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Less coil (for me) DOES = Better results, for sure.

May 16, 2011 08:25AM avatar
Yeah...that Monte is such a small coil salesman...I nabbed a 1916-S Barber dime in extra fine condition yesterday using the 5" DD coil on my T2. And this small area (20'x10') has been worked over by E-Trac's & V3's. Monte's advice & experiences with the smaller coils helped convince me to purchase one. I now actually prefer to use the 5" over the 11" stock DD coil. Due to being able to use higher sensitivity with the small coil, its depth is pretty close to the stock 11" coil (my opinion/results) in my heavily mineralized soil. Thanks Monte.
First, Congrats of finding the Barber 10¢!

Second, I'm glad to see you're using the 5" DD coil on your T2. I have always been one to favor a smaller-than-stock coil (once they were larger than 8" especially), for several reasons. One is that it provides a lighter weight and nicer balanced detector, most of the time, and it is also easier on my back and shoulder.

Add to that the fact that I usually tend to hunt trashier and/or brushier sites, the smaller coils just fit and work better. Then, as you mentioned, the smaller coils 'see' less ground and seem to handle bad ground better, and they usually can get depths on coin-sides target close to their standard coil counterparts. Finally, due to the tighter EMF's, they are more responsive to smaller targets, too, and their visual display info is often more consistent.

I will admit that while I am not the biggest fan of Double-D coils, especially larger sizes, the Teknetics/Fisher 11" DD coils are light and handy to use. In open areas, I find the T2 to be a very capable unit with the stock 11" DD coil, and the Tek. G2 is also good when so equipped. That said, I have kept my round 5" DD mounted almost exclusively on my G2 because I grab it first when I get to trashier sites, where I generally hunt, and plan to nab a T2 SE so I can employ the 5" DD with that model.

For readers in general, my picks are not limited to Teknetics models. I usually swap the stock 950 from a White's XLT or XL Pro for a thin-profile 8" coil, or even for the 6½" coil. I like the 8" in open areas as I get performance close to the 950 with a more comfortable set-up. Still, I usually have a 6½" concentric coil mounted to them (the 5.3 BullsEye) because I work trashy or confined locations.

On the slow-motion Classic series, the 6½" coil is generally my #1 pick, for the Classic ID or IDX Pro, and while I could use that on the modified Classic III SL (non-display model), I used to keep the Classic III SL with me and only had the 4" 'Snooper' coil (Blue Max 350) mounted as I would grab that combo for the nastiest of trash. Today, that role is handled by the Teknetics G2 w/5" DD.

The Tek. 5" DD is only a smidgen over 4½" in diameter and that 'seems' a bit small for many detectorists, but I like it for the same reason I like the 5" DD Excelerator coil on the White's MXT's I had. Usually, the 5.3 Eclipse coil (the 6½" diameter size) serves me well 95%-98% of the time on the M6 and MXT's I've had, but for the nastiest trash, I didn't mind the smaller-size and very efficient 5" Excelerator DD coil.

You also mentioned that you were working a well hunted 10'X20' area. I like to isolate some sections of older parks into sizes of about 10'X15' and then work them slowly, methodically, and clean them out. While I might nab some good stuff cruising them with a larger coil, or even clean them out with a larger coil, I just prefer the efficiency of a decent small-sized coil.

Best of success as you continue to work with your T2 and 5" Double-D coil! I wouldn't mind finding more 1916 Barber's myself. Over 4½ decades of detecting and I have probably found 6 or 7, 1916 Mercury 10¢ for every 1, 1916 Barber 10¢. 'No', for those who might ask, have any of the many 1916 Mercury's had the 'D' mintage.
sad smiley

I will hit the road next Sunday to visit my brother in Idaho, then it's off to Utah to see family and friends, work a couple of ghost towns, and then I will be calling on some detector dealers as I travel. Naturally, I'll have my detectors ready in my travels, to include an M6 w/5.3 Eclipse and G2 w/5" DD to handle the smaller-coil challenges.

I mention this, too, because I am going to be doing a personal survey of how many detector dealers actually get out detecting. I want to determine who often, which which make and model, and, as you might guess, which search coil they personally prefer to use as well as recommend to their customers. Sadly, I know that far too many dealers (or sellers of detectors) are not avid detectorists themselves, and they lack a bit of knowledge about detectors/detecting to boot.

Keep up the successful hunts!

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Monte's advice pays off! (small coils)

glabelle 2002 April 30, 2011 02:48PM

Less coil...better results

TerraDigger 1243 May 16, 2011 02:08AM

Less coil (for me) DOES = Better results, for sure.

Monte 1931 May 16, 2011 08:25AM

I'm glad you had some success, George.

Monte 1231 May 01, 2011 06:49AM

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