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Why do i use the detector i choose?

March 06, 2023 12:37PM avatar
I posted this last week over on Steve Herschbach's site, detector prospector - kind of a summary of thoughts on people and the detectors they choose and use. Some of you don't golf so this may go right over your head. Sorry. If so, you're gonna have to rub two brain cells together and figure it out. It's pretty simple.

Forgive the comparison, but I find a lot of similarities in what is the "Best Detector" to acquiring equipment in GOLF.

In golf, there are an extremely varied group of individuals in regards to skill level from Professional Golfers to those that may golf a couple times a year with friends or family members. Also, the courses played by Professional Golfers are typically much more difficult to play well then our local municipal golf course.

A wise golfer would be fitted for equipment they are capable of using well that will compliment their abilities AND is an appropriate choice for the golf course(s) they are playing.

I read posts about detectors that are most capable and think to myself, Yes, this detector is incredibly capable - but only in the hands of an advanced detectorist that understands the settings and how the adjustment of each impacts the abilities and results seen with the detector.

A beginner detectorist running out and buying "the best" detector, because the internet says so, is likely buying more detector then they can handle or know what to do with. All of those 'confusing' settings are likely to never be used, or if they are used, the results will be a crap shoot because they are being used ignorantly.

Along that same thought, a more advanced detectorists can take a detector that is way too much for a beginner and make it sing, so to speak, in the places they hunt because they have the knowledge, skills, and are in a location to do so.

So, in my mind, the best detector is one fitted to your knowledge and abilities, the locations you hunt, your temperament, your budget and your willingness and ability to learn. Oh, and don't let me forget physical limitations, like weight.

Along this line of thought, my 800 has fit me exceptionally well the last 5 years. I am hoping my manticore can successfully take over the majority of detecting duties for the places I hunt and I can have a great next 5 years. thumbs up

UtahRich -

Just one more good target before I go.
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Andrew, Rich, Mike and all the rest.

Monte 179 March 04, 2023 12:06AM

Why do i use the detector i choose?

UtahRich 95 March 06, 2023 12:37PM

Re: Why do i use the detector i choose?

glabelle 107 March 06, 2023 07:30PM

Fore!! thumbs up(Not FORSgrinning smiley)

Utmike 80 March 06, 2023 01:10PM

What I like about my SMF

Utmike 132 March 04, 2023 03:01AM

Re: What I like about my SMF

OregonGregg 114 March 04, 2023 03:45PM

Clever move

Utmike 134 March 04, 2023 08:15PM

Re: Clever move

NWCindy 135 March 04, 2023 11:43PM


Utmike 121 March 05, 2023 12:54AM

Re: Guiltythinking Attachments

NWCindy 117 March 05, 2023 02:05PM

Re: Guiltythinking Attachments

Utmike 86 March 05, 2023 05:57PM

It's a compliment Mike,

UtahRich 100 March 05, 2023 01:27AM

Re: It's a compliment Mike,

Utmike 69 March 05, 2023 05:59PM

Re: It's a compliment Mike,

UtahRich 72 March 05, 2023 06:07PM


Utmike 103 March 05, 2023 06:14PM

Re: Storms

UtahRich 103 March 05, 2023 06:41PM

Re: Storms

Utmike 106 March 05, 2023 07:16PM

Re: Storms Attachments

glabelle 83 March 05, 2023 07:27PM


Utmike 63 March 05, 2023 08:49PM

Re: It's a compliment Mike,

D&P-OR 93 March 05, 2023 12:53PM

Plan on staying longer

OregonGregg 84 March 05, 2023 01:24PM

Re: Plan on staying longer

D&P-OR 80 March 05, 2023 02:31PM

?? Explain. ?? N/T

Monte 67 March 05, 2023 12:50AM

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