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Sensitivity Training?

March 06, 2023 12:37PM avatar
And no... I'm not talking about my incessant bombardment of OregonGregg's postsgrinning smiley

I've always viewed sensitivity a couple of different ways:

• Turning it up doesn't necessarily increase depth on a detector.
• It doesn't increase or decrease the "transmit power" of a detector.
• It DOES enhance the audio response to a target.

I used to run sensitivity as high as possible, just below where my machines would "chatter". I noted that I was getting a lot of falsing and less audio information about the potential size of a shallower (say less than 6") target.

Nowadays, I tend to back it off a little more thinking I'm hearing more subtle indicators of coins/tokens. Im definitely digging fewer rusted and bent nails.The higher settings seem to make things all sound the same sometimes.

To me, it's another balancing the detector to the conditions question.

Am i looking at this correctly? I'm curious to hear other opinions.
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Sensitivity Training?

Utmike 425 March 06, 2023 12:37PM

Re: Sensitivity Training?

kac 81 March 06, 2023 09:10PM

So here's where my theory goes off the rails

Utmike 170 March 06, 2023 09:58PM

Re: Sensitivity Training?

desertsmith 81 March 06, 2023 07:26PM

Re: Sensitivity Training?

Utmike 74 March 06, 2023 08:45PM

Re: Sensitivity Training?

glabelle 92 March 06, 2023 07:09PM

Re: Sensitivity Training?

Utmike 106 March 06, 2023 08:47PM

Sensitivity Training?

OregonGregg 113 March 06, 2023 02:27PM

Re: Sensitivity Training?

D&P-OR 74 March 06, 2023 09:03PM

Holy Techno-Speak!confused smiley Attachments

Utmike 96 March 06, 2023 04:38PM

Holy Techno-Speak!confused smiley

OregonGregg 88 March 06, 2023 05:17PM

I'm a little concerned...

Utmike 80 March 06, 2023 06:14PM

I like to set mine as high as possible, at the fringe of

Monte 114 March 06, 2023 01:25PM

Re: I like to set mine as high as possible, at the fringe of

Utmike 80 March 06, 2023 06:33PM

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