AM

Re: Is there a Dr in the house?

kac 112 February 20, 2023 08:14PM

Re: Is there a Dr in the house?

glabelle 106 February 21, 2023 12:22PM

Each Person must find their own path - PG13

UtahRich 129 February 21, 2023 01:36AM

There are many paths, and some folks blaze new ones.

Monte 100 February 21, 2023 12:07PM

Re: Each Person must find their own path - PG13

xpmoguy 101 February 21, 2023 11:14AM

Prep'ing for Success in 2023 -

UtahRich 103 February 21, 2023 12:19PM

Don't hesitate to post you success afield.

Monte 86 February 21, 2023 12:12PM

Re: Is there a Dr in the house?

Kickindirt 131 February 20, 2023 07:59PM

Re: Is there a Dr in the house?

OregonGregg 91 February 21, 2023 09:48AM

OUCH !!!

OregonGregg 140 February 20, 2023 12:03PM

He chose "poorly"

UtahRich 138 February 20, 2023 12:57PM

Re: He chose "poorly"

jmaryt 97 February 21, 2023 01:04PM


UtahRich 154 February 21, 2023 01:21PM

Re: LOL.

jmaryt 83 February 21, 2023 07:12PM

Am I being hoodwinked ??

OregonGregg 114 February 20, 2023 01:06PM

winking smiley N/T

UtahRich 81 February 20, 2023 07:00PM

Re: winking smiley Okey-Doked

Utmike 113 February 20, 2023 10:05PM

It's getting tough out there.

OregonGregg 109 February 21, 2023 09:41AM

Emergency First Aid

UtahRich 89 February 21, 2023 11:56AM

Bring'r on

OregonGregg 124 February 21, 2023 12:17PM

Bring'r on

UtahRich 127 February 21, 2023 12:44PM

Rich, just even the odds ....

Monte 151 February 21, 2023 06:45PM

Showdown part Deus? Attachments

Utmike 143 February 21, 2023 02:22PM

LOL - Showdown at the OK Corral

UtahRich 100 February 21, 2023 03:55PM

I like Minelab

OregonGregg 86 February 21, 2023 05:12PM

Re: I like Minelab Attachments

Utmike 93 February 21, 2023 07:08PM

Re: I like Minelab

OregonGregg 98 February 21, 2023 07:30PM

"Me and the ol' Core do better under pressure"

Monte 89 February 21, 2023 12:33PM

Re: Looking at a lot of posts from various Forums, I noticed ..

D&P-OR 109 February 20, 2023 10:06AM

Re: Looking at a lot of posts from various Forums, I noticed ..

glabelle 155 February 20, 2023 12:53PM

Agree 100%

OregonGregg 107 February 20, 2023 01:40PM

NASA Gregg has spoken grinning smiley

UtahRich 131 February 20, 2023 03:23PM

Catching up to the Minelab Equinox 800 - Detector Wars

UtahRich 131 February 19, 2023 04:26PM

UtahRich, a reply to maybe clarify.

Monte 154 February 19, 2023 06:40PM

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