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Re: So, what am I missing?

February 23, 2023 09:48AM
Tomorrow will be my first PET scan since I started chemo. That will determine just where I am with this treatment. I have a combination of three cancers that together are very rare. There is little to no precedence on an absolute cure, but my two doctors tell me that I've got this and with that, it is all I have to look forward to. I feel much better than before I started treatment.

The detectors I run are a T2+, a T2se, Nokta Impact and Nokta simplex. The simplex I bought to use as a water machine and is almost solely used in that endeavor. The lakes I hunt are glazier deposited stone bottoms, where the targets are relatively shallow. Unless I am clad shooting, the other detectors are run mostly in the all-metal mode. The T2+ is exceptionally deep in all-metal, to the point I often question if I really want to dig that deep at a permission or park or school. But there are quite a few targets at the depth limits of these machines, (where I hunt).

I have a "test" park in town where I practice and learn what my detectors are capable of, especially targets at depth. This park was first cleared from the forest in 1800 and has targets from that period and up until the present day. This park is a four-corner park at the intersection of the two main roads in town and hunting there puts one very much in the public eye. When I first started hunting this park, I was approached by a few of the guys that told me I was wasting my time there, as they had cleared the park many years before. But I have found quite a few old coins that they must have missed (copper, nickel and silver) from 1817 to modern change (one being a Canadian 'fish scale', another being a seated half dime), also a dozen or so pieces of gold, many old buttons including tombac and a GW Long Live the President button, along with a bunch of other interesting and cool relics.

Now, the finds weren't all taken the first hunt through this place, but each time I mostly find something of interest, a good target or two and I use this park as a major sample of the hunting conditions around here. I'm really not convinced that by buying one of the new tech detectors I would be gaining enough to warrant the expenditure. Not saying that any of these new detectors are not good or even great detectors, but I'm just not convinced that I'm missing much with the equipment I'm using now. I would love to watch a video showing me I'm dead wrong or be spanked by another detector while out hunting, to the point that I'm sure I really need to own that detector, or have it explained so that I would be convinced, something beyond the sales and marketing.
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So, what am I missing?

ScoTTT2 166 February 22, 2023 10:40AM

Re: So, what am I missing?

ScoTTT2 60 February 23, 2023 09:48AM

No suggestions on detectors -

UtahRich 71 February 22, 2023 11:22PM

Thanks UtahRich, but ...

Monte 82 February 23, 2023 07:07AM

Suggestions -

UtahRich 54 February 23, 2023 01:15PM

Re: Thanks UtahRich, but ...

D&P-OR 56 February 23, 2023 09:39AM

Yep, responding to Scott - thumbs up N/T

UtahRich 45 February 23, 2023 01:16PM

What are you missing?thinking Quite possibly, nothing.

Monte 94 February 22, 2023 12:59PM

Re: So, what am I missing?

OregonGregg 101 February 22, 2023 12:02PM

Re: So, what am I missing?

kac 92 February 22, 2023 11:20AM

Re: So, what am I missing?

Rick N. MI 63 February 23, 2023 09:13AM

Re: So, what am I missing?

kac 66 February 23, 2023 12:18PM

Hmmm - smiling smiley

UtahRich 62 February 23, 2023 03:09PM

Re: Hmmm - smiling smiley

kac 60 February 23, 2023 07:25PM

Bottoms Up - Geology Class is in session -

UtahRich 59 February 23, 2023 09:16PM

Re: Bottoms Up - Geology Class is in session -

kac 51 February 23, 2023 09:46PM


OregonGregg 55 February 23, 2023 07:39PM

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