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The Tesoro Bandido II µMAX and my personal serch coil opinions.

July 28, 2016 02:23AM avatar
Hi all,

I'm new to the forum, but old to the hobby. I've been detecting metal since I was 12.
Joe, I stated in my prior post but will repeat it here ... 'Welcome' to the AHRPS Forums. Glad to hear you have experience in the hobby, but now I know you've left some folks wondering just how old you are. I got started when I was 15, in March of '65 when I built a "Metal/Mineral Locator" from a kit.

Two months later I turned 16 and today, 51 years later, I am working on my 52nd year of detecting and have been enjoying this great sport more than any other outdoor recreation. Well, mostly, because for the bulk of the time, when my mobility was much better, seasons for deer, elk, pheasant, quail and duck hunting was at a high point through the fall and winter months to more-or-less tie with detecting, but just barely.

Got my start on a Compass XP-350, then a Bandido II.
Good start, and for folks who don't know, the Compass XP-350 was a very good turn-on-and-go (factory preset Ground Balance) detector that Compass Electronics introduced in very late '87 and early '88 to try and compete with the slow-motion/quick-response detectors that became popular after the '82 release of the Fisher 1260X and the '83 intro of the Tesoro Inca.

They had the opportunity to help boost the sales and interest in Compass after a slump that many detector makers had experienced in the '80s, but sadly in was the typical problematic issues of a well engineered concept by a very able engineer, John Earle, that sadly didn't have the bucks behind the new Scanner series to go with newer components than they had on-hand.

With sloppy tolerance components and ownership change, to folks who new basically nothing about the industry at a very trying time, and poor marketing by the new guys, the new concept was a failure ... as with the company. Component failures in the search coils had many failing ... often. However, if anyone had a good working, properly tuned and calibrated Scanner, they could match many models that have come along in this past twenty-nine years for quick-response and fast-recovery.

That said, I will add that the Tesoro Bandido, Bandido II, and final Bandido II microMAX models in that series worked as well or better for me in the different applications I enjoy, which is mainly Relic Hunting, but also for the popular urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting. So well that I have always tried to maintain at least one or two of my favorite Tesoro models in my personal arsenal, and reigning supreme in that role today is my Bandido II µMAX that keeps a very functional 6" Concentric coil mounted full-time.

I now own 2 Vaqueros, which I never really liked that much (though they did give me 3 pieces of gold jewelry and some nice silver coins).
I owned a few Vaquero units, and I have to also say they just never really appealed to me. Yes, I found stuff with them, but I just didn't enjoy the audio tone, and especially didn't like the mode-change function for All Metal mode searches and checking targets in the Discriminate mode.

I just snagged a Bandido II micromax off ebay, but it is coming with the 11x8 widescan coil.
A nice detector to have in your personal arsenal. thumbs up

A not too impressive coil for hunting in trashier sites, especially iron nails and other dense ferrous environments. thumbs down

However, in today's gullible market, the newer 8X11 DD is a search coil that just might be sellable to someone who doesn't know any better, and that can help cover the expense of acquiring the detector. thumbs up

I've never used one of these before. Any idea what I might expect with it?
Yes. thinking

Does the Bandido II micromax perform well with that coil?
That depends upon the site you're searching, the type and density of the trash you're likely going to encounter, and your patience level.

If you are hunting a brand new urban park that never had any trash of any kind, and to dedicate the park they scattered a lot of modern coins that were all surface to maybe 2" deep after the grass grew, and if they were all well scattered with at least 3 feet between any of the coins, then: The Bandido II µMAX could have any of the standard or smaller-size 5-pin coils mounted and they would all perform just about equally. In that case the 8X11 DD coil might be okay ... other than maybe feeling just a bit nose-heavy.

Now, if the site has a lot of brush or building rubble or metal structures to deal with, the bigger-size isn't going to handle the environment all that well.

If you're hunting a site with a lot of short, stiff weeds, brush, twigs or something like a stubble field, that open 8X11 DD coil can easily snag and hang-up, and that can be annoying, not to mention interrupting a nice and proper sweep speed and site coverage.

If you are hunting a location where iron nails are closely scattered and you want to just barely reject them (keeping the ED-120 Disc. control at the very minimum setting), the 8X11 DD coil, or ANY of the DD coils I have used on this and similar Tesoro models, just do not work well. The 6", 7", 8" and 8X9 Concentric search coils all out-perform any of the Double-D coils I have compared against them.

Finally, as a rule, most DD coils do not Discriminate as well or as cleanly as do comparable Concentric search coils, and many people have a more difficult time learning how to Pinpoint with a DD coil than they do a Concentric search coil.

Thanks in advance for your time.

You are welcome, and the best advice I can give you in closing my reply is this:

Consider the majority of the sites you plan to hunt; the amount and density of the trash; and the type of trash (ferrous and non-ferrous)

Decide which search coil size you might enjoy using the most.

Put in ample time learning the detector and coil combination; use the least amount of Discrimination you can tolerate; master using a slow and methodical sweep speed and coil presentation; be sure to not scrub the ground or moving too quickly.

Many Tesoro fan enjoy the round 8" Concentric over the 89X9 Concentric, but my preference is for a smaller and lighter weight search coil. I keep a thin-profile 6" Concentric coil mounted on all the Tesoro models I own and use at all times. That's the one Tesoro calls a 5.75 but I guess they never measured it. eye rolling smiley


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Tesoro Bandido II micromax with widescan coil

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The Tesoro Bandido II µMAX and my personal serch coil opinions.

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Re: The Tesoro Bandido II µMAX and my personal serch coil opinions.

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Joe asks: "One question here:" . Monte answers:

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