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Budget models and bad decisions,

March 10, 2023 05:34PM avatar
First, we were made aware of the release of the Minelab X-terra pro. We didn't know just what it was, how it performed, or what it would cost. But as that info started to trickle out, Nokta issues a challenge to anyone to hunt alongside their team members and prove that another detector was better than the Legend. We also received the lesson from Nokta about 'price is what you pay, value is what you receive'. Along with that Nokta singles out Minelab as the competition.

Then the price point and a better description is brought to light from Minelab on the X-terra Pro, a $270 selectable frequency machine and also a couple videos on the interweb showing, or at least suggesting, it to be a capable detector. Nokta counters with, the release of three new Simplex models and an up-grade to the Legend (for a discounted but added expense). The newly released Simplex models were without their new coils, which are still yet to be seen.

The detecting community quickly labels the X-terra as a "Simplex Killer", or other descriptive words meaning a machine that competes against the Simplex. I see it as something more than that.

The X-terra Pro does compete with the Simplex in two areas, its entry-level price point and its ability to hunt in the water. As a selectable frequency detector however, it is also inline to compete with the Anfibio and Nokta's other selectable frequency detector the Impact. The X-terra betters the Impact in the water hunting department and betters the Anfibio in the "price to value" lesson that Nokta has just taught us.

All Minelab had to do (as suggested on the interweb forums) was "dumb down" their Equinox. Not their top-of-the-line CTX3030 or newly released Manticore, but the Equinox, a recent best seller of theirs, touted by the company as not quite up to par with the Manticore or CTX.

I have to now question if the original challenge was something that Nokta really expected to, or wants to, happen. It seems that with the dumbing down of their Equinox (price point, forth form the most expensive) they have effectively knocked the three Simplexes, the Impact and the Anfibio from the wish list of anyone who listen to the price vs. value lesson and is looking to buy a new detector. And if all they did was dumb it down, wouldn't that also bring to rest the Legend as a machine someone would really want to take up the challenge against? Seems that Minelab has better things to do and nothing to prove with that challenge. Well played Minelab. Now if my train of thought here is in order, then in one fell swoop Minelab, with the introduction of the X-terra Pro, has effectively met the challenge against all of Nokta's current production models in their hobby detecting line, except for the First-Swing. So where is the video, Go-Find Vs. First-Swing? grinning smiley

The 'First Swing' was an interesting renaming but dumb move. It is essentially the Midi Hoard which I bought for my grandkids. I know it can work with that 7" Concentric coil that is hard-wired. It even handled my Nail Board test, but other than that the cosmetics and arm-cup leave a lot to be desired.

It has a look and feel more like many of the budget priced detectors sold on Ebay, and I mean very budget, cheap and inferior.

And still do not see the need to 'update' the Simplex line with three new models while drippings the12 kHz version. They had the Impact, then the multi-Kruzer and the Anfibio Multi so they know how to make a selectable Frequency model, so why didn't they 'update' Simplex 'series' with a new Selectable-Frequency model in the Ultra? One new and updated and competitive unit rather than 3 re-hashes of what they already had?


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go-find vs. first-swing

ScoTTT2 130 March 10, 2023 02:56PM

Budget models and bad decisions,

Monte 88 March 10, 2023 05:34PM

Additional thoughts: confused smileythinkingconfused smileythinking

Monte 182 March 12, 2023 07:32PM

well maybe..

OregonGregg 97 March 10, 2023 07:06PM

Re: go-find vs. first-swing

Harold,ILL. 91 March 10, 2023 05:31PM

Poor Dilek

glabelle 89 March 10, 2023 07:41PM

I tend to agree about now.

Monte 97 March 10, 2023 08:23PM

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