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I'm a little concerned...

March 06, 2023 06:14PM avatar
LOL it would be nice if Detector Mfg. would normalize their terminology kinda like they normalize a VDI number on Multi freq machines.

Terranean Attenuator <---- wouldn't it be easier to just call it "ground balance"?

Then ya have sensitive or gain or ??? The CoRe is "Sensitivity" and the Racers/Kruzer are "Gain"

On my CoRe the Discrimination is called ID Mask and the Racers ID Filter and Kruzer is Disc.

So here is one manufacturer ( Nokta-Makro) using different words across several of their machines that mean the same thing.

These mfg. need to get together and agree on some common terminology to use in the industry. smiling smiley

...that you and I are agreeing on something that involves both our machine types. What am I gonna do to ride out winter if we're not heckling each other? You're right though, some common lingo across brands would go a long way.

Me being a little on the "simple" side, I'd welcome them getting together to write "Metal Detecting for Dummies" or "The Clampett Family Book on Treasr'in". I'd hope they would include big pictures!

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So here's where my theory goes off the rails

Utmike 170 March 06, 2023 09:58PM

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Sensitivity Training?

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D&P-OR 74 March 06, 2023 09:03PM

Holy Techno-Speak!confused smiley Attachments

Utmike 96 March 06, 2023 04:38PM

Holy Techno-Speak!confused smiley

OregonGregg 89 March 06, 2023 05:17PM

I'm a little concerned...

Utmike 80 March 06, 2023 06:14PM

I like to set mine as high as possible, at the fringe of

Monte 114 March 06, 2023 01:25PM

Re: I like to set mine as high as possible, at the fringe of

Utmike 80 March 06, 2023 06:33PM

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